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Tags are the easiest way for you guys to get to know me outside of my lifestyle posts. I've always been one to love answering deep questions and felt this tag was particularly fitting.

Where does your joy come from?

I find joy in many places or situations. Primarily it comes from happy memories, spending time with loved ones, and in my studies because I absolutely love what I am learning and the opportunities that are presented in front of me. My degree has enabled me to work with amazing charities such as Untapped Shores and benefit amazing causes. It has provided me with insight in the working world of health on a global and public scale which I've never thoroughly discovered before. I look forward to each day with the wealth of knowledge I have access to. Prior to this, I never had the same urge and excitement to go to university or college as I do now which allows me to confirm that I am in the right place.

Undoubtably, I gain an immense amount of joy from my blog and writing which is the main reason I pursue it. It facilitates me to unleash my creativity which isn't reflected in academia. Working with makeup, fashion, clothes, or sharing my experiences and advice to help better individuals is nothing less than exciting and enjoyable. I love working with colors and styling as well as discovering new things to help make life that much more worth living. I always want to seem like the girl-next-door rather than someone with a perfectly made up life. I have a lot to be grateful for without a doubt but ultimately I am just your average girl doing what you do just with a blog to document her memories.

How do you feel most loved?

It varies between people. Through my mother I feel the most without any doubt via her sacrifice, grace, and efforts to keep me happy over her own self. The selflessness in her care is something I admire. In addition, I feel the most loved through my best friends who listen and understand me, remembering the small minute details of my life, and their mindfulness of my being. They are very accepting of me as a person and I feel the most loved when I do not have to fear for judgement when going to them with whatever matters are brewing in my head. Furthermore, having those same people come to me with trust, honesty, and belief that I will provide and be their rock to the best of my ability makes me feel very loved indeed.

What is something that you have overcome?

People can be a lesson, experience, or blessing. Like all of us, we have experienced some sort of mental or physical set back due to the presence of specific individuals. It is not up to us to blame others for our shortcomings but it is a fact that humans can be one of the greatest obstacles one has to face. We can spend hours trying to mould to their likes and dislikes but at the end of the day you end up losing yourself in the process. No party will be satisfied. It took a lot of strength for me to realise that there are many people that are not worth changing for unless there is true error in your ways of thinking. Overall, not everyone will be pleased and needs pleasing.

What is one of your biggest struggles/weaknesses?

Confidence. This is all encompassing: in my work, mentality, and appearance. I put a lot of mental pressure on myself to put forth my best effort and find I am subconsciously comparing myself to others in whatever aspect. It's a terrible habit but I am trying to be more accepting of my true self whether it be regarded as 'childish' or 'immature'. It's a very big struggle to accept yourself in a society where it is almost deemed sinful. Nevertheless, I am actively trying to exercise confidence for a better me.

What legacy do you want to leave?

There are two main legacies I want to leave where one is to encourage young minds to embrace themselves for who they are and treat themselves with kindness and love. In addition, I wish to make surplus amount of impact in the world of Global health by granting those less privileged with opportunities I was gifted with from a young age. I hope to be an individual known as one who wanted to make a change and succeeded.

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