What happens if you stop using heat on your hair?

As I've omitted heat tools since September, for the last 6 months my hair has been given the utmost care.  It would be a bold-faced lie if I said I wasn't proud of my self-constraint.  Initially, there were countless number of days where I wanted to reach for my straightener instead of throwing my hair into two braids.  Bad hair days are by far difficult to deal with when you refuse to reach for any hot tools but they become far less frequent over time.  Here are 5 reasons why you should stop using heat on your hair ASAP.

1. Air-dried hair is no longer a nightmare.  The first month, my hair would dry frizzily and look extremely unhealthy.  I was very much ashamed and my confidence plummeted.  However, overtime, my hair would air dry with significantly less frizz.  It's a fraction of the frizz I had before to the point where I now absolutely adore my natural hair.  It feels soft, smooth, and does not tangle as frequently as it did when use to use heat.

2. Hair grows out much faster.  Once hair has been damaged, it cannot be repaired.  The reason why your hair appears to grow out faster is because there is less damage and heat placed at the roots which is generally living hair.  This expedites the growing process.  In addition, less heat at the ends of your hair ensures that there is little to no split ends; reducing the need for regular haircuts and less breakage overall.  Hair grows a quarter of an inch, on average, per month.  One snip at the salon will get rid of all your hard work!

3. Less time spent getting ready in the morning. My new-found method of waking up with hair I am happy with is braiding or twisting it into a bun at night.  I am greeted in the morning to gorgeous wavy hair that looks like I just got back from the tropical islands.

4. Less oily hair. Given that regular heat styling strips your hair of its natural oils, the scalp will be triggered to produce more oil.  Thus, to avoid looking greasy one mitigates this with regular washes which further damages the hair.  There's no winning.  By slowing easing off of heat tools, you realise that your scalp may appear a lot oilier initially but you need to retrain your hair to adjust.  As you refrain from consistent head-showers and heat, your scalp will only secrete as much oil it requires and will not appear oily as quickly.  This means you need to wash your hair less!

5. You need less product over time.  The less you intervene with your hair, the better.  The most I do is use the Ouai Rose Body and Hair Oil which I have reviewed here or a coconut oil mask at the weekend which I have stopped doing as frequently as I've been forgetting.  I no longer need to invest in heat protectant, leave in conditioners to nourish heat-damaged hair, or a bunch of extras that come with intense and regular heat exposure.  I save a lot more time and money.  Furthermore, the less build up of product in your hair the better for growth and health in the long-run.

All in all, though it will take a few weeks to months before you can visually see any significant differences, it will be 100% worth it.  It does take a lot of discipline but let me be honest, I have never felt so much confidence in my hair before than I have now even when I would use various hot tools.  It's a great way to detox and just embrace your natural being.  I plan to continue to do this for as long as I can as I haven't caved yet and don't plan on it.


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