Conquering Procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? Perhaps your to-do list for the day is a bucket list or the task at hand is extremely dull.  Many procrastinate for various reasons.  It stems from an issue of self-control and regulation.  We are unable to facilitate ourselves to be productive.  This has been coined ‘maladaptive’ and results in stagnant and sedimentary lifestyles in the case of chronic procrastinators.  They only work in high-stress situations: the prime reason for all-nighters, stress, and short-comings.  Although being a procrastinator could, arguably, be embedded into one’s being, it is not permanent. Many qualities of an individual are adapted through environmental exposures and experiences.  Therefore, it can be reversed with effort.  Fancy stationary and planners cannot fix this. It’s all about mentality. 
  1. Get that app.  In the digital age, it is too easy to divert your attention from work. Nowadays, there are apps that prevent you from getting into your phone and receiving phone calls for a fixed amount of time. For example, ‘Freedom’ blocks internet function for up to 8 hours. Scary, but incredible.
  2. Don’t lie to yourself.  Because you probably won’t get up early and conquer that task.  You won’t ‘do it after eating’. This is an important fact to face: be honest with your abilities and know your self.  Increasing self-awareness will only drive you closer to achievements and in this case, beating procrastination. No, you do not perform better under time pressure.  One usually forces themselves into that situation; leaving them no other choice. The only real chance in finishing that task is if you begin right now.
  3. A job begun is a job half done.  If you haven’t read the ‘flow state’ article be sure to do so here to figure out how to increase your efficiency.  Try to build up momentum by beginning easy and breaking the task down into smaller and obtainable goals that can be checked off.  It will be more fulfilling to see the steady progress rather than the whole entire task accomplished in a frenzy.    
  4. Find the purpose.  Everything on one’s to-do list has a reason.  Most of us do not endure tasks that will not benefit us later on.  It could be as simple as going to the GP for a vaccine, or studying for a test.  There is a lasting impact to most tasks and finding the reasoning and forming a personal connection towards the work could be enough to reach completion.
Dreams only work if you do. 

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