Where have I been? #2

I took another 10 day hiatus which is shorter than my last one but still unacceptable by any means.  After completing my exams, I had two pieces of coursework due alongside preparation for other group work so that requires more of my attention as I cannot let my other teammates down.  My modules consist of travelling between campuses which means journey-time is taking over my schedule.  It is a range of terrible excuses, I know and sorry is the best thing I can offer. 

I've completed term 1 of my masters which is absolutely surreal.  I remember sweating with nerves about my GCSEs and I can't help think back to how little those were compared to now.  Term 2 is much more up my alley with practical and analytical learning instead of basic theories.  I am now learning about Global Health Challenges, Governance, Innovation, and Health Economics for the first half, and then Health Policy and Health Systems in the second half. 

I still have coursework from term 1 that has trickled over regarding Public Health.  It's made things a little bit difficult because though my exams are done I still have this piece of work left to tackle.  It's been proving harder than I hoped as it involves creating an intervention from scratch to improve a public health problem.

I'm rambling now.

On a positive note, I've been working on a video project which I may upload to my Youtube channel to resurrect it or directly upload it to my blog if that is feasible without putting it on a video-hosting website.  This has taken a lot of my time as well, further explaining my lack of blogposts.  I haven't uploaded a video onto my channel since 2015 and I've privatised all my videos.  A huge reason why I did that was because I felt I was conforming to topics and discussions that would get views.  I wasn't necessarily a view or subscriber hunter but I was indeed afraid of being true to myself for fear of bad reception or negativity.  I played it safe. 

Over the holidays, I realised how much I do miss editing and filming videos, allowing my creative juices to flow (cheesy but true).  Therefore, I decided to take a second stab at making videos but with a twist.  I will just post and do whatever my heart wants- not necessarily society.  I want everything I do to hold a positive message and reach a diverse range of audiences.  The beauty and fashion community on youtube is highly saturated and full of talented and expert individuals.  I do still wish to keep that aspect as I am indeed a certified fashion stylist and enjoy it thoroughly.  However, in a world where negative media or mindless content is prevailing I wanted to make messages that stuck and held positivity and hope for those looking to find it.  I am hoping to release that video sometime next week - I played with some new editing techniques and classic jump cuts so please go easy on me, I am still new to the game. 

Lastly, I do have some fun blogposts planned for the next few weeks so on Monday I will be posting back to normal having finally sorted out these mini life changes I've needed to do. 

Lots of love and thank you for all your support.

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