Favorites | July 2017

I am so excited to bring to you my favorites for July 2017!  I have been trying out some new products and have fallen in love more than once.  The picture above is my favorite memory: going boating with my parents.  It was incredible to drive having not driven anything in years.

Hair: Beauty Protector –Protect and Detangle. My natural hair is a wavy, curly, tangled, unruly, Mufasa, mess.  Without proper products, I am likely to throw it into a high bun.  However, even after letting my hair air dry, I am able to achieve straight, sleek, silky hair.  After just a few sprays, I’m able to hand-comb my hair and straighten it to achieve the impression of second-day straight hair which is my favorite look.  This is another product I can imagine purchasing in the future.  It should be noted that the scent can be hit or miss.  To some, it is heavenly, but to me, I found it overpowering. 9/10 seem to find this scent beautiful and appealing which I did at first but it fades after applying heat to your hair. 

Price: $23.50 

Face: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Dry Face Mask. I have already done a detailed review of this product on a previous blogpost which I will link here.  This works wonders on the skin.  Usually, I am not one to reinvest in masks but this is a product that I think is worth the money and does make a difference.

Price: $22.00 for 1 mask (3 Uses)

Lips: Colourpop Satin Liquid Lipsticks in Hello Pretty.  For National Lipstick Day in the states I paired this with a camo top and posted it on my Instagram.  It is the perfect bold hot pink lip color for brown skin tones that doesn’t make you look washed out, ashy, or gray.  I can wear it on its own without foundation or concealer, paired with mascara, and achieve a put-together look.  Unlike most mattes, it feels comfortable on the lips and is long lasting without adhering to dry patches.

Price: $6.00

Eyes: ELF Sculpting SilkEyeshadow in Rose all day is a beautiful trio which works on every skin tone.  It is the perfect color combo for those who want a subtle rosy smoky eye which coincides with the beauty trends for Fall 17/18.

Price: $4.00

Fashion item: Rootsgear Sweatshirts are extremely cozy and phenomenal quality for the price.  Hanji Hello x Raxstar is most definitely my favorite line that they carry because 1) I am a Raxstar fan- his work tugs on every heart string.  2) I always say ‘hanji’ to everyone I know.   Even though I’ve only been rocking it in the last week, it’s no secret that I am a hoodie/sweatshirt person.  Thus, to have sweatshirts that embrace the desi culture is nothing less than perfection.

Favorite scent: I have been in love with Coco by Chanel because it’s much more of a grown up musky scent compared to my all time favorite, Miss Dior by Dior.  This is seen as more of an oriental scent with jasmine, orange and rose top notes, with middle notes of mainly orange and rose. The base notes are sandalwood, amber and vanilla.  This combination makes for a gorgeous musky floral scent that isn’t childish. 

Price: $75.00-$130.00

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