Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 17/18

There are so many fun fashion trends this year.  Some are bold and daring whilst others are surprising or easy to master.  After analysing the runway, I’ve managed to work out an overall summary of what you’re going to see in both high and low end stores.  This isn’t a rule book saying that these trends must be followed, but rather it is a way of informing the public on what can be seen in stores the coming seasons.    


·        Metallic Shine.  A look that is hitting the streets is galatic, shiny, and metallic outfits.  Whether this be represented subtly in shoes or even in your trench coat, silver and gold metallics are all the rage.  An easy way to style it is by adding a silver or gold purse or metallic hardware detailing in your footwear. 
·        Black and blue.  This is a gorgeous combination and seeing these colors work to form an ombre effect in jackets, t-shirts, or even jeans was gorgeous. 
·        Dark silhouettes.  As someone who use to have a purely black monochrome wardrobe, I’m quite excited for this.  This isn’t surprising considering Fall and Winter is all about the dark colors. 
·        Red.  Red was a makeup trend as well, so to see it translate into outfits emphasizes on this correlation.  I have many singular red pieces such as: a red trench coat, a red dress, and red heels.  It won’t be hard to work this into your wardrobe and daily style. 
·        Turquoise.  Wait, what? This bright blue-green color is stunning in spring and summer but astoningshly it was in nearly every show for fall and winter.   Don’t be afraid to rock this color during the colder months or be shocked to see it in stores!


·        Folk and tribal prints.  I personally love going back to rustic times and merging these patterns into my clothing.  I feel like they work as a printed T-shirt with denim and boots.
·        Checks and plaid.  When haven’t these two been fall and winter trends?  You’ll see them from flannels to everyday wear.  I love wearing plaid shirts over tees for a laid back look.  In addition, checkered or plaid dress-shirts with leggings and flats is too adorable to pass up.
·        Polka dots.  This playful print will make anyone look youthful.  I personally would style this by using a patterned cardigan with a plain white T shirt and jeans or, alternatively, just simply wear a polka-dot bow.  You can really play this up and down however you prefer. 
·        Floral.  Although a spring trend, vintage floral is very in.  You can see it beyond Ted Baker’s new lines, all across the board.  I’ve out grown my love for floral but I may be investing in some floral sweatshirts now.


·         Feathers and fur.  It’s all about that Great Gatsby vibe.  Big vivacious features and fur of all colors and patterns is complimenting nearly every outfit.  However, this can be downplayed for a classier approach. 
·         Plastic cut outs.  Everyone’s all about playing with material but plastic has been making the runway and shelves like lightning.  Instead of just having denim rips at the knees, we can cover that bare skin with transparent plastic with this texture that is similar to a raincoat.  This has started replacing sleeves on jackets and purses are also now completely transparent.  
·         Padded shoulders.  Having that bold, army-styled shoulders is seen in jackets and cropped coats.  This is a wonderful way to make an outfit more edgy without removing femininity.


·         Canadian tuxedos.  Many people are afraid of too much denim but if you have a love for the material then this season is right for you.  Although I’m not one to rock denim on denim, it’s something I do wish to gain enough courage to try outside of my bedroom.  A white t shirt, denim jeans and a denim jacket seems ideal to ease into the trend.  You can play with shades: light, dark, washed out, etc.  There is a lot of room for creativity though you’re only working with one thing. 
·         Office wear.  I love dressing up for the work place even if I’m only going to the grocers.  Truth is, it makes me feel important.  I love incorporating loose blouses with kitten heels or boots into my daily wear.  Blazers are extremely common. However, the answer to taking it to the streets for everyday is cardigan blazers.  They’re loose, comfortable, and play up the simplest of outfits. If you're too scared like myself, try to wear jeggings instead of jeans to give a similar effect.
·         Sportswear.  Oh yes.  I’m most certainly into streetwear, and sportswear isn’t all that different.  This doesn’t mean you should be wearing yoga pants to grab some milk.  On the other hand, you can wear loose T-shirts, sweatshirts, patterned leggings with a long-sleeved workout top, etc. to rock this trend. 


·         Long skirts.  I love long skirts because it is conservative but elegant at the same time.  This is a sophisticated piece to add to your collection.
·         Belts.  Five years ago, having belts around dresses to synch the waist was very popular. Though this trend sizzled out, it’s making a come back.  If you’re not into belts, drawstring dresses and tops give off the same impression.  I've actually seen pictures of individuals wearing saris and using a belt to emphasise on the waistline.  
·         Cozy knits.  What better way to welcome the colder seasons than knitwear?  Oversized knitted jumpers is what was seen on the runway this year.  Though knitwear tends to be very expensive, I recommend checking out or both of which have gorgeous top quality pieces for cheap.

And that’s a wrap!  I hope you enjoyed reading this and it inspired you to branch out or style garments in a new way.

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