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I am a firm believer that one can achieve their ideal hair length, texture, and condition without spending an extravagant amount of money.  Nowadays, the quality of drugstore products available at the likes of Boots and Superdrug is top of the range.  This is coming from an individual who has finally learnt the ropes in how to control naturally huge, frizzy, thick, unruly hair.  I'm usually not one to post selfies but here is an exact representation of what I have to deal with:

These products have helped me in loving my natural hair texture, smoothing and controlling it to a more presentable state.  I've even ditched all hot-tools and am taking on the 'No Heat for Weeks' challenge to see how long I can go before caving into using a styler.  I am wearing my hair naturally and feeling confident and happy in the state that I am in! Trust me, I was someone that would envy individuals with gorgeous ringlets, beach waves, curls for days, or sleek straight hair.  However, I am beginning to enjoy embracing my natural beauty and hope that this post will inspire and help you to follow in these footsteps.  

1. L'oreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo 400 mL for £4.49

You may be wondering why I use a thickening shampoo when I already have naturally thick and voluminous hair.  This shampoo appears to help strengthen my hair follicles; giving them a healthier appearance.  I've been using the Elvive line by L'oreal for a couple of years now, jumping between products, but this is the one which I find has had the most dramatic effect in a short period of time.  It has made my hair look more voluminous and bouncy rather than defying gravity with frizz upon the presence of humidity.  I highly recommend this if you want a fuller looking head of hair. 

I prefer to pair up my conditioners with the complementing shampoo.  Usually, products work better in conjunction with each other (or it's just a very clever marketing technique).  Nevertheless, this conditioner helps soften the appearance of my hair.  It gives it bounce whilst assisting with thickness and longevity of the hair strands.  At the touch, my hair is softer and appears lighter rather than dragged down the weight of it all.  I take about 50p size amount on the palm of my hand and work in my hair from the eye-level down.  You don't want to apply this at the roots, though it says you can do on the bottle, as I find conditioner at the roots tends to weigh down the hair.  Furthermore, freshly growing hair at the roots does not require intensive treatment via chemicals.  The natural oils produced by the scalp is enough nourishment.  

3. Hair Masks - Coconut Oil 

This is where the magic happens.  The shine, silky-ness, and smoothing of my hair is most probability credited to this product.  I use the Parachute coconut oil which can be found here which I have genuinely been using since I was 5 years old or since I had any hair.  My grandmother, my mother, and everyone in between have attacked my hair with this product from a young age.  My mom has ventured into Vatika products that you can find at Superdrug online as well as Tesco groceries.  

Once a week, I will apply this very thoroughly, deep into the roots to the tip of the hair strands.  I will then braid my hair and wrap it into a bun to ensure that the oils can soak overnight or for a few hours depending on when I plan to wash my hair (usually Friday).  The only downside is the scent which is quite pungent and that you would need to wash your hair twice with shampoo to ensure you have no residue left over.  

Extra tips!

  • Drink water.  This goes without saying. 
  • Wash your hair early in the day and let it air dry. Especially if you are not going out and spending your time indoors, there is no need to apply unnecessary heat. 
  • If you wash your hair at night, sleep on a towel or satin pillow.  I've personally found this to help reduce frizz.  
  • Do not erratically towel dry your hair.  This can increase frizz. 
  • Plait/Braid your dry hair before you sleep.  I found that doing this naturally controls the natural texture of my hair, relaxing the curls of my hair.  In addition, it makes for an adorable hairstyle in the morning when you unbraid it, meaning you don't need any styling tools!
  • If you don't like braids, you can twist your hair for natural waves.  If you don't the appearance of crimps, then you can twist your hair into what relates to two plaits which heavily relaxes frizzy, uncontrollable hair.  You end up with gorgeous waves in the morning.  
  • For frizzy roots, use a drop of hair oil.  I personally use a Ouai Rose Hair oil at my roots to control frizz at the top of my head because its sweet smelling and doesnt appear oily.  You can also use Macadamia, Morocconoil Oil, L'oreal Elvive hair oils, or even just a small drop of coconut or almond oil.  It all mainly depends on the aroma.  Make sure you apply the oil from underneath the hair rather than topically to prevent appearing oily.  This also adds extra nourishment.  


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