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I have loved The Body Shop since the day I moved to England.  Despite being a high street brand, they stand against animal testing and are 100% vegetarian.  I use to miss Bed Bath and Beyond or Bath and Bodyworks in the states, but having The Body Shop replaced those stores quickly.  You get more bang for your buck as the quality of the products are top of the range and long lasting.  For example, I find myself being able to salvage 50mL body butters for over a month.   The products feel and even look luxurious; making me feel like a princess every time I use them. 

I had the blessing to acquire quite a few Body Shop products.  I wanted to put up my monthly favorites but felt it was very important to get this up ASAP as there is an amazing sale going on online.  Plus, I've not had a haul up on my blog since my ThredUp one which you can find here.

Body Lotions

I'm very lazy about body lotion.  Sitting idle with nothing but lotion just seems like an unappealing way to pass time whilst waiting for it to absorb.  It's a literal experience of watching paint dry.  These lotions will hopefully change my retched ways.  The consistency of the body lotion is very thin so it's easy to apply and rub into the body compared to a butter.   The scent is very strong and lingers throughout the day.  You can skip the perfume or pair up each of the lotions with their corresponding perfume to extenuate the aroma.   

Volume: 250 mL
Fijian Water Lotus: Sale £4.00 Reg. £10.00
Atlas Mountain RoseSale £4.00 Reg. £10.00
Indian Night JasmineSale £4.00 Reg. £10.00

Roses have always been one of my favorite smells and flowers.  The scent of this is a beautiful floral rose, with no hint of sweetness or musk which I usually find overpowering.  The balance of tones is phenomenally done to mimic the flower's aroma.  

I've used the perfume and body mist version of this scent for years as I've mentioned in previous blog posts.  Jasmines have always been my number one favourite flower and scent.  Although I can't apply this in my hair, it reminds me so much of my Indian roots and will be one that I reach for on a daily basis.  

This is extremely refreshing.  Surprise surprise, the lotus flower has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl.  I know I've basically said that about each of these scents but it's not my fault that my all time favorite flowers are, indeed, lotuses, jasmines and roses.  It's just a very happy coincidence!  I love how this does wake me up in the morning and as I have the corresponding perfume, I am excited to pair them up.  

Shower Gels

I'm usually not one to splurge on shower gels because shower gels tend to be used up quickly so spending extortionate amounts never seemed logical.  However, these were hard to miss.  I find that after using the Body Shop shower gels, the scent (a word which I feel is being overused in this blogpost) does tend to linger for a few hours after.  It saves you for the day if you missed your spritz of perfume.  

Volume: 250 mL
Early Harvest Raspberry: Sale £3.50 Reg. £5.00
Vineyard Peach: Sale £3.50 Reg. £5.00
Fuji Green Tea: Sale £3.50 Reg. £6.00
Volume: 60 mL
Olive: Reg. £2.00

This is spot on.  This fruity scent is perfect for those who love spring and summer.  It isn't overwhelming or too strong compared to the others.  

This is very strong.  The scent is potent and reminds me of ribena but I am still very fond of it.  After all, raspberry lemonade is my favorite drink.   

This is a musky, revitalising, and subtle scent.  It does have an herbal undertone but it is one which I would enjoy waking up to.

This olive scent is not how I expected it to be.  I absolutely love olives but I was hasty on this one because I assumed it would smell like olive oil.  Nevertheless, the aroma is sweet but relaxed.  It is subtle and has a fruity undertone.

Body Sorbet

The scent is very musky but refreshing.  It almost has a lemon scented undertone to it, similar to freshly washed laundry.  Though thicker than the body lotions, it is still light weight and not uneasy to wear or blend.  It absorbs quickly, so we get to skip the awkward lingering around before we can wear our clothes.    
Volume: 250 mL
Fuji Green Tea: Sale £4.50 Reg. £8.50

Replenishing Gel-Lotion

The texture is unsurprisingly gel-like, as the name suggests.  It does absorb very quick and is about the same consistency as the sorbet.  The scent is not as overwhelming but it does feel softening and refreshing.  It is perfect for tired, lazy mornings where you just want a wake up call. 

Volume: 250 mL
Fuji Green Tea: Sale £4.50 Reg. £8.50

Body Butters

I usually do not love very thick creams but I find that these body butters feel wonderful and blend into the skin well.  It is not difficult to rub in and works wonders on dry skin which I suffer with.  This is said to hydrate the skin for 48 hours, which I do find to be true.  I usually rub these in from the neck under so it can double as a perfume.  My skin does feel significantly softer and prevents the formation of dry patches.  The olive body butter has more of a baby-powder and sweet scent compared to the pink grapefruit which is extensively musky and citrusy.  It heavily resembles Orangasm by Soap and Glory if you are familiar with that smell.  A little goes a long way in terms of longevity.   

Volume: 50 mL
Pink Grapefruit: Sale £3.00 Reg. £6.00


Like I mentioned earlier, lotuses are one of my favorite flowers.  I was beyond excited to receive this perfume.  It is so light and refreshing.  After just two sprays, my mom could smell it as it filled up the living room.  The main accords are: marine (sea air), citrus (mandarines), floral (from damascus rose), aromatic, and aquatic.  I have always enjoyed aquatic tones in perfumes.  However, I feel that to say it has a 'citrus' accord is quite surprising as I did not find it very citrusy.  The sillage (the length and degree to which a perfume lingers) is most certainly softer with a stronger longevity, comparable to my higher end perfumes.

Volume: 100mL 
Fijian Water Lotus: Sale £9.00 Reg. £22.00

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