Review | Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette in Frivoluxe

Shades from left to right: Fabulous! Always, Dress, Outrageously, How You Want, Who Has Time, For Less

(did that make a sentence?)

When I first opened up this palette, I was slightly surprised at the shades.  There are five neutrals present (if gray is considered a neutral) and two deep purple shades: Outrageously has a matte and velvet finish and How you want has a satin finish.  I was hesitant about how I could use these colors in practice as I tend to shy away from bold looks.  However, after swatching the eyeshadows, I fell head over heels for the creamy application and pigmentation.  Although Outrageously may prove to be a mission to work with, I did use it all over my lid with How you Want blended into the crease and outer corner for a dramatic purple smokey eye.  If your dress or outfit for an event or occasion lies more on the extremes of the spectrum such as white or black then a purple eye can work well.  The use of How you Want diffused the intensity of Outrageously.  I have used For Less as a crease shade to aid in blending and it enable all the colors to fade together brilliantly.  

There are four 'fashion' finishes of this palette: Velvet, satin, silk, and lame.  

The colors I would reach for the most would indeed be How You Want and Dress because they are gorgeous deep shades that look stunning against my NW42 brown skin.  It compliments my practically black eyes.  

Application and Formula: The creamy and pigmented formula makes for easy application.  It blends effortlessly which is vital when the color pay off is extremely intense.  You do need to tap off any excess before use so be careful of fall out under the eyes or onto the carpet.  If you want a fierce look then ditch the brush and use your fingers, especially as a base across the lids.  Whether you are a beginner or a makeup artist, this palette offers a combinations of shades that harmonise perfectly.

Price and Longevity: Luxury makeup is something I am always hesitant about.  My collection consists of ELF and L'oreal for the most part but I do appreciate the quality and deluxe feel of higher end makeup.  Therefore, for £39, this is undoubtedly very steep and not for everyday.  In addition, considering the fact that the shades are not neutrals, you most likely will reach for this palette sparingly.  Nevertheless, the eyeshadow does not budge, crease, and fade throughout the day.  You do not need a high end primer as I used my £1 ELF primer and found it to be working wonders for years.  Thus, as I normally do 'How it wore throughout the day's' I decided against it for this post as I saw no difference at application around 10am to the evening around 9pm.  Bare in mind that eye products do not tend to suffer with fading or bleeding, but creasing tends to be a huge issue.  This product did not crease as aformentioned, and is perfect for evening-wear and even all day but the colors may not be appropriate outside of occasions.  

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