Day in the Life of a Global Health Student | Day 2 Term 2

As I have Tuesdays off for the first five weeks of term, this post is based on my Wednesday and Friday class which is Health Economics.  Health economics acts to analyse the market demand and supply, as well as evaluate health systems, products, and innovations.  I have never learnt about this kind of thing but this module has quickly become my favourite.

9:00am: I wake up quite late when I have health economics since class doesn't start until 11am.  I usually have a late night on Tuesday or Thursday so the sleep is necessary (and enjoyable).  As Wednesdays and Fridays are when I wish to post on my blog, I try to spend a small amount of time in the morning just publishing my post and linking it on my social media handles.  If I haven't finished editing it, I will proof-read my work instead.  In addition, I will download the lecture slides as sometimes they are uploaded the morning of my lecture instead of the night before.  After brushing, I'll have my morning omelette and coffee before heading out.

10:00am:  As a part of my new years resolution (and to save money), I walk to class which takes place at a different campus about 35-45 minutes away by foot.  It is enjoyable to take in fresh air and get a little extra cardio in for the day.  I use this time to reflect and be alone with my thoughts as I am slowly trying to lean away from always listening to music.  It brings me joy to go on a walk alone and feels extremely therapeutic.

11:00am: We have two hours of class where the first hour this week is a lecture regarding supply, demand, and convergence of cost.  These are concepts that I've never encountered but it is very interesting to foresee how the market works.  It helped that everyone got a free kitkat today as well.

12:00-12:15pm: We get a 15 minute break which I utilised to consume my kitkat and some more coffee.

12:15pm-1:00pm: We used an online experiment software where half the class were 'buyers' and the other half were 'sellers'.  The aim of the game was to sell a textbook at a price to gain the most profit, and for buyers to save as much money as possible based on their evaluation/willingness to pay within a specific time frame.  If you didn't sell or buy, you failed the round.  This was an exciting simulation that put supply and demand into perspective with visible convergence of a market cost without any external influence.  At the end of the experiment, we went through the theory behind what occurred and were assigned homework based on the practical.

1:00pm: Once class ended I make my way home absolutely starving.  My stomach won't stop doing the rumblies and I need to restrain myself from buying a sandwich or KFC knowing that my mom would have hot food ready at home.

2:00pm: After arriving home, I change into comfy clothes and sprawl on the couch, getting my work-station ready after I eat some delicious food.  With my project for Public Health still sitting on my head, I am focussing on getting that up to standard for submission on the 13th.

4:00pm: After about 2 hours of work, I decided to work out to get it done and dusted for the day.  I prefer to work out earlier when possible, otherwise I normally do this a few hours after dinner most days.  I decided to do my regular routine which I will explain in an upcoming blogpost.  It takes about 1 hour to complete that will indeed require a deep clean in the shower. 

5:30pm: Back to work.  I decided to pick up a case study piece of homework instead having hit a bit of a wall with the other assignment.  This involves in-dept analysis of fortification and assessing the use and need of folates.  It involves answering 6 questions which requires a lot more reading than I initially assumed.  I enjoy this format of homework that offers more guidance without eliminating the need to research and read around the subject and critical appraisal of published papers. We are put into the shoes of the Ministry of Health to deliver a suitable decision regarding fortification (addition of folic acid) in wheat and rice in two different countries.

7:00pm:  It took about an hour and a half to finish that piece of work so I decided to return to the public health project.  My mom got me popcorn to help get through a few brutal sections but it seems that I am moving forward.

8:30pm: Dinner time! My mom has spinach, sweet potato, rice, and rasam (if you know, you know).  I take this time to talk to Amma before I decide to get through the final hurdle of the public health project.

11:30pm: I ended up working a lot later than desired but finally have a clean draft that I can amend and refer back to.  All the words are in place but I need to produce diagrams to break up chunks of text which will take too much technology time for me to complete at the moment.  I took nearly three hours for me to design a logic model flow chart.  Therefore, I decided to hold off the rest for tomorrow.  All in all, we have been productive and that makes me very happy.

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