How to Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair seems impossible to manage and fix. More often than not, it feels like a curse than a blessing. Nevertheless, I have concocted the perfect four step process to help tame frizzy and uncontrollable hair.  Best of all, it won't cost you hundreds of pounds! 

Hot oil treatments.  Oil treatments help prevent dryness by locking in moisture.  You do not need to fetch the creme-de-la-creme of oils such as Moroccan Oil because normal almond, coconut, and even olive oil can do the trick.  I've been using Parachute Coconut Oil since I came out the womb and it's only £2.59 for 200mL!  Bare in mind you only have to use this once a week so a little will go a long way.  Just drench your hair in oil, focussing on the root and tips, and leave it in for at least one hour (best results when you live in longer such as overnight).  Afterwards, just wash it out like normal and embrace your softer and silkier looking hair.  

Conditioning.  This is vital.  I notice a significant difference in my hair texture when I use just shampoo verses pairing that with conditioner.  After using conditioner, my hair is softer and easier to style and work with.  Conditioners work as surfactants; actively tackling frizz.  A conditioner I use is the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner which only costs £2.99 for 250mL at Superdrug! 

Avoid tangles.  I didn't realise how important this was until I started doing it.  Brushing your hair regularly and avoiding throwing it up into a bun when wet or unruly will prevent breakage.  Frizzy hair will only get frizzier in this state.  Therefore, I suggest many tangle-free hairstyles that you can go to sleep in to wake up with controlled and manageable hair.  Such hairstyles include dutch braids or twists.  

Minimise heat.  This one is tough.  When we have have hair that's difficult to mould or play with in it's natural state, it's easy to sway towards styling tools.  However, I've essentially eliminated heat from my hair-care routine and have noticed considerable changes. It's tough to adjust to in the beginning, like all challenges, but you do end up noticing a huge difference.  Read more about the benefits of avoiding heat here.  Nevertheless, you do not need to completely get rid of your straighteners and curlers.  Instead, use heat protectant whenever possible (I recommend the Elnett L'oreal Heat Protectant), and try to avoid using heat everyday.  This can be done by minimising washes and using dry shampoo which may feel icky initially but could help your hair health significantly.  

Total cost for beautiful and luscious hair: £5.58!

After one week of following these tips, I guarantee that improvement will be second to none.  Anyone can wear their hair like crown!

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