Failure is Success

The word ‘failure’ has limitless negative connotations but shouldn’t be a reflection of inability.   Society has conditioned us to look at short-comings as inadequacy and incompetency. However, every obstacle encompasses lessons learnt, skills obtained, and new-found knowledge.  Within hardships are accomplishments.  Each set-back will propel you further towards your goal.  Many may advertise failure as necessary or essential for potential favourable results but I do believe drawbacks are an invaluable form of victory.  Failure is success. The problem with society is that failure goes unrewarded and success is the tip of the iceberg - we cannot see the behind-the-scenes of what occurred prior to the achievements.  We only see the outcome.  Nevertheless, alongside hard-work, determination, and hustle, the only thing stopping an individual from recognising success is their mentality.
Here are five ways to look forward and face ‘failure’ appropriately:
  1. Be honest with yourself. There is a reason why things disappoint. Don’t immediately blame poor outcomes on chance or avoid the mistakes altogether.  Take ownership. If it’s a low grade on a test, scrutinise your efforts in revising the material.  If your team is lacking coordination, look at your managerial and leadership method.  Evaluate your approach and implementation as something in the procedure potentially requires change.  Nothing trickles down to bad luck.
  2. Consistency.  Taking breaks have a lot of value but do not let a speed bump grind you to a halt. That’s not their purpose. Their purpose is to slow you down to re-evaluate and assess the situation at hand for a better end product.  Success is a lifestyle, not an end-goal.  Remembrance of this phrase will increase your chances in attaining a positive outlook: every impediment is reassurance that you are on the right path.
  3. Fail forwards. Each barrier that is overcome is one step closer to the right answer and a positive result. The most phenomenal innovations came from many scraped blueprints.  As aforementioned, society only sees the conclusion, not the story.  Keep hustling and maintain confidence.  Don’t let one poor result deteriorate your faith or abilities. 
  4. Seek advice.  Asking for assistance will help, not hinder.  Not everyone has the same line of thought.  An alternative way of reasoning through an obstacle can enable you to find a better solution quicker. 
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Never settle.  You’re going to be exhausted; sacrificing blood, sweat, and tears for what may seem like mediocre outcomes.  Real success is getting back up after being beaten to a pulp.  Realigning your priorities may feel worthless but this journey is invaluable.  If you aren’t pushing the envelope and stepping out of your comfort zone then you’ll constantly be revisiting the same issue.  Life will teach you the same lessons until you learn.
In essence, obtaining success requires a 360 shift in outlook and mentality.  I hope you enjoyed this article and it pushes you to keep working towards your goals. 

Thank you for reading. 

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