Don't fear Loneliness

Why is it that ‘loneliness’ exists amongst many negative connotations? Society has conditioned us to assume that, if an individual is alone, it is a forced hand and situation.  More often than not, it is perceived that they are incapable of engaging or are unwanted in social settings.  This is an incredibly intense and unjust assumption. Loneliness can be powerful.  It may feel like one is buried ten feet deep but they are a seed that’s about to bloom.  As with anything, the strength of  a mindset and change in perception can make what society deems as ‘unacceptable’ to a blessing.  It should be noted that loneliness could exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions in which case talking to others could help.  This post aims to address why loneliness or being alone can be endearing and vital in development but knows this doesn’t apply in every single case.  If this helps just one individual then it’s worth posting.
  1. Inner peace.  It’s vital to be comfortable being alone.  Life opens and closes doors for many people where there are rarely any constants.  The moment we become depend on others, their company is a ‘need’ for personal security and happiness.  ‘Want’ is always stronger than ‘need’ and many relationships tend to break as a result of this misconception that ‘need’ is a compliment.  Once we find inner peace, we invariantly increase our standards of company.  No one wants an individual in their life that disrupts their inner peace.  The moment personal satisfaction, security, and happiness is attained when being alone, you will begin to attract individuals who are nothing bar a positive influence and addition to your well-being. 
  2. Learning.  When alone, you learn about your true self.  No one is around to judge your thoughts, actions, or character.  Although it is terribly frightening to know about what you carry in your heart, it is enlightening.  It provides the foundation for personal development once we begin to understand how and why we think a particular way.  There may be qualities of yourself you’d despite in another person which would ring alarm bells that something should change.  Similarly, it can provide room for confidence.  We being to appreciate our own company; amidst all the silly quirks and attributes.  Thus, not only can one better themselves, but they will grow to love their personality more. 
  3. Passion.  Utilise time alone to achieve.  Whatever it may be: exercising, studying, entrepreneurship, or self-care.  Invested time in ones self will benefit their future, mental and physical health, and overall well-being.  You will never regret using a day alone to get closer to your dreams or best self. 
Being alone is an opportunity.

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