Favorites | September 2018

Ever since I started this new chapter in my life, I've been taking more time out in the morning to ready myself.  Instead of going into university looking like a slob in sweats (nothing wrong with sweats, I rock them everyday), I decided to look sweet in sweats instead.  During my morning tea, I like to do my makeup and these are the products I've been using everyday:

1. L'oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Rose

This is a staple makeup product.  It was released a few years ago around the same time as the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3.   It acts to simulate those similar pink/rose-based shades for a fraction of the price!  This eyeshadow palette is my ride-or-die.  No matter what my makeup look is for the day or night, I find myself at least using a couple of shades for transition, if not, the whole entire look.  I highly encourage investing in this palette if you're in love with pink-based nudes and looks.

2. L'oreal le Chocolat Lip Matte in 866 Truffa Mania 

I've aforementioned previously that my lipstick choices tend to lean towards purple.  However, I've widened my horizons to gorgeous browns which tend to perfect my pink eyeshadow looks.  On a 'simple' day, I go heavy on mascara and add a bright brown lip.  I look awake and ready to tackle the day ahead.  It's incredibly long lasting- I do not need to reapply after lunch which most lip products fail.  And the best part? It smells like fresh chocolate brownies from the oven.  In-dept review coming soon. 

3. Batiste Rose Gold Dry Shampoo £1.48 for 200mL

I bought this thinking it would give my hair a rose gold tint.  I was heavily disappointed.  Nevertheless, the actual dry shampoo works like a charm for my lazy days which are more often than not.  As my hair has grown thicker and longer over the last year, it's difficult to wash regularly without having achy arms.  Therefore, having a dry shampoo that is not only an accessible price, but eradicates that greasy and limp appearance of old hair is a staple.  It adds enough texture for me to style it and leaves it smelling like musky vanilla.

4. Spray. Set. Go.  Project Beauty for $19.00 

Despite the chilly crisp mornings, the weather tends to heat up by the evening where the sun basks and beats down without fail.  Hence, a setting spray is a must.  This setting spray ensures no makeup budges or creases until you physically take it off with face wash and/or makeup remover.  It forms a tough guard to withstand sweat, dirt, and weathering.  On top of this, it gives your skin a hydrated glow.  It adds dimension back into the face after the addition of products such as powder.  It's the perfect setting spray by Project Beauty!

Dissertation Diaries | The Final Entry!

I have officially finished my masters!  I cannot believe it.  It feels surreal like just yesterday I was shivering with fear about GCSEs and now I have a masters under my belt.  This one year has been a rollercoaster of excitement and newfound knowledge.  I'll be doing a wrap up about my degree in the coming weeks with a link to all of my relevant blogposts so they're easy to find.

For tips on how to ace a presentation check out my post here: http://www.misstrendable.com/2018/04/how-to-ace-presentation.html

Today was my VIVA (viva voce) which is basically a presentation about your dissertation.  I was nervous because you never know what kind of questions they will throw at you.  Therefore, ask your supervisors everything you are doubtful about because two questions that were asked, I actually asked my supervisors myself!  This emphasises the importance in submerging into your project and understanding the ins and outs of the research.  You can't get away with the bare minimum.

The way in which my masters' VIVA differed to my undergraduate one is that my undergraduate VIVA consisted of 15 minutes of presenting and a further 20 minutes discussion.  I was assessed by my supervisors.  Today, I was assessed by three lecturers who were not involved in my project at all.  My presentation was only 10 minutes long (which means you have to talk fast and omit information that sounds clever) and the question and answer session was only 5 minutes.  However, other students are able to ask about your project whereas I was in a private room for my undergraduate VIVA which is oddly more intimidating.

A big tip is to familiarise with your written thesis.  Clear any confusion well before you go into your VIVA because you cannot hide behind fancy jargon or a computer screen.  Try to read up-to-date papers relating to your work so it appears that you have consistently looked at your work.  This will help you prepare for any question they hit you with. 

There isn't much else I can really say except for this has been a long, hard, and fruitful journey.  I've learnt and gained skills I will cherish throughout my career.  Thank you for joining me on this rollercoaster ride of public health!

Autumn Winter 18/19 Beauty Trends!

Following my fashion trends post, it was only appropriate to discuss the beauty trends we will see this AW18/19.  Seeing as the fashion trends are not pushing many envelopes, it proved interesting to look into the types of beauty looks that labels were leaning towards on the runway.  To my pleasant surprise, many of these trends are very doable for everyday.  It's not hard to take the runway to the streets this season!

Corporate Chic. We saw that 'corporate chic' or office fashions was a huge trend for Autumn/Winter 2017.  In the era of #MeToo and #GirlBoss, it comes to no surprise that worker fashion is flooding the runway.  Having a sleek bun, and au naturale makeup that makes one appear polished is the best way to rock this trend.  As someone who plans to join the professional world, this is the perfect style to adopt for everyday. 

Brands: Alexander Wang, Chanel, Balmain

Bold eyeliner.  This trend reappears every season.  Eyeliner can easily shape the nature of the look to be bold, simple, or edgy.  Many brands display wild looks that may not be appropriate for everyday but live and let live - have fun with your eyeliner!  It may even be recommended to play with coloured eyeliner, like blues on the waterline which was my high school staple. 

Brands: Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Paul and Joe, Sonia Rykiel, Altuzarra

Red lips. Everyone and anyone can feel confident in a red lip.  You just have to find the undertone that suits you best.  Nowadays, the drugstore has accessible and diverse range of shades.  Personally, I feel that a red lip would suit a majority of neutral-based eyeshadow looks (such as brown/black based smokey eyes).  One of my favorite go-tos is bold mascara and red lips for a put-together and simple appeal.  

Brands: Rochas, Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Brandon Maxwell, Dolce and Gabbana

Butterfly Eyelashes.  Whenever I do makeup, I have to use mascara.  In the past, I shied away from it because it was a constant struggle to take it off.   How silly I was.  This Autumn Winter is all about bold lashes- they can spidery, they can be fluttery, but they must be lengthy and dramatic.  You can achieve this with mascara (I will be posting a mascara routine soon) or falsies which is the traditional way.  

Brands: Givenchy, Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Versace

Glitter. Obviously we cannot go into work with glitter masks like the runway models were representing.  However, we can replace our black eyeliner with glitter eyeliner instead or use black that has fine glitter.  In addition, this is a great time to bring back strobing which made its debut in 2015.  Don't be afraid to get highlighter happy!

Brands: Giambattista Valli, 

Glossy skin. We saw that glossy material is making a statement this season.  On top of this, having a fully prepped skin that enables your natural glow to come through has been noted on the runways.  Makeup artists are keen to reduce the amount of foundation or conceal used, and opt for moisturised and hydrated makeup looks.  

Brands: Balmain, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Versace

Autumn Winter 2018/2019 Fashion Trends!

It's that time of year again where we start to adjust our summer wardrobe for the colder seasons.  Looking at a few of the trends from the four fashion weeks for AW18/19, there are some obvious themes that will transition into high-street stores.  Overall, nothing really struck out as breaking the norm for Autumn and Winter fashion but nevertheless, I was excited to write this post and what better time than now? Check out the brands under each trend for more inspiration on how to wear it this season.  

Checkered/Tartan and Tribal patterns.  This comes to no surprise.  What is fall/winter fashion without checkered or tartan pieces to welcome the chilly and cozy months.  A casual way to style this print is wearing a long tartan flannel shirt unbuttoned with black pants or leggings and a plain white top.  On the other hand, tartan or checkered dresses can portray a very sweet yet classy school-girl appearance.  If you're not a massive fan of too much print, a simple tartan scarf with monochrome can be the perfect warm addition of color.  On the runway, this was commonly seen in blazers or two piece suits. We also see a bit of tribal here an there, especially as a jacket with fringing or in embellished tops.  Although this is a pattern I normally don't lean towards, tribal accessories such as bags may be a simpler way to introduce new designs into your wardrobe.  

Brands: Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Versace, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Etro 

Modesty.  This one makes me very happy.  As an individual that isn't comfortable showing too much skin, I hope that this autumn and winter will result in more modest clothing.  A lot of high street stores believe that modest clothing equates to ethnic clothing.  However, this shouldn't be the case.  I can buy ethnic clothing for a lot cheaper in India than what these brands are selling it for.  Most individuals would rather purchase runway-inspired pieces adapted for the modest wearer.  

Brands: Elie Saab, Tommy Hilfiger, Rochas, Chloe, Paco Robbanne, Christian Dior

Animal print.  I find it surprising how common this trend is for AW18/19 as it is sometimes hard to pull off without appearing tacky, overdone, or try-hard.  I find that animal print is a difficult pattern to tie cohesively into a wardrobe.  However, animal print can extend beyond the stigma of leopard fur coats.  Givenchy, for example, is a brand that works with snake-themed accessories and garments.  Heidi Klein incorporated Kalahari print into maxi dresses which is the perfect way to wear animal print without taking about femininity or appearing cheap.  

Brands: Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Celine, Heidi Klein, Dolce Gabbana

Tweed. Tweed is a versatile fabric that is classy, chic, and vintage.  It can be worn to appear modern for a city-girl as well as day to day.  However, sometimes it may seem hard to wear tweed because other textures do not suitably integrate.  Therefore, investing in tweed one-piece or two-piece outfits such as dresses or suits is a great way to utilise this feminine and preppy fabric.  Tweed coats could prove to be an easy way to play with tweed.  

Brands: Chanel, Zara, Topshop, Next

Glossy, Satin, and Shine.  Unless it's a ball gown, most shy away from bold and reflective fabric as it can easily transcend into tackiness.  Nevertheless, the runway has demonstrated wearable ways to rock this trend through balance.  Balance is the key to feeling comfortable in trying new styles.  Satin is gorgeous to wear as a top or dress.  The fabric usually falls in an flattering manner to accentuate elegance.  You can style it up through occasion-wear or simply pair a satin top with jeans or a pleated skirt.  Glossy fabric is similar to raincoats.  The rubbery feel and look can cause some to be hesitant like myself, however, you can transition into this trend step by step through shoes.  Shiny shoes are not nearly as overwhelming as full raincoat-inspired dress.  Personally, I am dancing with the idea of investing in a glossy or satin skirt to match with batwing sweaters to balance out edgy with comfy/boho.  

Brands: Eudon Choi, Chanel, Rocha

Headwear.  This has been rocked in various ways: hoodies, berets, floppy sun hats, dad hats, baseball caps/snapbacks, and scarves.  As someone who suffers with chronic bad hair days due to wearing my hair up in a bun, this method of being trendy is ideal.  I've invested in a few berets and floppy hats recently which is very exciting to put into use.  You can find the headwear that perfectly mimics your style: snapbacks for sporty/street styles, sun hats for floral and girly vibes, berets for a polished look, and scarves to demonstrate Audrey Hepburn inspired elegance.

Brands: Vivianne Westwood, Dior, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Calvein Klein, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Jacquemas.

Quilt.  Chanel is the Queen of Quilt.  However, I've noticed other brands jumping on the band wagon.  Quilt patterns have been integrated with quintessential puffer and denim jackets, and tailored coats.  For example, bomber jackets with a subtle quilt pattern appear sophisticated and fitted.  It's neat, simple, and always associated with class. The easiest way to rock quilt is through quilted purses and handbags that resemble the Chanel line (if you cannot justify the four-figure price tag).  

Brands: Chanel, Lacoste, Mary Katrantzou, Emporio Armani, 

Brown.  As someone with NC/NW42-45 skin tone, browns tend wash me out unless the shade is on extreme ends of the spectrum.  However, there are some beige-brown trench coats, classic teddy bear coats, and even dark brown dresses that have caught my eye!  I may enjoy venturing out into these shades more this season to see what works best for me. 

Brands: Tory Burch, Coach, Etro, Paco Robbanne, Rochas, Christian Dior, Chloe, Chanel, Altuzarra, Tom Ford

Dissertation Diaries | Penultimate Entry + Where have I been?

So where have I been? I finally submitted my thesis for August 23rd and now just have my VIVA left on the 20th of September which is a presentation about my research.  Therefore, I made this the penultimate post because I haven't quite finished yet and still have more to discuss in the future.  On top of this, I am gearing up for Medical School which is a brand new and exciting chapter that I never thought I would write in my lifetime.  There is a lot of admin work that goes into moving that stretches beyond packing up boxes and cleaning: I've had to find a new flat which proved stressful, fill out an excessive amount of forms for which I had the wrong date on one, and I have been bombarded by impromptu viewings of the flat on a daily basis.  Hence, ever since I got my offer, it has been quite tough for me to find time and motivation to blog as I was lacking in ideas.  My self-care habits went out the window which explains the lack in the Insanity Week 3 review I was scheduled to post.  I will be restarting insanity, and slowly get back into makeup, beauty, and fashion which will help source inspiration for blogposts.  As my schedule is not too overwhelming once I start school again, it is possible for me to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I had originally anticipated and planned.  For now, let's talk about my dissertation submission.

Previously, I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to include covariates into my ARiMA model due to complexity.  However, in the end, we managed to do just that to see the impact of population size, crude birth rate, and crude death rate on vaccination coverage to help improve forecasting.  This  highlights important it is to not only complete work to the best of your ability, but also express interest in the topic to your supervisor.  If I hadn't continuously expressed my desire to progress my understanding of forecasting by using coefficients, my supervisors would not have guided me to do so.  Hence, look at your supervisors as a teammate.  Everyone wants this project to succeed as much as yourself.  

In addition, having a specific research question will increase the likelihood of it filling a niche in the evidence-base.  There is nearly no published papers that discuss the affect of crude birth rate, crude death rate, and net population increase on vaccination coverage rates and forecasting accuracy.  Furthermore, there are five high risk countries: Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and DR Congo.  Instead of analysing every single low and middle income country, we narrowed the focus down to these five which require high levels of attention and analysis of policy to implement appropriate changes.  I hesitated at first since there were so many other countries I wanted to explore in dept, but there is not a sufficient amount of research available that discusses policy impact and covariates that affect vaccination coverage of the PINE and DRC countries.  In foresight, it can further increase likelihood of publishing which is a huge benefit. 

Third, always get someone to read through your thesis.  More often than not, your supervisors cannot read the entire paper and only offer guidance.  Getting a third-party individual who is not an expert in the field will help prove that you explained information for the lay-man to understand.  To add, our eyes tend to get tired and use to our own work so many grammatical mistakes fly over our head.  This helps ensure the work we produce reads well.  

Finally, never underestimate the power of qualitative research.  There is some stigma around qualitative research as it is a lot more subjective than hard statistics.  Nevertheless, a huge portion of my thesis involves suggesting policies or interventions that can improve vaccination coverage.  This is filling the gap in research of these high risk countries.  Dissertations can feel a lot like a summary of existing information and producing statistics that simply further confirm correlations and causations already published or discussed.  

Though this is the case to a huge extent, I believe that it is equally as vital to suggest and infer new ideas and explanations to aid any potential future work in the field.   Your research should provide a base to build existing theories or ideas on top.  Do not be afraid to offer your own opinion if the evidence leads you in that direction! 

Stir Fry with Ramen Noodles Recipe! Easy, Cheap, and Quick!

If you know me personally, then it come to no surprise that the kitchen is very foreign to me.  I struggle to cook and lack a lot of common sense when it comes to making meals unless given clear instructions and someone to help ensure I don't burn anything or myself.  However, I do love East-Asian food and wanted to try stir fry with ramen to make it a little fancier than it is.  A lot of the online recipes discuss using or making soy sauce which I didn't do.  Therefore, this is as simple as stir fry ramen can be! It's a quick and easy way to make ramen seem gourmet.


2 Packets Ramen with flavoring packets


Sunflower/Cooking Oil
Green Chillies*: 0-3 depending on preference
Chopped garlic: 2 cloves
Chopped Onions: About 1/4th
Frozen or Fresh Vegetables: Two handfulls 


Chilli Powder*
Seasoning oil* or Chilli Oil* 

*Starred ingredients are optional! 

Total time taken: 15-20 minutes

The very first step is to chop up your garlic cloves, chillis, and onion! 

Keep the flavoring packets that come with the ramen noodles to the side for now! 

Next, open up the ramen and soak it in hot water (no need to turn on the stove).  This will soften the noodles enough when it comes to mixing and frying it with the vegetables and flavourings.  

Put a dollop of the oil of your choice into a heated pan on the stove. 

Add the onions first to fry on a medium heat.  

After the onions are slightly brown, add the garlic and chillies.

Immediately add one of the seasoning packets of ramen and some chilli powder and turn down the heat to low. 

After about 2 minutes, everything should look very scrumptious! 

I am using frozen vegetables but you can use fresh ones if they are available to you.  Choose vegetables that you like and prefer.  Here, I just have peas, carrots, and beans. 

Yummy!  Make sure that your vegetables are thoroughly cooked and coated with all of the seasoning we mixed in earlier. 

By now, our noodles would have softened enough.  Drain the noodles of water and add it into our stir fry and mix thoroughly!

Add the second seasoning packet that came with the ramen, alongside salt, pepper, seasoning oil, and extra chilli powder depending on how spicy you like your food.  Mix everything thoroughly until you are satisfied on a medium-low heat to ensure your noodles don't burn. 

And that's the final product! 

I personally like to eat this with Achaar/Naga pickle on the side for added flavour but I do believe it tastes delightful on it's own.  If you're on a budget, but want to treat yourself, and you've got a few extra minutes to spare, I highly recommend trying out this recipe! You can swap in flavouring/seasonings to suit your preference.  

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