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Happy New Year!  It has been months since I have last posted due to a very hectic term.  I found myself having little time to rejuvenate every evening that it led me to have immense writer's block.  Nonetheless, my wardrobe has expanded slightly with a few more statement pieces that is perfect for this season's transition period.  

River Island Brown Monogram Cape Jacket 

This cape/jacket is a statement piece.  If you are like me and tend to reach for monochrome and patternless apparel, exploring with print in this manner is the best way to dip your toe in the water.  Preferably, the cape looks more sleek with a predominantly black or dark outfit due to the black trimming on the jacket.  However, one can easily wear white or browns to accentuate a very fashion-forward appearance.  This cape screams 'look at me'.  Most of my outfits are rather subdued but I find that individuals never fail to comment on this as it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Given the price drop from £65 to £30 this is an investment worth the cash.  

£30.00 from £65.00

H and M x Richard Allan Collection

It has taken all my self control to not splurge when witnessing this collection.  The 1960s was a period of elegance and art.  We would see pops of pattern in scarves, printed swing skirts, head bands, and even shoes.  It is so easy to get sucked into monochromatic wardrobes (which I am guilty of) and forget the power and sophistication of pattern done right.  I have lusted over Richard Allan's scarves but given it's price point, I admire from afar.

Richard Allan is a designer of the 1960's; producing luxurious silk scarves in London.  The infamous square scarf was a staple of the Swinging Sixties.  Now, the brand Richard Allan has collaborated with H&M to give rise to more affordable yet timeless chic garments.  Personally, these pieces look like contemporary art. 

There are only a few more pieces left in the line but the prices have dropped to under £15 so I recommend taking a peek!

Shop the entire collection here: H and M x Richard Allan 

Wide Trousers £7 from £17.99

Skirt with Belt £9.00 from £24.99

Satin Skirt £12.00 from £24.00

TopShop Long Sleeve Pontelle T Shirt

I love basics.  Often times my outfits look incomplete or do not appear cohesive because I am pairing heavy pieces together.  Balance is key.  For example, I tend to wear pinafore dresses and prior to these T Shirts, I'd match them with plain jumpers.  Unfortunately, I was drowning in my garments: I looked as though I was suffocating.  As a result, having thinner jumpers or long sleeved T shirts such as this creates the perfect basic.  The black Pontelle T shirt is a soul mate for the cape I showed above from River Island.  Surprisingly, I noticed that many of my friends and colleagues had the same basic from TopShop in various colours; demonstrating its popularity.   They pair well with printed skirts or trousers, acting as a layering piece, or even on their own with jeans for a casual yet chic vibe.  It is light weight, fitting like a glove with a subtle lace-scalloping detail which doesn't take away from the versatility of the piece. They come in various colours such as dusty baby blue, red, black, and white.

Long Sleeve Pontelle T Shirt £12

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