Monthly Memories | February 2019

Another wonderful month has passed and we are quickly entering into Spring.  I cannot wait to break out my beautiful spring outfits for the gorgeous weather!  Nonetheless, February was a great time with milestones reached, challenges overcome, and lessons learnt.  Here are a few of my favourite monthly memories!

Favourite Memory.  This is easy: passing my first set of medical school exams.  This was a day I never felt I could experience but it solidified the importance of perseverance, discipline, and time management.  It provided insight into my revision techniques and what can be adjusted, changed, or remain the same.  I am more confident now to write a post about how I revise for my exams in the near future, so stay tuned!

What I used.  Given the warmer weather, I've brought out my staple loafers from Dorothy Perkins.  These loafers fit like a glove and are a gorgeous black with gold hardware.  Loafers are, most certainly, vintage shabby chic but they blend with modern outfits without fail or discomfort.  

What I watched.  I watched a series of Nicholas Spark movies given that I use to read his books religiously when I was younger.  A personal favourite is A Walk to Remember, despite the evident sappy scenarios. The movie stars Mandy Moore and Shane West.  I couldn't pick a better couple myself.  It is a beautiful story which unfolds in a gorgeous manner, depicting character growth and the beauty in suffering. This is one of the rare situations where I prefer the movie over the book.  In the novel, Jamie Sullivan is a push-over that accepts poor treatment from everyone, whereas she has a strong backbone in the movie but remains giving, humble, and loving.  

Who I loved.  CocoBeauTea (a.k.a Hannah Desai) is a fashion-based YouTuber that I followed and admired for years. She has recently began posting videos more consistently on her channel.  Her style screams class, elegance, and simplicity. She ventures into colour occasionally but her monochromic taste mixed with staple pieces makes her a must-watch for anyone trying to curate their dream wardrobe.  

Instagram: @CocoBeauTea
YouTube: CocoBeauTea

What I wore.  One of my new out-of-the-box outfits consisted of a snake-print pleated skirt from MissGuided which is not something I would reach for usually.  Prior to welcoming this new-find, I feared animal print like the plague.  Nonetheless, paired with a black turtle neck makes for a chic outfit.  I am excited to introduce more prints into my wardrobe this Spring given that Animal print is trending!

What I ate.  This month I had a delicious palak dosa which is my staple dish at South Indian restaurants.  I could eat it for every meal and as a snack- spinach is constitutes as one of your five-a-day right?  I forever will judge the quality of a restaurant based on their palak dosa.  A palak dosa is similar to a crepe with spiced spinach puree usually dipped into a lentil soup-like side (Sambhar) and/or chutneys (tomato, mint, or coconut traditionally).  

What I drank.  At the same restaurant, I had a strawberry lemonade for the first time.  It was delightful.  My pink lemonade is usually made with raspberries instead which give it a tangy and sore kick but the strawberry made my lemonade deliciously sweet without overwhelming the taste buds. I am not one to venture into fancy drinks or juices ('just plain tap water please') but life is about stepping out of your comfort zone.  You will never know what you might discover! 

Where I went.  Although this term did not consist of any major travelling, I think a beautiful memory and place I had visited regularly is the temple.  My mother and I spent New Years at the temple and did Pooja at the strike of midnight which brought me a lot of joy.  This was my first experience of New Years at a mandhir.  I was blessed to have such a pious start to 2019; it is a memory that has brought me a lot of faith, happiness, and hope. 

What I heard. Something I have not shared on my blog is my love for Bhangra-trap remixes.  Most individuals are surprised by this music interest of mine but I absolutely love trap and hip-hop; especially on my morning walk to University.  Coincidently, I am not in love with slow songs. On the other hand, bhangra remixes never fails to add a spring to my step.  Here is the link to my SoundCloud to check out my recent likes. 

Thank you everyone for reading! Have a beautiful March. 

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