Channeling Chanel

The brand Chanel is a huge face for tweed and modern vintage. Even this Spring Summer 2019, the Chanel Spring Ready-to-Wear show featured tweed blazers, dresses, and coordinates which one wouldn't suspect is spring/summer appropriate. Nonetheless, Chanel never fails to make it tweed and boucle appropriate year round.  Unfortunately, Chanel is a well known luxury brand with the price tag to match so I could not justify splurging hundreds to thousands of pounds on their garments.  To my pleasant surprise, SheIn carries many tweed and boucle pieces at a far more affordable price.  I was gifted this two-piece which is a beautiful coordinate.

  • The price tag does enable most individuals to channel their inner Chanel with this glamorous two-piece.  It does not appear cheap when worn and the fabric is lined to prevent snagging or lint on the inside.  
  • This two piece set does not have to be worn together.  Thus, it is like two birds with one stone! I am more than happy to pair the skirt with an alternative top or the blazer with jeans for a casual and relaxed appearance. 
  • You will stand out.  Given that tweed is a very marmite fabric,  you either love it or hate it, a lot of people on the streets will stare.  It is a very niche outfit that certainly demonstrates a classic and elegant vibe.  


  • There are many loose threads.  As a result, you may find yourself constantly picking them off or cutting them after just one use.  The metallic trimming on the blazer will get caught in your skirt and cause more loose ends.  Hence, I believe this product can only be dry cleaned in hopes to be long-lasting.  
  • The zippers on the skirt are not sturdy (or I just eat a lot) as I found them slowly unzipping whilst eating lunch.  No one wants to be self-conscious when enjoying a meal! This is something to bear in mind as you cannot select a separate skirt and blazer size.  

Overall, if you want to venture out into new fabrics and styles, I recommend checking out SheIn as they have a huge variety of tweed co-ords.  On top of this, despite the quality not being on par, I do believe other boutiques or high street stores price Tweed or Boucle fabric at far higher costs.  But with proper care, I am sure this two piece can last many wears. 

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