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As a Global Health student, on a daily basis, we are exposed to traumatic, saddening, and heart-breaking scenarios on an international scale.  I've picked this course with one aim: make a change. When God has put you in a grandeur situation, it would be inhumane for us to take it for granted.  We should use resources given to equip those that are less fortunate.  It is near impossible to break the cycle of poverty without unity.

Did you have a glass of water today?  

Did you brush your teeth? 

Did you take a shower?

Did you use the toilet and wash your hands after?

According to the WHO and UNICEF's Joint Monitoring Programme, 844 million do not have access to clean water and 2.3 billion individuals do not have access to a decent toilet as of 2017.  This statistically demonstrates how blessed we are.  I have been granted the opportunity to be an Ambassador for Untapped Shores which is an international charity based in New York.  This organisation works to provide sanitised drinking water to those in poverty, currently focussing on providing clean water to 1,000,000 Ugandans this Giving Tuesday.  Ever dollar donated will be matched by the Gates Foundation.

As someone from the rural villages of India, I have personally seen the difficulties in fetching water from a pump, well, or water source.  The distance travelled by many in order to provide the family for a day is tremendous.  It takes immense will power, discipline, and determination.  However, clean water is a basic human right.  42% of healthcare facilities in Africa do not have access to purified water; resulting in a rise of mortality by infection in both adults and newborns who do not live to see their 1st birthday.

Untapped Shores has combined the use of technology and sustainability to create the Pure Shores which has the ability to sanitise water for 2,000 individuals per day via the use of chlorine bleach.  The best part? It is powered by the Sun and Ocean water (salt water).   This life saving device has been sent to 20 countries in 5 different continents, further emphasising the efficiency, durability, and efficacy of the Pure Shores. 

Now it's your turn.  It only costs $1 per life to save. From the comfort of your own home you can make a one time donation to help this device reach thousands of more individuals.  Not only are you saving those already living but you will be giving newborns a chance to experience the beauty of life.  Lack of water results in lack of well-being.  This in turn can  cause mental and physical stresses such as wasting, inadequate toilets, increased risk of infection, water-borne diseases, lack of an education, and diarrhoea diseases just to name a few.

One child dies every two minutes due to lack of access to clean, purified, and sanitary water.  Donate now to save a life.

Visit the Untapped Shores website here to learn more of their missions, causes, and the science behind the Pure Shores.

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