Favorites | August 2017

August was a bit of a slower month, mainly considering life had gotten in the way more than once.  Nevertheless, I still managed to conjure up some favorites after trying new products or old classics in my collection.

Face: Nivea Soft Cream

Price: (300 ml) £4.79

As much as it is a sin, I am constantly switching up my moisturizer but I keep coming back to the Nivea line of creams and lotions.  I think they are pretty much a South Asian staple. I have tried expensive high end products ones with lavish claims but a trusty pot of Nivea never fails me.  They work to moisturize my face without leaving it looking oily or agitated.  The price is even better so I don’t feel guilty about reuse.  It’s extremely gentle on the skin and the product isn’t too thick or heavy; eliminating any chance of discomfort. 

Price: $11.00

I am usually quite skeptical about color changing products but this one is amazing.  The product in the tube is clear, similar to Vaseline but more beige.  However, on the lips, after a few seconds, it turns into a deep rose color.  On the other hand, it became a beautiful blush baby pink on my mother’s lips considering she is fairer than I am.  Therefore, I do believe it does adjust according to your natural lip color which makes it suitable for all skin tones.  You don’t have to worry about looking too washed out or too done up!  It’s perfect for on the go and I can imagine it complimenting very heavy full face makeup as well as subtle natural looks.

P.S This smells exactly like gulab jamun. 

Price: $3.00 or £4.50 

It’s been far too long since I’ve had my eyebrows threaded, meaning I’m dipping into my makeup stash for every eyebrow pencil, gel, or powder that I can find.  My favorite for nearly 4 years now is one that I keep reaching for regardless of new finds.  The ELF Eyebrow Kit consists of one dark colored gel for filling and a lighter, cool toned brow powder to keep the brows in place.  In addition, it comes with a very useful eyebrow brush which doesn’t get enough credit.  I can even double it to use for applying winged eyeliner.  I find you can go bold and daring, or soft and subtle so it is most definitely a ‘one size fits all’ kind of product.  Furthermore, with such a small price tag, I think the product is even more worth it.  One brow kit lasts me over months before I even hit pan.  With a product for the eyebrows, one which you are most likely to use on a daily basis, a lower price but no compromise on quality is difficult to find but achieved with this product.  

It is really difficult to find jeans which flatter my shape without being too figure hugging that it begins to cut into my blood circulation. However, the Levi’s Skinny Jeans are ones that fit like a glove and does not feel restricting.  It is the perfect length so I don't look even more petite than I already am and it doesn’t flatten out the derriere despite being ‘skinny’ jeans. Despite the hefty price tag, you can find discounted versions of these jeans on many websites, such as mandmdirect.com. 

Price: £8.50

This scent is a classic.  Growing up, my grandmother would always thread jasmine flowers on a string and clip them into my hair.  I could never work out how to do it myself but my hair would smell like that beautiful white flower for nights on end.  This scent is nostalgic.  I love how it has a muskier woody and spicy base note.  This makes it a lot more elegant and sophisticated compared to pure jasmine so can be worn for individuals of all ages and all occasions.  I was hesitant to buy it considering when I first used it, nearly a few years ago, the packaging was more subdued but it is the same glorious smell nevertheless.  


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