Monthly Memories | March 2018

What I watched:  I've been binge watching loads of movies but I decided to take a blast to the past and re-watched one of my favorite Telugu films of all time which depicts a rich boy and a village girl.  The film is called Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana.  Essentially, the rich boy's family is not happy with the village girl (typical) so they banish the village girl and the rich boy goes to her village to prove to her older brother (as both of the village girl's parents died/left when she was born) that he is worthy of marrying her.  However, the older brother is not that easy to convince and tells the rich boy he will only accept him if he farms and yields more crops than him (the older brother). The rich boy agrees but there are loads of villains and obstacles and a crazy twist at the end.  If you don't know telugu and prefer to watch a movie rather than read the subtitles, it's been remade into Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Oriya, and Nepali so it's a pretty good film.  I do believe that the chemistry between the leads is best in Telugu and didn't get that same vibe in the Hindi remake which probably explains why it wasn't as big of a hit.  

In terms of english movies, I fell in love with Moana - the new Disney animated film.  It tells a feel-good story about a girl's pursuit to her dreams and illustrates strength, resilience, and hope.  I also believe it is one of the most amazingly animated films that Disney has produced till date.  Though I didn't love every track in the movie, the plot is beautifully unraveled with the most aesthetically pleasing imagery and comedy. 

Favorite memory: My favorite memory is an odd one.  We had a group assignment which was a policy analysis (explained here) and I just fell in love with my group.  All the members were truly passionate about this project, as was I, and it is probably one of my proudest pieces of work.  It was effortless to come together with all of our information and didn't even feel like an assignment.  Our meetings just felt like we were hanging out.  

Who I loved:  I think it goes without saying that I've been fangirling over Deepica Mutyala and you can check out all the reasons why she is my women crush here.  She's the voice I wish I had when I was younger.

What I wore:  I tried and tested wearing a pink beret from Accessorize and although I was intially very shy and insecure about it, I ended up loving it, going on to even buy another fun hat to try and gain courage to wear.  It is so important to break out of your comfort zone for growth which is what I am slowly trying to achieve to stop caring about other people's opinions and to love myself.  I want to do whatever I want to do.  

Only £6.00 at Accessorize!

What I ate: I tried this veggie halloumi burger at a place called 'The Lockhouse' and thought it was pretty decent.  I am in love with halloumi and it started with Pret a Manger's halloumi hot wraps and ascended from there.  And if a place ever sells sweet potato fries instead of regular fries, I will prefer those 100% of the time.  

I like my sauces. 

What I drank: Oh my goodness.  At 'The Lockhouse' (I clearly go out a lot don't I?) they sold this delicious mocktail that was strawberry flavored and tasted like a fruit roll-up in liquid form.  10/10 recommend.  I am usually not a juice person and prefer just water when I'm out, arguably because I am cheap, but this was the nicest drink I have ever had.

Where I went:  Being completely frank, I've not gone out very much this month. I had a tooth extraction though which was pretty exciting.  We went to see the gift shop of The Shard afterwards as going to the top was just too expensive.  

What I heard:  I love desi-modern mixes.  I don't know what genre they fall under but here are my top five songs: 
  • Raxstar ft. Amar Sandhu - Rewind (!!!!)  It's great for dancing because the beat isn't overpowering and very subtle music without being a slow song.  
  • Arjun - Vaadi - I also love the music video because one of my favorite dancers, Jeya Raveendran, had choreographed it.  
  • Guru Randhawa - Lahore Guru Randhawa's work is very perky, up-beat, and modern.  It's great 'feel good' music.
  • Guru Randhawa - Suit 
  • Nina Sky + Amar Charlie Desi Remix - Afterhours This is just a very different take on music I normally listen to.  I had to credit the remix though, it is very cleverly done.  
What I used: As mentioned in previous posts, I've been using baby oil before I sleep and on my body after getting out of the shower and it has helped significantly in controlling any dry patches that appear due to the cold and dry weather.  

Glycolic Acid

We see glycolic acid as a skincare ingredient a lot. This is another chemical that has been glamorised and I wanted to put my molecular medic hat on to break down what it is and if it's worth the hype.

**N.B I am not a dermatologist and if you have any concerns or questions I highly recommend asking a dermatologist or GP and take this overview with a pinch of salt before determining if glycolic acid is good for you.  This is just what I found with my research with my overall opinion in the summary.  

What is it and How does it work
Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) with the chemical formula of C2H4O3 (HOCH2COOH).  As a result, the chemical structure facilitates easy penetration into the skin.  It acts to get rid of dead skin cells by weakening their lipid binding properties to reveal the layer of skin underneath the epidermis (weaken intracellular cohesion of stratum corneum), thereby increasing skin cell turnover and promoting the appearance of an even skintone. (7) The dead skin cells will result in discoloration, uneven skin tones, and dullness. Therefore, glycolic acid causes the skin to appear glowy and youthful, explaining why it is a great ingredient for dry skin by acting as a peeling mask (1).  

  • Dermatologists have been using this product for years, and no systemic toxicity has been noted due to topical use. (1) 
  • Chemical peeling has been coined chemoexfoiliation or dermapeeling.  It has been proven to reduce wrinkles due to ageing. (2)  Furthermore, it acts to minimise the appearance of pores which results in youthful look.  
  • Glycolic acid has been seen to disrupt abnormal keratinisation in acne formation, enabling developing pimples to be dislodged.  (3)  It also facilitates prevention of future acne breakouts.  
  • A study conducted showed that glycolic acid reduces pigmentation due to wounding and the re-epithelisation process which is where the epithelial cells form over a denuded region of the skin.  This is defined as loss of the epidermis, usually as a result of burning, wounds, and mechanical forces such as friction.  The study found that it can also aid in the postinflammatory hyperpigmentation in acne. (5) Therefore, it is said to reduce the impact of scarring due to acne.
  • Glycolic acid exfoliation is said to be appropriate for all skin types and is preferred over cleansers as it ensures deeper penetration through the skin layers compared to cleansers which stay on the skin for only 15-30 seconds. 
  • Glycolic acid aids in collagen production. (8) It has been found to enhance collegen and fibronectin synthesis in the fibroblast.  This causes the skin to appear firm and healthy. 
  • One should be cautious when using this and avoid the under-eye area.  Skin is thinnest in this region, therefore, acute exposure to glycolic acid can lead to dermal and eye irritation. (1)
  • A randomised control trial found that 90% of the 20 patients receiving a glycolic acid cream had reduced acne but 1 patient was excluded due to formation of ezcema on the face.  Before using the product religiously, ensure that you test a patch of skin on the jawline prior. (4)  If you are experiencing a burning sensation when using the product, stop immediately.
  • One should also be mindful of the concentration of the glycolic acid as increasing concentration increases acidity due to lower pHs.  It is recommended to gradually introduce glycolic acid into your routine to build up tolerance and reduce likelihood of irritation.  Most products contain 8%-15% of glycolic acid, and as aforementioned, start from the lowest and slowly work your way upwards if you feel it is necessary.  
  • There has been contrasting studies regarding the sun sensitivity of glycolic acid.  Some studies found that glycolic acid protects against UVB-induced inflammation in mice but that may not apply to humans. (6) However, AHAs have been associated with increased sun sensitivity and other studies claim that glycolic acid use increases sun sensitivity. (9) Given that using sun screen should be a vital step in everyone's skincare routine to reduce chances of burns, discoloration, wrinkles, and progression of skin cancers or tumours, regardless of whether glycolic acid is protective or increases sensitivity to sun, ALWAYS use sunscreen, especially post a glycolic peel to be sure.
Overall, I do believe that glycolic acid will have many benefits to the skin with long-term use and should be introduced into one's skincare regime as an exfoiliant rather than a cleanser for better and optimum results.  It is vital to use sunscreen after use and everyday regardless of the products in your daily routine and glycolic acid further incentivises this.  Furthermore, ensure that you work your way up the concentrations to increase tolerance and avoid thinner areas such as around the eyes to reduce irritation.  Lastly, with any product, always do a patch test prior to use to ensure that you do not have an adverse allergic reaction such as ezcema, rashes, or burning.  



A day in the life of a Global Health Student | Term 2 Day 4

Today's module title is a mouthful: Contemporary topics in healthcare policy.  Now it sounds super lame, and I totally agree, but the actual module is phenomenally interesting for individuals who never associated policy with epidemiology or health before (like myself).  I never knew how policies worked in terms of their creation, implementation, and then the evaluation step afterwards for potential modification.  This module is graded based on 1 piece of coursework which is a policy analysis and design for implementation in another country, and then 1 short answer hour long exam.

8am: I usually wake up at 7:00am and do the morning deeds to leave the house by 8am to get to uni on time which is at a different campus. On this day, there was a dang polar vortex and I had no idea how I was meant to walk to uni.  I feel my face has frozen to my scarf which is failing to brace the winds and snow.  This beast from the east is climatically confused.  I put on my gazelles which are the closet to winter boots I've got, and head out the door.

9am-11am: Made it one piece but I am sneezing uncontrollably and look like I've seen a ghost.  We have a weekly mini multiple choice test, which some would take lightly but it is 7.5% of our final grade.  I got 4/5 and was heavily disappointed and disagree with the fact that an RCT trial is rendered useless in policy making compared to natural experiments.  However, this type of topic requires you to turn off the epidemiologist inside you which likes to critique and enforce perfection for a proper experiment.  On the other hand, policy makers think that RCTs are incredibly unnatural and subject to too many confounders (which is true but all experiments are) though we learnt that they are the highest level on the hierarchy of evidence.  After going through the multiple choice answers, we begin the lecture portion of the day.  We discussed behavioural economics which is a fairly nifty concept.  It's all about how humans make decisions, and how it is important to evaluate this in order to propose a suitable policy in health.  This includes, but is not limited to, nutrition labels such as the traffic light labels, pictures of individuals who are overweight, calorie percentage, etc.

11am-1pm: Huuuuuuge break.  I spent this break working on my policy assignment in my group.  It is my duty to tackle the policy design portion which requires researching how a policy is designed and implemented in the first place.  We also use the policy triangle (pictured below for effect) and adapted it for our chosen policy.  We've managed to formulate an official piece of work that we are happy to submit.

1pm-3pm: Having two hour stretches can be tiresome and require a lot of resilience and stamina to ensure you stay concentrated.  That is why I actively make notes on my laptop during the lecture or write instead of attempting to absorb the information passively because I know for a fact that I would zone out.  The lecture is a continuation from the morning about various methods of behavioural economics with a focus on nudging.  

3pm-4pm: Another group meeting just to confirm that we are happy with everything.  We read through it together as a group and edit as we go along and do a final edit later that evening separately to ensure that everyone is pleased with its quality. 

4pm-5pm: Walk home!  Again in this polar vortex I walk extremely slow, risking slipping on countless occasions but it's fine.  I may need to invest in snow shoes but I wasn't expecting this kind of weather antics down south.   

My evening routine is fairly similar (and don't want to bore you with the details) but hope you enjoyed this entry!  A final module entry will be coming up next week. But never fear (If you did, which you probably didn't) I will be doing dissertation-based entries as that will take up my entire Term 3 and advice centred around that. 

Tag | The Desi Tag

'Desi' derives from the sanskrit word 'desa' which means country or land.  It is often a broad term to refer to any individuals from the south asian countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka.  This blog should encompass everyone but I do believe there is always a niche to fill in the blogging world.  Therefore, I wanted to do this tag so you guys can get to know me and my roots that little bit better.  

Which Desi Country are you from?
I am from Hyderabad, India.  

Can you tell us a little about you and your family? 
My whole family speaks Telugu but my ancestors migrated from Hyderabad to Chennai and New Delhi.

What does your name mean?
Moonlight! I love my name, even though it's spelt funny.

A must-see place in your country?
This one is a toughy.  I don't want to say the quintessential Taj Mahal though I do highly recommend it- it is a breath-taking monument.  The craftsmanship is second to none.  Nevertheless, when I visited India and was blessed to have toured it, I fell in love with Jaipur and my favorite tourist destination was the Jal Mahal.  How can I not adore the pink city?

Which Desi languages do you speak?
I can speak Telugu fairly fluently, but I can sort of understand and talk my way through Hindi and Tamil.  I sound like an infant just learning how to speak, however it's better than nothing.  

What is your favorite Desi food?
This is such a hard one since all desi food is good food.  My go-to is anything with 'palak' which is spinach.  Therefore, I have to say palak paneer with garlic and butter naan or palak dosa.

What do you think describes you best as a desi?
The fact that I add achaar (pickle) to everything.  Especially Mr. Naga pickle.  I would happily carry it in my purse all day if I weren't afraid of spills or smells.  Oh and I do Bollywood Dance. 

Name one household item that best represents your culture? 
Believe it or not, we do not have a standard spice tin.  But we do have many books in our native language dotted around the house in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.  In addition, we have a huge plastic box with all of our desi occasion-wear vacuum packed inside.

What song reminds you of your country? 
Oh my goodness.  Does anyone remember Made in India by Alisha Chinai? That song by far.

A tip for smart-street shopping in your country?
Haggle haggle haggle.  And always use the line 'Well there is a guy around the corner selling it for less so I guess I will just go there' - works every time.  

What is your favorite desi movie and why?
I love all of Bansali's films because he is a genius at setting the scene, environment, and atmosphere.  Therefore, one of my favorite movies has to be Ram-Leela, and not just because I have performed to Naaga Sang Dhol more times than I can count.  A classic movie that has remained my favorite that I always rewatch is Dil Toh Pagal Hai which is a Yash Chopra movie and was the first bollywood film I've ever seen.  

Who is your favorite bollywood hero/heroine?
This one is hard.  Of all time, without competition, it's Madhuri Dixit.  However, I do think Ranveer Singh's films are more impressive, especially as he is working with Bansali.  And with that I would have to say Deepica Padukone for the same reason but I do love Priyanka Chopra for her philanthropy. 

What would your dream wedding be like?
I would be wearing simple jewellery, henna, Christian Louboutin heels and Sabyasachi Anarkali in burgundy or deep red, and it would be a small wedding with my loved ones instead of a huge get-together to keep the ceremony intimate.  

What is partying in your country like? 
I've never partied in my country to say but whenever it is a new festival, the atmosphere is phenomenal, colourful, and lively. 

If you could meet one known desi person, who would you like to meet?
This is a tough one.  I think I would like to meet Masaba because as a fashion designer she's very inspirational.  In addition, I would like to meet Sabiyasachi because he is just the King of Couture when it comes to Asian occasion wear.  Other desi individuals would include Raxstar, Imran Khan, and Niraj Chag for their music and Deepica Mutyala as I am a huge fan. And lastly, but far from the least, Madhuri Dixit. 

Deepica Mutyala

There could never be enough girl love in the world.  With current movements advocating for more unison amongst humanity, I was tempted to dedicate a blogpost to one of my role models in, not only the beauty industry, but beyond.  
I cannot rave enough about Deepica Mutyala.  Granted, some may assume I am biased as she is indeed of Telugu decent like myself which is a highly under-represented culture in the media.  There are countless articles and interviews with Mutyala available on the net to read but I wanted to explain why she is personally my woman crush Wednesday and role model for a lifetime.  

First off, her new campaign Live Tinted is advocating all shades of skin.  As an individual who has been told their whole life and even now that being dark is equivalent to being ugly, this is something that I will stand for till my death bed.  It is extremely vital that we raise our children and the next generation, from a young age, to not discriminate and look at all shades of skin as beautiful. It breaks my heart whenever I remember the rude comments said to me, even if in jest.  Those words scar, burn, and kill.  Her international platform is one that will connect individuals on an deeper level because this skin is seen as inferior.  However, Mutyala is making moves in ensuring that changes.   

Secondly, Mutyala is not ashamed of her roots.  She proudly represents the Telugu and Indian culture on all her social media platforms without fail. From performing bollywood dance at her sister’s wedding and doing a telugu makeup tutorial, these are small events that contribute to the wider evidence base which demonstrate the pride Mutyala has.  She embraces her upbringing in all forms: the good, bad, and ugly.  A lot of my inspiration for this blog, it’s realism and authenticity, is undoubtedly inspired by her.  This only emphasises on the fact that she is one of the realest individuals out there that does not sugar coat or hide behind any facades.  How many youtubers teach you how to make chai and dosa with their mother in a night gown? 

Lastly, she is an entrepreneur and a hustler.  Mutyala is living proof that hard work will bring results.  Breaking from the norm is the biggest blessing one can endure.  After a little slip up on TV during the early stages of her career, she didn't hesitate to actively learn from her mistakes. Leaving her comfort zone enabled her to land massive deals and contracts like starring in adverts for well-renowned brands (#represent) such as Samsung and L’oreal. Despite this, Mutyala remains humble and constantly reminds us of the uphill battle she faced to make a dent in this industry.  Nothing was handed to her on a silver platter with a family made up of predominantly doctors.  Therefore, she carved her own path and demonstrated that any of us can achieve our dreams.  We do not need to satisfy society’s expectations: we build them.  Mutyala never fails to make me realise that an ordinary girl with passion can become extraordinary.  And for that, I will always remain grateful to her.  

Follow Deepica Mutyala: 
Twitter: @deepicam
Instagram: @deepica
Youtube: @deepica 

What happens if you stop using heat on your hair?

As I've omitted heat tools since September, for the last 6 months my hair has been given the utmost care.  It would be a bold-faced lie if I said I wasn't proud of my self-constraint.  Initially, there were countless number of days where I wanted to reach for my straightener instead of throwing my hair into two braids.  Bad hair days are by far difficult to deal with when you refuse to reach for any hot tools but they become far less frequent over time.  Here are 5 reasons why you should stop using heat on your hair ASAP.

1. Air-dried hair is no longer a nightmare.  The first month, my hair would dry frizzily and look extremely unhealthy.  I was very much ashamed and my confidence plummeted.  However, overtime, my hair would air dry with significantly less frizz.  It's a fraction of the frizz I had before to the point where I now absolutely adore my natural hair.  It feels soft, smooth, and does not tangle as frequently as it did when use to use heat.

2. Hair grows out much faster.  Once hair has been damaged, it cannot be repaired.  The reason why your hair appears to grow out faster is because there is less damage and heat placed at the roots which is generally living hair.  This expedites the growing process.  In addition, less heat at the ends of your hair ensures that there is little to no split ends; reducing the need for regular haircuts and less breakage overall.  Hair grows a quarter of an inch, on average, per month.  One snip at the salon will get rid of all your hard work!

3. Less time spent getting ready in the morning. My new-found method of waking up with hair I am happy with is braiding or twisting it into a bun at night.  I am greeted in the morning to gorgeous wavy hair that looks like I just got back from the tropical islands.

4. Less oily hair. Given that regular heat styling strips your hair of its natural oils, the scalp will be triggered to produce more oil.  Thus, to avoid looking greasy one mitigates this with regular washes which further damages the hair.  There's no winning.  By slowing easing off of heat tools, you realise that your scalp may appear a lot oilier initially but you need to retrain your hair to adjust.  As you refrain from consistent head-showers and heat, your scalp will only secrete as much oil it requires and will not appear oily as quickly.  This means you need to wash your hair less!

5. You need less product over time.  The less you intervene with your hair, the better.  The most I do is use the Ouai Rose Body and Hair Oil which I have reviewed here or a coconut oil mask at the weekend which I have stopped doing as frequently as I've been forgetting.  I no longer need to invest in heat protectant, leave in conditioners to nourish heat-damaged hair, or a bunch of extras that come with intense and regular heat exposure.  I save a lot more time and money.  Furthermore, the less build up of product in your hair the better for growth and health in the long-run.

All in all, though it will take a few weeks to months before you can visually see any significant differences, it will be 100% worth it.  It does take a lot of discipline but let me be honest, I have never felt so much confidence in my hair before than I have now even when I would use various hot tools.  It's a great way to detox and just embrace your natural being.  I plan to continue to do this for as long as I can as I haven't caved yet and don't plan on it.

GIVEAWAY + Where have I been? #3

Okay okay.  These are cop out posts and I am completely aware of that.  In all honesty, I've been pursuing more writing opportunities outside of my blog which I am incredibly proud of but as I am representing a brand which is not my own, it takes up more of my time and effort.  Ultimately, these lucky chances are ones I am incredibly grateful for.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  If you follow me on twitter (@MissChandhini) you can keep up to date with my latest posts on other platforms.

In addition, university has become a little more stressful with interviews for dissertation topics alongside countless number of courseworks and group presentations.  These all just sound like excuses and to be frank, they are.  I find it very hard to post on my blog and manage my academic life whilst taking time out for myself and to spend with my mom.

Nevertheless, as a thank you to the support I still do receive from all of you, I wanted to give away a bit of my time as that is the most valuable thing a person can offer.  As a certified fashion stylist (you can scan my QR code for authenticity here) I wish to provide a one to two hour free consultancy service to two individuals, male or female.

How to Enter?

1. Follow me on twitter and instagram 
2. Send me an email at with the subject 'Giveaway'.   
3. Make sure it is an email that you check or leave details of a way to contact you.
4. That's it!

You can also enter with intention to provide this service to someone else as a present.  

This giveaway will close March 23rd, 2018 to give you plenty of time to enter.

Thank you so much for reading!

How to Ace an Interview

Interviews are daunting.  Each and every action or word is actively being judged in front of you.  It comes to no surprise that these events are nerve-wrecking. However, I’ve found a common trend amongst the placements I have secured and wanted to share my tips with you all.  

Be yourself.  Cliche but true.  The whole point of an interview is to get to know the individual as a person and gain an idea of how well they will fit into the dynamic of the work place.  Many make the mistake of putting on a facade of professionalism which tends to come off fabricated.  Putting effort into a mask will add unnecessary stress.  Fancy lingo and over the top sophistication is not going to guarantee you a job. Authenticity is critical. You’re more likely to make a long-lasting impression in your truest form.  
Show, don’t tell.  Saying, ‘I work great in a team’ or ‘I have strong leadership skills’ is redundant.  Instead, discuss experiences which enabled you to gain, further, or exercise your current knowledge and abilities.  Alternatives to the above include ‘When I was working in a team, our outcome was positive because…’ or ‘I lead a group by doing x, y, and z for this purpose and this way’.  This method of professing accomplishments is more genuine and memorable.  
Adaptability.  Work of all sorts is highly diverse.  Regardless of the job, there will be inevitable instances where something does not go to plan. A common blunder is giving the impression that every accomplishment of the individual has occurred without hardship.  However, perfection is unattainable and the interviewers know this.  A major flaw during the application process is when one is unable to give an example of when a ‘project had gone wrong’.  Do not be afraid to demonstrate short-comings.  The point is to match those impediments with evidence of overcoming hurdles and assimilating to the situation.  This demonstrates clear problem-solving skills which is a universal necessity.  
Willingness to learn.  No one has the perfect toolbox.  Everyone’s skill-set varies in strengths and weaknesses but the real pro will know that continuous growth and learning is part and parcel of every career.  It is vital to not only sell your existing expertise but also an eagerness towards improvement.  Mention potential skills you will be gaining if you obtain this position. This paints the picture that you will be a positive asset to the team.  
Address the company’s aims.  Many companies or job descriptions discuss the aims of the role you are applying for.  It is important to study and gain an understanding of what is expected of you to tailor your answers accordingly.  

That’s five easy ways to construct answers to questions that will make you more memorable and desirable for the job.  You will be seen as an asset to the firm without a doubt.  The take home message is to remain genuine, honest, and maintain integrity throughout the whole process.  

N.B: I know that some interviews do have a set structure and it is very obvious what their expectations are from the candidate.  Therefore, take all advice with a pinch of salt but I do believe these 5 points can be applied in various settings.  

Check out a similar post I've done on how Failure is Success here 

A day in the life of a Global Health Student | Day 3 Term 2

It's been a while, I know.  I have been struggling to manage my time between creating quality blog posts and keeping up with my masters.  However, here is another 'day in the life' as they are informative posts and easier for me to do when I have not tried or tested any new products long enough for a fruitful review.

On this day, we are going to talk about Global Health Innovations.  The importance of 'frugal' innovations has been terribly undermined.  Regions with low-resource access or infrastructure do require such innovations in order to improve the quality of their life as well as kin.  All individuals reserve the right to quality and access to health care.  I loved this module very much and the importance it serves in society.

9:30am-11:00am: The first lecture of the day all about the different types of innovations such as business model, frugal, process, incremental, radical, disruptive, and more.  An 'innovation' does not have to be fresh from the lab or clinical testing.  It can be simple or build upon existing infrastructure, devices, or products.  I was always very naive and thought an innovation has to be a 'never-before-seen' item but didn't realise the word can extend to business models and infrastructure.

11:00am-11:30am: Break time!  I used this time to talk to my group to have a vague idea of what we wanted to do this afternoon during our allocated 'group work' study slot.  We decided to research and present the P+G Water purification powder as an architectural innovation which all of us found extremely fascinating and vital.

11:30am-1:00pm: Our second lecture stepped away from theory and looked at a framework called 'the innovation sandbox' (read more here) developed by C.K Prahalad.  It is incredible to think that this initially was applied to health care in India but can be extended to any product or service.  It provides the elements to creating an innovation and a method of analysing the impact of it on society in its given context.

1:00pm-2:00pm: Lunch time!  I ate with my group but we didn't end up discussing our work at all but instead were simply mingling.  It really helped that we got comfortable enough with each other to crack jokes and have a very informal environment.  It really helped break the ice and tension, reducing the stress and making the work feel less like work.

2:00pm-3:30pm: Now we started to work on our project and each person was assigned a separate topic or 'slide' to present and learn about in case we were asked questions about specific aspects of the product.  There was a LOT of laughter, jokes, and healthy debates.  Everyone came from diverse backgrounds which facilitated various insights and viewpoints regarding how and what should be presented.  We made our deck of slides, an appropriate Gif, and decided to bring in dirty water in order to aid in 'visual' aids.

4:00pm-5:30pm:  Arrived home safe and sound.  Whilst drinking another cup of coffee I started working on a mini write-up we were assigned.  We had to present an innovation of our choice in 1 minute which was literal madness.  It was exciting to see everyone's presentations.  Afterwards, we are to write up a 500 words in detail regarding the invention.

5:30pm-6:30pm: Still on that working out grind.  Decided to keep up the Kayla Itsines BBG today to keep up my fitness levels as I have, indeed, been slacking due to laziness and late nights working.

6:30pm-8:00pm:  I haven't done anything exciting bar shower and write up a blog post for MVP watches which you guys should indeed check out if you get the opportunity.  In addition, I had dinner with my mom as per usual over some Michael McIntyre comedy because laughter is the best medicine.

8:00pm-11:00pm:  Back on the grind.  Not gonna lie, I flipped between a few youtube videos (binge watching Oswald the Octopus because why not) and work.  As I've had too much innovation for one day I decided to work on Health Economics and draw up notes so come revision and exam time, I will be in a better position and do not have to frantically gather information.

11:00pm-12:00am: Decided to rehearse my presentation for the following week regarding global health innovations so I have a vague idea in what I am meant to say and my timing before going to bed.  The biggest issue with group work is that you are holding up the standard of other members so undoubtedly you are going to put more effort into whatever you produce.

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