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When I was chosen to try and test the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara, courtesy of John Lewis and Marc Jacobs themselves, I thought the mascara game peaked.  To my dismay, it dried up like a drought so it was time to invest in a new one.  I couldn't justify spending more than fifteen pounds on a new bottle but found astonishing before and afters regarding the Bambi Eye.  When I rocked up to Boots I noticed only one was remaining and decidedly purchased it.  Although £11 is very steep on a makeup product that will expire/run out quick, impulse took over.  Nonetheless, I am extremely pleased with the results.  Here is a quick post about my experience.  


The mascara formula itself is mobile and erring on the side of a gel or 'buttercream' like texture.  It does dry quicker than other mascaras I've used in my experience so application should be quick.  However, it isn't difficult to layer up with a second or third coat.  In my opinion, one coat is more than enough for everyday and saves you product!  Adding more layers tends to accentuate the clumpy lash appearance.  Furthermore, over time as the mascara oxidises it has a tendency to crumble on impact such as rubbing your eyes, wearing glasses, etc. so be mindful.  


Given the short bristles on the symmetrical dome cylinder applicator, you are able to coat each eyelash evenly.  Therefore, the user can get a good grip and layer of mascara at the root of the lashes and glide upwards in one swift motion.  It prevents a clumpy appearance and allows your lashes to look more fluttery, separated, and voluminous.  As mentioned before, due to the nature of the formula, adding coats will produce a spidery/clumpy appearance. 


It's expensive.  Especially in a drugstore setting, this is a higher range mascara.  With that being said, it is extremely comparable to luxury brand labels such as Marc Jacobs, Lancome, and They're Real by Benefit which are pricier.  Thus, though it is expensive and could lead one to believe they should invest in a higher-end brand, the outcome demonstrates that it is actually quite a steal in the mascara market.   


If you do not wash your eye makeup off, this mascara can easily last 2 days with the nearly the same impact.  This mascara can withstand 24 hours as long as one doesn't excessively rub their eyes or have contact with water.   It remained fresh after a 12 hour day.  It certainly gives the appearance of subtle falsies.

** I do not apply mascara to my lower eyelashes regularly as depicted here. **

Overall Thoughts

I do not wear makeup on a daily basis but this is certainly one product that has quickly become a staple in my collection.  If you admire that intense false eyelash appearance without the glue, this is perfect.  I certainly will be repurchasing this product because this is my favourite mascara of the drugstore and high-end luxury brands that I've tried.  

Thank you for reading!

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