Favorite At-Home Workouts

Let's face it.  Going to the gym requires effort, time, and a lot of money.  Having good health shouldn't be so difficult but unfortunately that is how society has moulded.  Exercise is seen as a luxury.  I have poor adherence to a gym regime due to cost, distance, and the presence of other individuals.  At-home work outs are feasible, less expensive, and requires less time by eliminating transportation in the process. I have tried and tested these two work out programmes that can easily be done in the comfort of your four walls.  You do not need a lot of space (I do it in a small corner of my room without any struggle).  These are perfect for beginners as well as those who have an advanced fitness level and want to maintain their attained health.

1. FitGirls Fitkini Challenge- $29.99

This eBook is colorful and playful with detailed explanations of the exercises it contains.  Alongside a work-out routine, there are numerous recipes present for inspiration.  There are two circuits: upper and lower body. There are nine moves in each circuit which takes about 10-14 minutes to complete for me.  On days where I do not do the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Challenge (which I will explain later), I will do four circuits of this routine alongside a 10 minute intense workout for Abs or Legs on youtube.  You do end up sweating an unattractive amount and this 4 week programme contains 8 different circuits (4 for upper, 4 for lower) with increasing difficulty.

2. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Challenge - £39.59

I don't know how the easiest and simple moves leave me praying to God for strength to complete.  Perhaps I am just extortionately unfit but these routines do end up difficult.  Compared to the Fitgirls, there are 4 circuits of four different moves instead of 9.  Each circuit takes about 7-9 minutes to finish so the entire routine can take 28-36 minutes.  It is a 12 week programme that aims to tackle abs, arms, legs, and butt.  The workouts are organised to take place 3 times a week with your own take on how you wish to carry out low intensity interval training on days where you do not do the BBC.  Mondays generally target arms and abs, Wednesdays are for legs and butt, and then Fridays are the entire body. 

I will do one circuit of the upper or lower body Fitkini challenge as a warm up to BBC.  This ensures that I am working out at least 38-45 minutes.  Every 4 weeks, the difficulty heightens and compliance to this will enable results to be noted after week 4.  Personally, I do find that my abs seem more defined (or existent all together) and my legs feel more solid with muscle with less jiggle.  There is still a long way to go until I feel confident but I do think that a combination of Fitkini and BBC has increased my fitness levels as it is not as hard to successfully finish each routine as it was when I begun.

Those are the two eBooks I highly recommend and have been using! I do think they are worth the money if you know for sure you won't attend a gym or tend to not have access to gyms.  If adhering to a programme that changes each week is something you would like to try, this is perfect.  I love that it switches up, keeping it interesting and the intensity increases each week in both programmes.  Lastly, if you are someone that is a complete novice when it comes to working out, which is basically me, this is perfect if you want to improve your overall fitness level and physique.  It kickstarts you into a healthier lifestyle.

**I will do an in depth review of the KI BBC and the Fitkini Challenge at the end of the 12 week programme.

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