Favorites | September 2017

This may look incredibly unappetising to some but this is literally heaven on a banana leaf.  My whole childhood consisted of eating off of banana leaves and taking these separate dishes and have them become a massive one.

Hair: Ouai Rose Body and Hair Oil 

This has been part of my daily routine for over a few months now.  Not only does the scent perfectly emulate a rose garden, but the oil works on the toughest, driest skin turning it into a baby's bottom. I love to use this on dry areas of my body.  In addition, it's wonderful to use in my hair and has provided more strength, scent, and reduced frizziness.  I use about one to four pumps on a daily basis and have barely made a dent considering I received this product back in mid June 2017.  Though the price tag is hefty, it is long lasting so your dollar stretches.  It will easily become a staple product in your skin or hair routine.  One downside to the product is not the actual oil itself, rather it is the packaging.  Perhaps I had gotten a faulty bottle but I find that the lid does not screw in properly; causing leakage.  This is something to be mindful of. 

Face: Pur-Lisse: Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoiliant 

This mask feels glorious on the skin.  I'm usually quite sketchy about masks as I feel they don't live up to the hype (other than the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask which will remain an all time favorite).  I usually prefer charcoal based face washes or masks but this one provided my skin with a glorious glow.  However, I do not feel that it is significantly 'exfoliating' as it claims to be in the name.  It is a luxurious product that is fun to use on a spa-day treatment for yourself or before an important event.  Nonetheless, I do still believe you should exfoiliate prior to its use with a brush or a appropriate face wash as the granules seem quite fine in this product. 

Lips: #GRLPWR The Beauty Crop Liquid Lipstick in Date Night

I usually shy away from nudes because they wash me out compared to compliment my skin. Nevertheless, this liquid lipstick was a trooper and sustains all forms of weathering and contact bar eating.  It is perfect for darker skin-toned individuals looking to branch out of their usual dark lipstick collection (i.e. me).  It's perfect for formal wear as well as everyday.  A detailed review of this product will be provided after this one and linked here. 

Drink: Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I'd say I'm ashamed, but I am far from.  Pumpkin spice lattes are heavenly.  I'm one that loves anything pumpkin flavoured: pumpkin spiced cookies, lattes, cake, pies, and my mom makes a mean pumpkin curry.  Pumpkin mixed with cinnamon is a beautiful concoction so of course,  I am a massive fan pumpkin spiced lattes.  This isn't me jumping on the band wagon, this is me continuing my long love affair with the orange vegetable.  It does help that orange is also my favourite color.  If you haven't tried this drink out, for fear of appearing 'basic', come out of your comfort zone and give it a go.  It most likely will fail to disappoint you.

Shoes: Adidas Burgundy gazelles.

Only in the last year or so have I become a huge lover of gazelles.  It all began with a baby pink one, and then a navy and now burgundy.  These were one of the many thoughtful presents I received and it brings me immense joy to have them on my feet.  The color is stunning and goes with pretty much any laid back look.  I prefer to pair them with light jeans when I want emphasis on the shoes or dark jeans for a more blended, subtle appeal.  

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