How to Ace an Interview

Interviews are daunting.  Each and every action or word is actively being judged in front of you.  It comes to no surprise that these events are nerve-wrecking. However, I’ve found a common trend amongst the placements I have secured and wanted to share my tips with you all.  

Be yourself.  Cliche but true.  The whole point of an interview is to get to know the individual as a person and gain an idea of how well they will fit into the dynamic of the work place.  Many make the mistake of putting on a facade of professionalism which tends to come off fabricated.  Putting effort into a mask will add unnecessary stress.  Fancy lingo and over the top sophistication is not going to guarantee you a job. Authenticity is critical. You’re more likely to make a long-lasting impression in your truest form.  
Show, don’t tell.  Saying, ‘I work great in a team’ or ‘I have strong leadership skills’ is redundant.  Instead, discuss experiences which enabled you to gain, further, or exercise your current knowledge and abilities.  Alternatives to the above include ‘When I was working in a team, our outcome was positive because…’ or ‘I lead a group by doing x, y, and z for this purpose and this way’.  This method of professing accomplishments is more genuine and memorable.  
Adaptability.  Work of all sorts is highly diverse.  Regardless of the job, there will be inevitable instances where something does not go to plan. A common blunder is giving the impression that every accomplishment of the individual has occurred without hardship.  However, perfection is unattainable and the interviewers know this.  A major flaw during the application process is when one is unable to give an example of when a ‘project had gone wrong’.  Do not be afraid to demonstrate short-comings.  The point is to match those impediments with evidence of overcoming hurdles and assimilating to the situation.  This demonstrates clear problem-solving skills which is a universal necessity.  
Willingness to learn.  No one has the perfect toolbox.  Everyone’s skill-set varies in strengths and weaknesses but the real pro will know that continuous growth and learning is part and parcel of every career.  It is vital to not only sell your existing expertise but also an eagerness towards improvement.  Mention potential skills you will be gaining if you obtain this position. This paints the picture that you will be a positive asset to the team.  
Address the company’s aims.  Many companies or job descriptions discuss the aims of the role you are applying for.  It is important to study and gain an understanding of what is expected of you to tailor your answers accordingly.  

That’s five easy ways to construct answers to questions that will make you more memorable and desirable for the job.  You will be seen as an asset to the firm without a doubt.  The take home message is to remain genuine, honest, and maintain integrity throughout the whole process.  

N.B: I know that some interviews do have a set structure and it is very obvious what their expectations are from the candidate.  Therefore, take all advice with a pinch of salt but I do believe these 5 points can be applied in various settings.  

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