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Your skin is what everyone will see first and foremost so taking care of this area is extremely vital.  The biggest fault in my skincare routine which is the source of all my zits is lack of water consumption.  Therefore, I decided to download this really adorable water app called Plant Nanny where, the more you drink, the less thirsty your plant is (which looks so cute, it would be sinful to make him/her upset).  However, despite this, I have been lucky enough to have pretty good skin in other terms because the products I use really work.  And they're drugstore!  I don't think we need a luxurious price tag on a product to determine it's ability.

NOTE!  With any face product, do make sure to do a skin or patch test to ensure there is no allergic or adverse reaction.

1. Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash £2.09

This face wash works to give you a refreshing deep clean without being too abrasive.  I love using it before going to bed as a part of my nightly routine to enable a nice clean. It works to remove a majority of makeup or cleanse my skin alongside prepping it for a facial mask if I am in the mood. In the morning, I prefer to just wash my face with plain cold water but sometimes I do indeed reach for this if I'm looking visibly dull or grim. 

2. Nivea Soft Cream - £2.45

This is the moisturiser I cannot stop talking about.  I have three: one in my bathroom, one in my bedroom, and one in my backpack.  Although I do own higher-end products (most are sample size), this cream cannot be replaced for me.  It is trustworthy and amazing.

3. B. Pure Micellar Water £2.19

Although using coconut or almond oil is my main go-to for makeup removal, my mother prefers to use this which I do indeed reach for when I don't have oil at hand.  This is wonderful for lifting the makeup right off of your face.  I love this and do not feel there is a difference between the B.Pure by Superdrug and the Garnier Micellar water.  After removing the makeup, I do like to pair it with a quick face wash to ensure any residual product is wiped away.

4. Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil - £1.15

This may be a bit surprising.  I can struggle with dry patches of skin around my jaw and on my cheeks which are terribly bothersome.  Makeup tends to adhere to these areas and I need twice as much moisturiser to ensure they don't randomly appear throughout the day.  However, over the last few months I found my dry patches to tremendously decrease post-shower and moisturising.  One of the ways I tackled this is by giving myself an oil mask before I sleep.  Take some of the baby oil and pat it onto your face evenly and wash it off in the morning.  All the moisture will be trapped on your face with this thick layer giving you soft and supple skin.  It's also a magnificent canvas for makeup because personally, everything applies a lot more evenly and smoothly.  I'll do this about twice a week but you can do this every night if you please!  You can also replace the Baby oil with almond or coconut oil if you wish.

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