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I do not wear makeup on a daily basis because I have a horrible habit of waking up late so I just work with what I've got.  However, I certainly prefer the 'no makeup makeup' impression when I have a spare 15 minutes in the morning.  Personally, I struggle with dull, tired, and dry, looking skin.  There is a fine line between looking glowy and too done up for everyday.  Despite being an advocate for doing whatever you wish and being yourself, personally, I don't fancy heavy looks for a day-to-day basis.  Nevertheless, I do not wish to compensate on dewy skin.  Therefore, I made this step-by-step 'tutorial' on how I obtain an even, dewy, makeup look perfect for everyday to give off a hydrated and healthy vibe. 

Total time for this routine: 15 minutes

Step 1: Moisturiser. 

If you struggle with dry skin, creams are your best friend.  They allow foundations or bb-creams to glide on with ease and acts as a crucial building block for even application.  It prevents any adherence to dry patches on the face; eradicating their presence.  My go-to daily moisturiser that I constantly turn to without fail is the Nivea Soft Tube.  With a low price tag and longevity, you cannot go wrong.  What's even better, is that you can use this cream for the face, body and hands so it reduces the load you need to carry in your bag. 

Step 2: BB cream + Liquid Highlighter  

For everyday, it is important to let your skin breathe.  Although many individuals wear many layers of makeup for everyday and prove to remain blemish free, other's may have adverse effects.  BB creams are a lighter form of coverage that adds more oomph to your face; allowing your skin to shine through.  It works to enrich your features rather than cover up.  Furthermore, BB creams usually have added SPF which is perfect if you miss out the addition of sunscreen in your daily routine.  I've tried a wide range of BB creams from the drugstore, beginning with Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream which I highly recommend regardless of the lack of color options.  I have been turning to my ELF BB Cream with SPF 20 in 'Beige'.  

Prior to application onto my face, I like to mix my bb cream with a liquid highlighter.  The two that I've tried in the past are the Rimmel London Good to Glow highlighter in Piccadilly glow and the Highlighting Dewy Drops Liquid Highlighter in Natural Glow by ELF.  I find that having a only 1-2 drops of either highlighter mixed into my bb cream is more than enough to give me the dewy finish I sought after.  

(Volume not specified on website)

Step 3: Powder. 

We don't want to mattify our face too much but we do still wish to make sure nothing budges nonchalantly throughout the day.  The powder which I have been using for literally 5 years is the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Powder in Medium/Deep.  It provides a little extra coverage if you're yearning for it without dimming your shine as long as you use a light hand.  It also has SPF 14 which again, is important to prevent premature ageing and damage due to sun exposure.  

Step 4: Eyeshadow

I am usually not too big on eyeshadow for everyday, however, to go along the 'glowy' theme, I felt it would be highly appropriate to add a bit of shimmer and dimension to the lids prior to applying mascara.  The trusty Maybelline Palette 'The Nudes' is raved about as it most certainly tackles neutral colors from all angles.  

As you can see in the picture, I labelled the eyeshadow shades: 1, 2 and 3.  Shade 1 I blend out into the crease to allow a smooth transition of the next two colors.  I apply shade 2 all over the lid; avoiding going above the crease.  Finally, shade 3 is used in the outer 1/3 of the eye and blended ever so slightly into the crease itself to add drama without looking too opaque.  Against my darker tan skin tone, shade 3 does not appear too intense for everyday.  

Step 5: Mascara 

Most makeup-junkies can leave the house with nothing on bar done up brows (must) and mascara.  I love the lengthening aspect of the Rimmel Volume Flash x10 Mascara,  though it is a little bit clumpy.  It works well if you wiggle it from the roots to the tip to allow separation and going in with a clean, dry, spooley works wonders if you're not a fan of spidery lashes.  

Step 6: Lips

I find that lipsticks or liquid lipsticks are too mattifying for the look we are after.  Though topping off with a lipgloss can be done, I prefer to use the Arrow Color Boosting lip balm which enhances the natural color of your lips using your pH levels.  It does do the job and is more on the pricey side of for lipbalms.  A cheaper alternative that I've loved since its launch is the Maybelline Baby lips Lip balm in Cherry Me.  It is wildly pigmented for a lip balm and smells delightful.  It adds a wet, glossy look to your lips and successfully ties in the entire makeup routine. 

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