Autumn Winter 2018/2019 Fashion Trends!

It's that time of year again where we start to adjust our summer wardrobe for the colder seasons.  Looking at a few of the trends from the four fashion weeks for AW18/19, there are some obvious themes that will transition into high-street stores.  Overall, nothing really struck out as breaking the norm for Autumn and Winter fashion but nevertheless, I was excited to write this post and what better time than now? Check out the brands under each trend for more inspiration on how to wear it this season.  

Checkered/Tartan and Tribal patterns.  This comes to no surprise.  What is fall/winter fashion without checkered or tartan pieces to welcome the chilly and cozy months.  A casual way to style this print is wearing a long tartan flannel shirt unbuttoned with black pants or leggings and a plain white top.  On the other hand, tartan or checkered dresses can portray a very sweet yet classy school-girl appearance.  If you're not a massive fan of too much print, a simple tartan scarf with monochrome can be the perfect warm addition of color.  On the runway, this was commonly seen in blazers or two piece suits. We also see a bit of tribal here an there, especially as a jacket with fringing or in embellished tops.  Although this is a pattern I normally don't lean towards, tribal accessories such as bags may be a simpler way to introduce new designs into your wardrobe.  

Brands: Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Versace, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Etro 

Modesty.  This one makes me very happy.  As an individual that isn't comfortable showing too much skin, I hope that this autumn and winter will result in more modest clothing.  A lot of high street stores believe that modest clothing equates to ethnic clothing.  However, this shouldn't be the case.  I can buy ethnic clothing for a lot cheaper in India than what these brands are selling it for.  Most individuals would rather purchase runway-inspired pieces adapted for the modest wearer.  

Brands: Elie Saab, Tommy Hilfiger, Rochas, Chloe, Paco Robbanne, Christian Dior

Animal print.  I find it surprising how common this trend is for AW18/19 as it is sometimes hard to pull off without appearing tacky, overdone, or try-hard.  I find that animal print is a difficult pattern to tie cohesively into a wardrobe.  However, animal print can extend beyond the stigma of leopard fur coats.  Givenchy, for example, is a brand that works with snake-themed accessories and garments.  Heidi Klein incorporated Kalahari print into maxi dresses which is the perfect way to wear animal print without taking about femininity or appearing cheap.  

Brands: Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Celine, Heidi Klein, Dolce Gabbana

Tweed. Tweed is a versatile fabric that is classy, chic, and vintage.  It can be worn to appear modern for a city-girl as well as day to day.  However, sometimes it may seem hard to wear tweed because other textures do not suitably integrate.  Therefore, investing in tweed one-piece or two-piece outfits such as dresses or suits is a great way to utilise this feminine and preppy fabric.  Tweed coats could prove to be an easy way to play with tweed.  

Brands: Chanel, Zara, Topshop, Next

Glossy, Satin, and Shine.  Unless it's a ball gown, most shy away from bold and reflective fabric as it can easily transcend into tackiness.  Nevertheless, the runway has demonstrated wearable ways to rock this trend through balance.  Balance is the key to feeling comfortable in trying new styles.  Satin is gorgeous to wear as a top or dress.  The fabric usually falls in an flattering manner to accentuate elegance.  You can style it up through occasion-wear or simply pair a satin top with jeans or a pleated skirt.  Glossy fabric is similar to raincoats.  The rubbery feel and look can cause some to be hesitant like myself, however, you can transition into this trend step by step through shoes.  Shiny shoes are not nearly as overwhelming as full raincoat-inspired dress.  Personally, I am dancing with the idea of investing in a glossy or satin skirt to match with batwing sweaters to balance out edgy with comfy/boho.  

Brands: Eudon Choi, Chanel, Rocha

Headwear.  This has been rocked in various ways: hoodies, berets, floppy sun hats, dad hats, baseball caps/snapbacks, and scarves.  As someone who suffers with chronic bad hair days due to wearing my hair up in a bun, this method of being trendy is ideal.  I've invested in a few berets and floppy hats recently which is very exciting to put into use.  You can find the headwear that perfectly mimics your style: snapbacks for sporty/street styles, sun hats for floral and girly vibes, berets for a polished look, and scarves to demonstrate Audrey Hepburn inspired elegance.

Brands: Vivianne Westwood, Dior, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Calvein Klein, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Jacquemas.

Quilt.  Chanel is the Queen of Quilt.  However, I've noticed other brands jumping on the band wagon.  Quilt patterns have been integrated with quintessential puffer and denim jackets, and tailored coats.  For example, bomber jackets with a subtle quilt pattern appear sophisticated and fitted.  It's neat, simple, and always associated with class. The easiest way to rock quilt is through quilted purses and handbags that resemble the Chanel line (if you cannot justify the four-figure price tag).  

Brands: Chanel, Lacoste, Mary Katrantzou, Emporio Armani, 

Brown.  As someone with NC/NW42-45 skin tone, browns tend wash me out unless the shade is on extreme ends of the spectrum.  However, there are some beige-brown trench coats, classic teddy bear coats, and even dark brown dresses that have caught my eye!  I may enjoy venturing out into these shades more this season to see what works best for me. 

Brands: Tory Burch, Coach, Etro, Paco Robbanne, Rochas, Christian Dior, Chloe, Chanel, Altuzarra, Tom Ford

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