Insanity Work Out | Week 2 Review

If you haven't read my first post on week one please do so here for more information, my first fit test results, and tips on how to get through the workouts.  

I've successfully finished week two of the work outs but I must admit a blunder.  I did indeed miss one day in my schedule after subbing in a rest day due to fatigue and travel.  Nevertheless, I didn't miss it long enough to have to start the regime over again.  

As I write this, I am cooling down from the fit test which I've completed at the end of week 2.  Here are my results:

Switch Kicks: 120 +10
Power Jacks: 66 +6
Power Knees: 110 +6
Power Jumps: 56 +11
Globe Jumps: 12 +4
Suicide Jumps: 22 -3
Push up Jacks: 18 +8
Low Plank Oblique: 65 +5

Bar the suicide jumps (aka. burpees), I was impressed with my overall scores.  I managed to demonstrate progress in 7 out of 8 of the exercises.  It's evident that my percentage of improvement decreases as you go along because I grow more and more tired.  Nevertheless, the fit test feels a whole lot easier compared to the actual workouts in the program.  I was most impressed by my power jumps because those require a lot of power but I managed to do 30 in a row and take breathers afterwards.  

However, I must say.  Given that I knew what scores I had to beat prior to the fit test that probably innately motivated me to push further because I had a threshold to cross.  With that in mind, take these numbers with a pinch of salt.  The real results come in three weeks when I come to take the fit test again because we have a recovery week.  That's right, folks.  A work out regime so hard that you need one whole week for your muscles to regroup.  

The hardest work out for me continues to be the 'Pure Cardio' exercise which involves a 10 minute 30 second warm up and then 15 minutes straight of plyometric style exercises with no breaks.  Of course, you can take rests as you require which I do but I try to push as hard and far as I can before I need to take a time out.  To add fuel to the fire, this week involved doing both the 'Pure Cardio' and 'Cardio Abs' routine because the pain just isn't enough.  I struggled a bit with the cardio abs but because the exercises are similar to ones I did with Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Workout, it wasn't too much of a struggle.  However, the exhaustion carried over from doing pure cardio did  make it harder.  

In terms of feeling or looking different, my leg muscles do seem to feel more prominent although I look the same in the mirror.  I haven't noticed any drastic changes but my stomach does seem to have shrunk a tiny bit and I have a slight outline of abs in the morning but that immediately goes after I eat.  When I'm bloated, my stomach doesn't seem to protrude as much as before.   

Here are a few things I've learnt this week: 

1.  Keep your core tight as much as possible.  Sometimes my brain struggles to do two things at once.  However, keeping the abs engaged will accelerate your road to a toned tummy.  

2. Take baby sips.  It really helps to stay hydrated and cool- I underestimated the power of water.  

3. Other workouts feel like a piece of cake.  Why did I struggle so much doing KI BBG? It really goes to show how much the mind plays a role in exercising and also when you have a timer that is out of your control like the one on these work out videos, it acts as a powerful incentive to keep pushing.  For example, without a timer I may stop earlier but seeing that I only have to go hard for another 2 minutes acts as a powerful motivator. 

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