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                                                     Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil £26.00 for 98.9mL

I have raved about this oil enough times for it to deserve a separate blogpost.  Over summer, I was introduced to Ouai for the first time via the BirchBox x Vogue 125 collaboration which was rose themed (and absolute goals).

I am fully aware that the price tag is steep so for those who do not have the funds to justify spending that much, I recommend trying out the Morning After Kit  which costs £19.50.  It comes with three Ouai products: Rose Hair and Body Oil (28mL), Dry Shampoo Foam (43 mL), Finishing Creme (15 mL).  I have not tried the Dry Shampoo Foam or the Finishing Creme so I cannot vouch for their credibility but reviews can be found here:

I own the Rose Hair and Body Oil 28mL, not the full size that retails at £26.00 for 98.9mL.  I've been religiously using this oil (about 3 times a week) since I received in back in July and I am half way finished after 5 months. I am sure I can squeeze at least another 3-4 months in before the need to purchase a new one.  This demonstrates that, although the price is quite hefty, you are getting a very fair amount of use out of the product.  Only 3-4 drops are required to work into your hair.  1-2 drops if your hair is shorter and finer.

Note: My hair sits about half a foot from my waist and is extremely thick. If not maintained, it is coarse and dry. 

Scent: Addressing the elephant in the room, the oil smells delicious.  It is sweet and floral but not sickly in the slightest for those who shy away from that kind of aroma.  The smell is not overpowering and can easily be masked by a perfume.

Price and longevity: For £26.00, this may seem overpriced but considering the lasting power of the 28mL bottle, this product should last for over year minimum.  You are getting your pennies worth.  The viscosity of the oil is fine enough to be spread around the hair easily.  I like to work from the mid-shaft down and then massage my roots from underneath thoroughly so I do not appear oily.  Additionally, you can use this on your body so less product is wasted.  I like to work excess oil left over on my hands into my neck to eradicate dryness. 

Efficacy: As an individual that suffers with naturally coarse and dry hair, this is a miracle in a bottle.  I find myself appreciating the natural texture of my hair more often due to the lasting effect of the oil.  This oil doesn't work ONLY when you use it.  It provides nutrients found in shea, rosehip, lychee, and absinthium with intention to not only ensure the hair has a natural shine but protected and hydrated.  I believe it is acceptable to use this product from a daily basis to 1-2 times a week gradually just to maintain the effects.  My natural frizz has dramatically reduced as noticed by my fresh-out-the-shower head.  It is easier to work with my hair, holding in styles from heat or simply overnight braids/knots.

Cons: The one major and only con I found with using this product is that it tends to leak when sideways and spill.  The bottle cap mechanism isn't sealed tightly enough to prevent oil from coming out so always store the oil upright.  This makes for travelling with it very difficult so I put it in a separate ziploc bag to ensure my other products or items do not get oil-ed.

Overall, this is most certainly an oil I wish to repurchase.  I would invest in the full size version as the longevity of the product illustrates its worth.  It smells great, does more than what it is advertised to do, and feels luxurious.  If you want happy hair, this is a go-to.

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