Benefits of Bangs/ A Fringe

I've been contemplating getting bangs/a fringe for a few weeks now but continuously chicken out when it comes to booking an appointment.  The type that I wanted were wispy and across the forehead style - a full time management job.  Nevertheless, I was ready for the change because my hair has grown a lot and just required some sort of body, texture, or personality.  However, the hairdressers said that such a cut wouldn't suit my face shape.  Apparently, my forehead is too short (I always thought I had the opposite problem).  Instead, she suggested getting a wispy side fringe and allow my face to be framed better.  She demonstrated 

Fun Tip!  I highly recommend going to training academy salons to get your hair cut as they are significantly cheaper and sometimes even free if you are a student with an ID card.  Although it may be nerve-wrecking to get it done by students, bare in mind that most of them are working full-time in a salon whilst studying for their hairdressing qualification.  Also, a fully trained professional is always on site to oversee what is being done by all the students.  They are happy to intervene when necessary or if you ask.   On the other hand, most salons only charge up to £5 to get bangs/a fringe so be sure to specify if you don't want a full head styling.  

Here are the benefits of getting a fringe/bangs!

1. If you tend to wear your hair up (in a bun, ponytail, braids/plait etc.), having some sort of fringe that frames your face will make the look 100x more flattering.  It will also help prevent you from getting a receding hairline due to constantly scraping your hair back!  You can see the difference if you compare the below picture (without fringes) to the above one (with fringes).

2. My wispy side fringe actually blends into my hair really nicely when I let my hair down.  You can barely tell if I've gotten it shaped or styled.  This is beneficial if you want the best of both worlds!  It is a lot more noticeable when my hair is styled or pinned.  

3. Less headaches!  Because I can wear more low ponytails (pictured above), there is less tension and thus, pain in the long run.  In addition, if I wear my hair in a high ponytail, there is less strain at the front of my roots above my forehead which also helps to reduce any impending headaches but not completely. 

4. You can maintain professionalism with a side fringe/bangs.  They are actually very elegant and add sophistication.  A fear of mine was that I may end up looking childlike or having hair in my face can seem unprofessional.  Nevertheless, I do think it is a significant improvement to my peeled-back hair look I rocked previously.  

All in all, I highly recommend getting a wispy side fringe if it is an idea you have been toying with. Don't hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice (and a student discount!) because they've dealt with many head shapes and knows what works best for you.  

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