My Exciting Project Announcement!

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to discuss the very first item of my mini project. As promised, I wanted to release the first 'product' this week and make this post that will inform you of up and coming products in the near future.  

I have created an Etsy shop and Stuvia sales channel to sell the notes that I have made for an accessible and small price.  Over the years, I found that notes sometimes didn't provide information in the dept that I would have liked, or it was too steep and complex for me to understand.  Therefore, I wanted to create these notes which are easy to read, attractive, and hand made drawings by myself! 

It's not going to be textbook material, but certainly I believe these notes can be printed and offer a lot of help to those who are pursuing a medical, physiology, or biomedical degree.  In the near future, I hope to upload notes from my Public Health Masters, and my undergraduate degree in Molecular Medicine.  

Currently I have the following notes on Oxygen Transport ready to download from both Etsy and Stuvia.  I recommend downloading from Etsy as it is cheaper! 

I wanted to make sure my notes covered everything to a reasonable degree for someone sitting an exam on the topic, so I based it off of my personal experience on examinable material, and also information provided by my lecturers.  Furthermore, I did not want my notes to be an extortionate price as I know that students are, more often than not, on a tight budget!  Therefore, I wanted it to be accessible to anyone and everyone.  

I will ensure to copy paste the table of contents of the notes into the description and have a picture so you are aware of what the notes will entail and cover. 

Here are the links to my notes here and here

My most recent notes can be found here:

Notes that are coming up in the near future: 

-Molecular Techniques 
-DNA, Genes, and Proteins (this one is a BIG document!) 

Coming soon:


Thank you very much for supporting this project and I wish you all happy studying! 

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