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This is a classic tag which is a happy mix of self-esteem breaking and raising.  It is a way to instil humbleness as well as letting you toot your own horn.  The aim of the game is to list three physical things you love about yourself and three that you dislike.  Even the person you deeply admire and can't help but insta-stalk will have insecurities that are blind to others.  We grow use to our own appearance and qualities so insecurities tend to feel more prominent and noticeable than others.

First I am going to mention three qualities I dislike because I want to get the annoying part done and dusted and end on a high note.

1. My nose.  When I was little I busted my nose and since then it has grown crooked and I struggle to breathe through one nostril.  The 'condition' is deviated septum which tends to have a range of symptoms, some severe and some simply aesthetic.  I am terribly insecure about it and use to attempt to give it a straight appearance by contouring my nose but you can see straight through that feeble plan.

2. My cheeks.  I blame it on the endless KFC, chicken wings, and donuts.  I have very full chubby cheeks that easily fuel my insecurities.  It's a prime reason why I dislike my pictures or face because other features seem to be overpowered by my cheeks.  In addition, I feel like multiple hair styles just do not suit me and as much as I love wearing high buns because they sport the most comfort.  Therefore, I use my hair to frame and hide a bit of my cheeks rather than embrace them.  A prime motivation to my working out is to help tone my face.  Luckily it is something that I can change eventually but it obviously requires hard work and dedication.  I also had mac and cheese for dinner.

3. My height.  I am 5'1 and a 1/3.  That third is so valuable.  When you are smaller, and have a diet that consists of fried foods and sugars, it is very obvious.  My height is a huge source of a lot my insecurities as well.  It is very hard for me to look and feel feminine due to my stout nature.  I'm often misjudged for being a lot younger than I am because of my baby face and shortness.  It doesn't help to throw in a high pitched voice into the mix.  I would love to have a few more inches but I know that it is.  At the end of the day, I am human.  I end up in ruts.  I compare myself to models in magazines and even individuals on television with their beautiful long legs and get extremely envious because my oil and refined-sugar filled thighs are a huge insecurity of mine, hence why I tend to post work outs regarding legs and the derriere. 

Now to change the dynamics of this post.  Let's talk about a few things I do actually love about myself.

1. My eyes.  Growing up, and even recently, I use to hate my eyes.  I felt they looked childish and most people seemed to want those alluring, flirtatious eyes that appear half opened when they aren't.  I would wing out my eyeliner like no tomorrow and avoid mascara just so they appeared elongated and flattering.  Nevertheless, looking back I realise I was being quite silly.  It is one feature of mine that I do get the most compliments on from strangers or others.

2. My hair.  My hair is pretty cooperative when it comes to styling.  If I put heat into it, it will hold the style for the day or the next wash.  Braiding or twisting it over night helps control the frizz and gives me a tousled and natural impression as well.  Though I do wish I didn't have in-between wavy-curly hair and it was either perfect ringlets, beach waves, or stick straight, I am pretty happy that it copes with diversity pretty well most of the time.  Furthermore, my hair tends to grow out quite quickly as well meaning that bad hair cuts can go amiss soon.

3. My eyebrows. I sport those thick desi eyebrows.  Once I get them threaded, I feel like a million bucks for a week until I need to visit again (#browngirlproblems).  They frame my face beautifully and I never need to fill them in unless I decide to go in with tweezers and make a mess of them.  Growing up I hated my eyebrows but now I am so grateful I listened to my mom about waiting for them to grow out and only threading them for the first time when I was 17.  Yes, I know, that's super late but it played out perfectly in the end.

I hope you guys liked this post and I just want the main point to be: perfection is in the eyes of the beholder and we are our worst critics.  You are beautiful regardless of what your mind tells you.  Listen to your heart.

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