Monthly Memories | March 2019

March was a busy month academically as it involved formative examinations, presentations, and extra curricular work which explains the lack of blogposts.  However, there were many highs such as the Ball and one of my good friend's birthday.  On top of that, we can finally welcome Spring with open arms!

Favourite Memory.  One of my favourite memories is going to a Ball that was hosted at my university.  I made a whole post about my outfit here which you can check out if you are looking for online boutiques that sell traditional South Asian wear.  A prime reason I am classifying that as my favourite memory this month is because I was going on my own accord.  I wasn't going to know many individuals there so it definitely took some courage and confidence.  Never have I attended an event without knowing anyone but I must say it was a liberating experience and I gained three beautiful new friends and got closer to acquittances.  On top of that, I got to see a magician live and that was phenomenal.

What I used. My favourite product this month is actually a set of false eyelashes by Pur in the style 'Flirt'.  This was the first time I've ever attempted falsies as I feared getting glue in my eye or losing all my lashes in the process. Nonetheless, despite it taking 20-30 minutes, these lashes looked amazing and completes a glam look without fail.  Pur is a vegan eyelash brand that produces their eyelashes through the use of silk.  Thus, the quality is hard to beat and each one can be re-used up to 30 times. 

What I watched.  Recently, I watched the movie Kesari starring Akshay Kumar which depicts the historical Battle of Saragarhi which involved 21 Sikh Soldiers of the 36th Sikhs who were under attack by 6,000-10,000 Afghans.  Akshay Kumar portrays Havildar Ishar Singh in an impressive manner.  The first half of the movie is light hearted with comedic relief, but after the intermission you will be gripping your chair and wiping tears.  I highly recommend reading about the history of the battle prior to watching the movie to truly appreciate the tale. 

Who I loved. One of my favourite YouTubers has always been, without fail, Kristin Johns.  Not only do I love her aesthetic and adoration for plants, but her gentle nudges to God and pious personality leaves every video very wholesome. 

YouTube: Kristin Johns
Twitter: @KristinJohns

What I wore.  There are two new pieces to my wardrobe that I have worn every week without fail (don't worry - they're clean!).  First includes my TopShop Boucle Skirt which screams elegance and fun. 

Secondly, my TopShop Pinafore dress has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  I can pair it with anything to achieve a sweet, fun, and beautiful look.  It has been great at baring colder weather by acting as a layering piece. 

What I ate.  Unfortunately, I do not have a visual aid but turmeric flapjacks.  I am not sure of a recipe but my university sells delicious vegan and gluten free turmeric flapjacks that my friends and I were hesitant to try until the last few weeks of term.  Nevertheless, it is divine and I couldn't recommend it enough.  Another delicious delicacy is sweet potato burgers which I would've scoffed about before but it is quite delicious with spicy or burger sauce. 

What I drank.  I have fallen back in love with Peach Ice Tea by Lipton.  I know peach is not everyone's cup of tea (haha) but it certainly is my favourite.  Pret a Manger do a lovely peach green tea which is refreshing and delightful.   

Where I went. This month involved a fun adventure around my own city.  We tend to forget that there is acres to explore in our own neighbourhood.  I took time out this month and went for a walk with a friend to a gorgeous canal.  She kindly offered to film a mini dance routine of mine and I got to explore a side of the town I never seen before. 

What I heard.  This month two of my favourite tracks are tabla trap beats.  They are called 'Tabla Swag by Jomy George'.   Here are the links:

All in all, those are my favourite memories this month.  As I am currently not excessively buying new beauty products, it is difficult for me to do monthly favourites at this time.  Nevertheless, I hope these posts do give you an insight to my life, interests, and potential things for you to explore. 

Thank you for reading! 

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