Best Drugstore Brushes

1. Moda Pro Chisel BMX-250 100% Vegan - £7.99

I always found angled brushes very ergonomic.  This brush is stiff and dense enough to hold and blend product thoroughly whilst getting into the nooks and crannies of the face.   It doesn't absorb product onto it's bristles allowing for even application. I use this for both my foundation and concealer as it provides a flawless and streakless finish.   Whenever I plan on using makeup, this is my go-to staple. 

2. ELF Powder Brush - £5.00

Everyone loves ELF for their cheap as chips prices.  This powder brush mimics a flat top kabuki brush, although it may not be as dense.  It is perfect for blending out foundation for a selfie-ready finish.  I personally prefer using it to apply powdered foundation as it ensures you do not use too heavy of a hand but you can build up your coverage from medium to full.

3. ELF Eyeshadow Brush - £2.00

This was my very first eyeshadow brush and will be the last one I use as well.  The bristles are so dense that it picks up an amazing amount of eyeshadow for an opaque application.  I personally have not experienced any fall out when using this brush and have owned it for 5+ years which demonstrates its sustainability.  Whether you're a beginner or professional makeup artist, this eyeshadow brush is fool proof.

4. EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush - £12.99

Kabuki brushes are great for blending out foundation, applying powder to set the face, or ensuring there are no harsh contour or blush lines when using blush, highlight, or bronzer.  I personally love the Ecotools retractable kabuki brush, even though the price is at the higher end of the spectrum.  For similar reasons above, I've owned this brush for 5+ years and have not experienced fall out or irritation as the synthetic bristles are extremely soft.  EcoTools is known for sustainability and long-lasting products that never fail the consumer. 

5. Moda Pro Crease BMX 430 Brush - £5.99

I'm tempted to invest in all of Moda Pro's brushes!  We all need a crease brush to blend out our eyeshadow.  Blending is the most important step in makeup!  This brush is extremely soft and picks up product like a pro.  I prefer the long handle as, the further away you hold the brush, the better the blending when it comes to your crease.  The handles itself of the Moda Pro brushes have a synthetic leather texture which feels luxurious and professional at the touch.  

In essence,  I use these brushes on a day-to-day basis.  They are staple for all my makeup looks: for occasions and everyday.  They've never failed me and wash easily with soapy water without fall out or loose bristles.  The price range falls far below most high end brushes but can easily compete with luxury brands.  10/10 would recommend!  

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