Monthly Memories | March 2018

What I watched:  I've been binge watching loads of movies but I decided to take a blast to the past and re-watched one of my favorite Telugu films of all time which depicts a rich boy and a village girl.  The film is called Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana.  Essentially, the rich boy's family is not happy with the village girl (typical) so they banish the village girl and the rich boy goes to her village to prove to her older brother (as both of the village girl's parents died/left when she was born) that he is worthy of marrying her.  However, the older brother is not that easy to convince and tells the rich boy he will only accept him if he farms and yields more crops than him (the older brother). The rich boy agrees but there are loads of villains and obstacles and a crazy twist at the end.  If you don't know telugu and prefer to watch a movie rather than read the subtitles, it's been remade into Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Oriya, and Nepali so it's a pretty good film.  I do believe that the chemistry between the leads is best in Telugu and didn't get that same vibe in the Hindi remake which probably explains why it wasn't as big of a hit.  

In terms of english movies, I fell in love with Moana - the new Disney animated film.  It tells a feel-good story about a girl's pursuit to her dreams and illustrates strength, resilience, and hope.  I also believe it is one of the most amazingly animated films that Disney has produced till date.  Though I didn't love every track in the movie, the plot is beautifully unraveled with the most aesthetically pleasing imagery and comedy. 

Favorite memory: My favorite memory is an odd one.  We had a group assignment which was a policy analysis (explained here) and I just fell in love with my group.  All the members were truly passionate about this project, as was I, and it is probably one of my proudest pieces of work.  It was effortless to come together with all of our information and didn't even feel like an assignment.  Our meetings just felt like we were hanging out.  

Who I loved:  I think it goes without saying that I've been fangirling over Deepica Mutyala and you can check out all the reasons why she is my women crush here.  She's the voice I wish I had when I was younger.

What I wore:  I tried and tested wearing a pink beret from Accessorize and although I was intially very shy and insecure about it, I ended up loving it, going on to even buy another fun hat to try and gain courage to wear.  It is so important to break out of your comfort zone for growth which is what I am slowly trying to achieve to stop caring about other people's opinions and to love myself.  I want to do whatever I want to do.  

Only £6.00 at Accessorize!

What I ate: I tried this veggie halloumi burger at a place called 'The Lockhouse' and thought it was pretty decent.  I am in love with halloumi and it started with Pret a Manger's halloumi hot wraps and ascended from there.  And if a place ever sells sweet potato fries instead of regular fries, I will prefer those 100% of the time.  

I like my sauces. 

What I drank: Oh my goodness.  At 'The Lockhouse' (I clearly go out a lot don't I?) they sold this delicious mocktail that was strawberry flavored and tasted like a fruit roll-up in liquid form.  10/10 recommend.  I am usually not a juice person and prefer just water when I'm out, arguably because I am cheap, but this was the nicest drink I have ever had.

Where I went:  Being completely frank, I've not gone out very much this month. I had a tooth extraction though which was pretty exciting.  We went to see the gift shop of The Shard afterwards as going to the top was just too expensive.  

What I heard:  I love desi-modern mixes.  I don't know what genre they fall under but here are my top five songs: 
  • Raxstar ft. Amar Sandhu - Rewind (!!!!)  It's great for dancing because the beat isn't overpowering and very subtle music without being a slow song.  
  • Arjun - Vaadi - I also love the music video because one of my favorite dancers, Jeya Raveendran, had choreographed it.  
  • Guru Randhawa - Lahore Guru Randhawa's work is very perky, up-beat, and modern.  It's great 'feel good' music.
  • Guru Randhawa - Suit 
  • Nina Sky + Amar Charlie Desi Remix - Afterhours This is just a very different take on music I normally listen to.  I had to credit the remix though, it is very cleverly done.  
What I used: As mentioned in previous posts, I've been using baby oil before I sleep and on my body after getting out of the shower and it has helped significantly in controlling any dry patches that appear due to the cold and dry weather.  

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