Review | L'oreal Matte Lip Paint and Infallible Lip Liner Duo in Stripped Brown

These are one of my favourite posts and I say that at the start of all of my lip product reviews.  I haven't been buying any new makeup for the past few months. Therefore, I decided to take it upon myself to buy some cool makeup products that I've not yet tried in honour of it being my birthday month.  

I have never ventured into brown lipsticks before.  My safety blanket has always been deep purples and burgundies because everything else appears to wash me out.  Nevertheless, we all have to dive into the deep end at least once so I picked up this Lip Kit for said purpose. The brown lip liner would work with a majority of lip colours in terms of toning down intense shades.  

Price: £6.99

Color: This brown has warm and maroon undertones which would suit those with deeper skin beautifully.  It does not accentuate any ashiness and works with both natural and heavy makeup looks.  Should you be more fair, this could appear very overpowering but with lighter eyeshadows and heavy mascara this could be adapted to suit all spectrums of skin colour.  

Formula: The lipliner applies like a pro. It glides on smoothly and resembles butter.  Many pencil lip liners tend to cause dryness and result in cracking/lines on the lips.  However, this lipliner has quickly become my go-to staple product.   Similarly, the lip paint is very easy to use considering the doe-foot applicator to enable precision.   It is opaque, requiring only one coat on top of the liner and does not make lips appear dehydrated which is a huge plus considering it is the 'matte' formula.  I did find that the lip paint had a slight glossy sheen to it despite it being in the 'matte' range.  

Price: For a drugstore price, it may seem surprising to pay £13 for this duo.  I do believe that is quite expensive but. as I've mentioned before, drugstore brands are raising their prices. However, you can get this as as a limited edition Lip Kit for £9.99 here. 

Longevity:  These two products, when paired, do transfer.  As long as you don't touch your lips or smack them often, you can prolong their wear.  In addition, do not expect any remnants of the shade after eating.  It cannot withstand food which is frustrating but reapplying your lips 2-3 times a day (assuming you're out for 12 hours) is not too much hassle and goes along the same lines for most lip products.  Overall, in my experience, I found that after 3-4 hours there is evidence of fading so touch ups would be necessary and complete clearance of product post a meal.  

Scent: It smells a bit like cherries but not the medicinal kind, the sweeter and delightful kind of cherries.

How it wore throughout the Day
**All pictures are taken WITHOUT filters or editing on my lips**

2:00pm: I'm having a bit of a late start to the day as I'm heading to a little conference.  This morning was just spent lounging in bed but I knew that I wanted to wear this duo today to try it out.  I was incredibly impressed at how well it suited my skin despite being a shade I never would venture out to try.  There are great perks in breaking out of your comfort zone!   I paired it with very heavily mascara-ed eyes to pull the focus on my lips.  

3:30pm: The lips look the same.  I just finished my 40 minute walk to the other campus in the blazing heat but was pleasantly surprised to find that the color remained.  The color became more matte over time perhaps via oxidation.  I didn't drink, eat, or touch my face so there is little chance of transfer.

5:30pm: There is evidence of fading as the room was both hot and cold as the air conditioners were positioned at my knees.  In the centre, my natural lip colour appears to be shining through so there is loss of opacity whilst also becoming more matte.  I wouldn't be inclined to re touch my lips because there is still satisfactory evidence of tint.  However, there is slight dryness on my upper lip and cracking from the product.

6:30pm: Food-1 and Lip Products-0.  So the meal certainly won this fight.  My lip products couldn't stand a chance and there is very small patches on the upper lip with a bit of lip liner on my bottom lip as depicted.  

Overall, I do think the L'oreal Matte Lip Paints and Infallible lip liners are good for events and pictures as the pigmentation is very impressive. However, it may prove a struggle to work with everyday as reapplication will be necessary after eating.  This does open up the opportunity of changing your lip colour throughout the day with ease if that is something that appeals to you.  I will most certainly be using the lip liner as a staple as applying it felt extremely luxurious.  Furthermore, I have purchased another L'oreal Lip Paint but this one is from their 'Lacquer' range instead of 'Matte' which will feature in a separate post.  In essence, I do think I will gravitate to their other matte lip paints for events with intention to reapply.  

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