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The day has come where I finally completed 60 days of the Insanity Work out.  Here are my fit-test results from before the regime to after.   

Fit Test Results 

Switch Kicks: 135  +20  

Power Jacks: 64  +2 

Power Knee: 105  -5 

Power Jumps: 70  +15 

Globe Jumps: 14  +2 

Suicide Jumps/Burpees: 15  -7 

Push up Jacks: 22  +4

Low Plank Obliques: 70  +15

One of the main reasons I believe my values for suicide jumps and power knee went down is because I improved my form when doing the exercises to ensure I am using the appropriate muscles and movements to get the most from the work out.  On top of that, the work outs before the power knee and burpees required large muscle groups so I most certainly did not pace myself appropriately. 

There is a plethora of reviews available alongside before/after pictures depicting the affects of completing Insanity.  Thus, I wanted to keep this post sweet and simple with bullet points under each of the headings below.   

Differences in Physical Appearance

  • Arms. The most noticeable difference is in my arms.  I feel that they have become more muscular and firm, however, there is still loose skin/fat that hangs shamelessly.  
  • Butt. The derrière is certainly more prominent and toned than it once was.  I find that I don't fit in some of my jeans properly at top as they tend to be too tight yet too loose around the calves and thighs. 
  • Abdomen. In the abdomen area, I experience less bloating and my waist is slimmer and defined.  When I suck in my stomach, an outline of abs can be seen or when I first wake up in the morning.
  • Legs. There is still some work left to do on my legs but nonetheless, they have increased in definition alongside strength.  My legs are one of my greatest insecurities, especially my thighs.  Though progress was slow, the little differences are signs of accomplishments. 
  • Face. Individuals have informed me that I have lost weight in my face.  Sometimes I see it, and sometimes not given that our face can bloat just like our stomach usually due to fluid retention or sinusitis which  I unfortunately suffer with.    

Differences I felt

  • Increased endurance.  After completing the first month of insanity, there was an obvious shift in my energy.  I am able to run for a longer stretch of time and that has only increased since finishing the regime.  This is particularly highlighted when attending dance lessons as I am less exhausted and able to hold my energy and focus throughout the lesson. On top of this, it has become evident that I have better control of my body.  
  • Decreased resting heart rate.  My resting heart rate before doing Insanity was between 80-90 beats per minute.  Although not tachycardic, that is on the higher end of the spectrum.  Nonetheless, now my resting heart rate is between 55-65 beats per minute which demonstrates an increase in cardio-respiratory fitness.  I have had this checked with my GP which I suggest everyone does to ensure this physiological change is normal.
  • Constantly sore muscles.  Given that you are working out 6 times a week for 60 days, your muscles have little time to recover and heal.  Thus, you are constantly sore which is not ideal.  However, this is how you know your body is constantly moulding in front of your eyes and your muscles grow to become more prominent and tight.

What I should've done differently

  • Diet.  I did not change my diet significantly.  For health reasons I have been trying to avoid diary as I have been tested positive for having a milk allergy.  Otherwise, I still indulged.  I believe that my body would show accelerated signs of improvement if I put more effort into eating clean. 
  • Improved Consistency on the Recovery Exercises.  Although I would do them, on days where I had other dance lessons I would sometimes skip the stretching or pilate-style work outs because, in all honesty, I would be too tired.  Therefore, I would most likely have less soreness if I did the stretches more thoroughly.   
The Next Step

Repeat.  I am now going to repeat the entire Insanity programme a second time through, this time taking into account diet and consistency with stretches.  This is the first time I found an exercise regime that met my immediate needs of equipment free, body weight exercises, that improve cardiorespiratory fitness and show results.  I couldn't recommend a programme more.  As a result, I will be doing an update in a months' time! Thank you for sticking around this long and I am sorry it took me 9 months to finally complete it. However, now that I have seen amazing results, I am convinced that Insanity was made for people who want their hard work to show. 

Thank you for reading.

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