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This post is certainly different to what I usually discuss but one of my favourite topics, without a doubt, is fashion!  Thus, I couldn't pass up this tag because they're a quick insight to my wardrobe.  Let's dive right in!  

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?

I recently threw out a majority of my clothes - one of which is a dress I've had for nearly 8 years that I bought at Next during Black Friday.  Hence, up until recently, that was my oldest item which I regularly wore.  Now, the oldest item I own has to be an anarkali my parents gifted me in America when I was sixteen which was seven years ago.  

What is the newest item?

The newest item arrived yesterday! It is another anarkali from Sareeka which took 2 months to arrive.  Given that I have moved to an area that is significantly more diverse, I have been submerging myself in a lot more cultural/south asian events.  Thus, I realised my wardrobe lacked ethnic wear. 

What is the most expensive item?

The anarkali, the oldest item I own, costed $500 USD at the time of purchasing it. 

What was the biggest bargain?

A Ralph Lauren dress!  It was second hand and was only $44.50 despite having the tag.  This is a little over 70% off (original price was $155 USD) which is fantastic for the quality, fit, and colour.  

On top of that, Andaaz for their asian wear given that it is such an amazing deal for the quality in comparison to brick and mortars that charge a much greater amount for tailored garments. 

What was the biggest waste of money?

I use to bulk buy from cheap websites such as SheIn for example.  I got shopping-happy which translates to spending a considerable amount in one go. The biggest lesson I learnt the hard way is to be very critical of what you are buying.  75% of my closet was rendered useless and had to be cleared out due to having so many pieces that couldn't be worn.

What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)?

Any of my shoes from Dorothy Perkins.  Dorothy Perkins frequently holds sales where prices drop considerably from the original price.  A majority of my footwear comes from Dorothy Perkins and were not purchased for more than £15 - this includes heels, my loafers which I wear nearly every day, and ballet flats which are perfect for interviews. 

What are your 3 favorite items right now?

1. Embroidered dress by ASOS

Unfortunately it is sold out now, however, ASOS have a huge collection of similar embroidered dresses I recommend checking out! 

2. My black pleated mini skirt from Dorothy Perkins

3. My denim two-toned jacket from Dorothy Perkins. 

This, too, has sold out on the website but keep your eyes peeled for any similar ones if you are interested!

What is your favorite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift?

I have to pick two things: my masters graduation anarkali which was from Sareeka and my burgundy adidas gazelles which was also an undergraduate graduation present! 

What is the most comfortable item?

Easily my haram pants from Thailand.  Haram pants are the best for working out, dance, pyjamas, etc.  They are so versatile and honestly, I am confident wearing them outside paired with a simple solid colour top. 

What is the most outrageous/colorful item in your closet (that you absolutely love)?

I have a fair share of outrageously colourful Adidas sweatshirts or T-shirts that are considered marmite: love it or hate it.  Pictured below is one of these infamous T shirts in my wardrobe. 

What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)?

This is easy.  My beautiful rose gold heels from New Look that make me look like Cinderella, but feel like her evil step-sister who desperately tries to fit her foot into the glass slipper.  

Where do you shop the most at?

A majority of my high street clothes are TopShop and Dorothy Perkins.  As for high end, my favourites are Ted Baker, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren.   

Pick your favorite black item and your favorite white item.

My favourite black item is a black corduroy pinafore dress from TopShop.  It was perfect during the colder winter months as a layering piece and adds a touch of sweetness to every look. Unfortunately, it is now sold out.  There are many similar ones in the market.


As for white, it has to be a white turtle neck from Zaful that has scalloped edging.  I've been lusting over a white simple white turtle neck that wasn't knitted or too thick.  They are staples in every wardrobe and it took me 22 years to find the perfect one for me.  It's incredibly soft, comfortable, and feels like high quality so I am thoroughly impressed. 

Something you love but everyone else hates?

This is a toughy because a majority of my wardrobe is monotoned or staple pieces.  I prefer to keep it simple nowadays. One garment that comes to mind, which some individuals may find too over the top, is my Ted Baker Bow Sleeved Jumper.  Personally, it is my favourite jumper that I do over-wear.  Others could find it sickly sweet due to the excessive bows and baby pink shade. 

Something that you’re excited to wear soon?

It has to be my Sareeka anarkali because there is something so regal about dressing in south asian wear.  Can someone hold a ball or get married please?

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