A Letter to my Grandfather

In my previous post I mentioned breaking out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things.  I missed Monday's post because of this project which I found hard to do as I wished to keep it from my mother until I completed it.  It was very emotional for me to produce this piece.  I am fully aware that the editing is indeed borderline basic but I hope that didn't detract from the message.

When you lose your best friend, or any individual that played a huge role in your life, it is as though a part of yourself had gone with them.  It feels impossible to heal.  It is soul destroying.  As though the world is exploding.  But it's not.

Undoubtably there is going to be a hole inside you.  It feels physical and prominent.  Like broken glass, the pieces will never quite fit together perfectly like it did before.  Vulnerability will take over.  You're going to feel lonely, misunderstood, and gray.  It feels near to impossible to take a negative situation and transform it into something positive.  Fuelling that pain to propel you forwards is a skill that all of us will be forced to endure.

That pain will eventually turn into strength.  It will provide endurance to achieve your dreams and nourish your soul.  Life will never be the same as it was before but doesn't mean it cannot be as good.  It's not selfish of you to take care of yourself during this time or any moment in your life.  Don't settle or belittle your capabilities and worth.  The person you are grieving will want nothing less than the best for you.  They do not want you to sell yourself short. 

Do not use this loss as an excuse to falter in life.  Nothing is an excuse.  At the same time, do not force yourself to mend in days, weeks, or even years.  Such a circumstance may never settle easy in your stomach but do not sacrifice your dreams because your flying colors is what your loved ones would've hoped for you. 

You are not alone.  Never alone.  Take it easy.

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