Favorites | November 2017

Another month, another favourites post.   This was a difficult post to make because I've been leaning towards embracing my natural skin and hair.  I've not bought any new beauty goodies for a while. Therefore, I've been using products quite sparingly.  Luckily, the end of December calls for a whole yearly round-up post which I cannot wait to do!  For now, it's time for November's favourites.

1. Pixi Lip Lift Max in Sheer Rose £12.00

Okaaaay.  I know I said I'm letting go of makeup but lip gloss is different.  First off, this doesn't seem plumping or lifting in any sense or form even though it does tingle.  This lip gloss is light and like all glosses, gives the impression of hydration and glow.  The color is perfect for those who want to achieve a nude lip and have slightly darker skin.

This is a glorious dry shampoo which smells absolutely delightful.   I spray it at the roots of my head and massage it in with a towel which I find to be more effective than my fingers on some accounts.  It works to revitalise my roots; removing greasy odours and textures.  This is arguably expensive but it does indeed get the job done.  It's perfect for someone like myself who can be quite lazy with washing their hair during the week.  

How could I not mention this?  I switch between my Marc Jacobs' mascara and my Rimmel London one which is slightly shabbier considering it is getting quite old.  I absolutely LOVE this mascara: it's not spidery and volumises with minimal clumping.  It is a luxury beauty product considering its price range but if possible to grab hold of a sample size I highly recommend giving it a go.  Samples tend to last at least a month anyhow with regards to mascara. 

4. Coconut Shower Cream by The Body Shop - £5.00

I don't know what it is about the term 'shower cream' which just works to sound luxurious and make me hungry.  I've used every last drop of this body wash this month.  Believe it or not, it has lasted about 2 months given that it richly lathers.  A little goes a long way.  If you are hesitant on spending more than a couple pound coins on a body wash, I completely understand.  However, I was pleasantly surprised regarding its longevity.  The product leaves a lingering coconut scent post-use that isn't too overwhelming.  Nevertheless, as it is distinctively coconut, if you are not pleased by this aroma, I suggest avoiding it and trying their other scented shower creams/gels because they do make showering much more enjoyable.  

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