A Minimalist's Wardrobe

This post is going to be slightly shorter than usual but is a topic I take interest in.  I'm in the process of revamping my wardrobe as, over the past couple of years, I've been very scatter-brained in choosing garments.  My pieces were not cohesive by any means so I've decided to explore my personal style.  Although I do not have a set style, I like to think of my preference in clothing to be minimalist.  

Conventionally, minimalism is usually associated with monochrome pieces.  When you walk into a minimalist's closet, we tend to expect black, white, and grey shades only.  However, I have a different take on this common practice. 

When searching or conjuring up potential outfits, I lean towards very simple pieces.  This doesn't mean the absence of patterns, cuts, or textures but involves choosing garments which can act on their own without layering up or requiring extensive accessorising.    This is usually driven by my personal preference towards modest clothing.  Hence, why it is very important for me to evaluate pieces before purchasing them.  

For example, when you're wearing a broderie anglaise (English embroidery) tank top and do not like to bare all arms out, it comes to no surprise that layering up with a cardigan can mask the initial effect of the top.  On the other hand, I cannot buy a pair of shorts and justify wearing leggings or tights underneath as it is not a look that I gravitate towards.  In addition, black tights can demolish and ruin the vibes that one was trying to achieve.   

Therefore, I have to be very hasty when shopping for clothes.  I want to avoid the need of over-layering, pinning, and adjusting of a piece to the point where the original silhouette is completely lost.  This leads me to become very picky in what I can wear; causing me to opt for sweats and a hoodie.   In my heart, I am quite a girly girl.  I love bows, pink, ruffles, and sparkle.  Thus, although I feel comfortable in streetwear, it isn't an accurate reflection of my likes but it's proven difficult for me to find elegant yet girly pieces that held a level of modesty because I wouldn't feel confident baring too much skin.

In essence, I decided to start this new series about my journey to re-vamping my wardrobe to reflect who I truly am to illustrate that it is possible to be girly, sophisticated, and also modest all at once and achieving that through a minimalist wardrobe.  Expect more outfit of the days!

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