Fall Winter 2017/2018 Beauty Trends

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends will let individuals hint at what new and exciting items will be brought to stores based on what's seen on the runway.  There are a whole host of trends which can be applied to any and every individual from bare-face to gothic, or tribal to retro.


The eyes are the windows to the soul.  They can be emphasised over a thousand different ways or not at all and still have the greatest impression.

  • Red and pastels.  Surprisingly enough, seeing reds and pastels on the eyelids, especially in the crease, was extremely common on the catwalk.  Although this wouldn't be most people's go to color, due to potentially looking like you're suffering from extreme pink-eye, many looks did indeed seem promising.  If used subtly or blended out well enough, this can potentially be taken to the streets for everyday or party wear.  A palette I highly recommend using is the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette as it will contain different tones of red-based eyeshadows which will appropriately work for the daytime.  In terms of pastels, it is quite out of the blue that a spring trend is being seen favourable for Fall/Winter time.  I recommend the Lorac Pro I love Brunch Palette which has gorgeous pastel shades that can be wearable for anytime of day. 
  • Pops of color.  When I was in high school, I would regularly line my bottom waterline with turquoise blue.  Now, there are various colors being used in the inner corner of the eye, the waterline, or even tight lining.  Such colors include blue, orange, red, green, etc.  There is a lot of appreciation for taking a subtle smokey eye to the next level with a bright shade or eyeliner. As a high end option I suggest the Urban decay Glide on 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils or the Shany Eyeliner pencil sets that can be found at Walmart for a fraction of the price ($24 for 24 pencils!).  In the UK, I suggest the Barry M or Collection colored eyeliners. 
  • Eyeliner. Eyeliner. Eyeliner.  Going for those graphic, dark, thick, winged eyeliner looks are all the rage.  With intense wings, bottom heavy looks, or a full lid, having this gothic type vibe was seen from Prada to Balmain on the catwalk.  This can be translated into everyday with just slightly thicker winged looks rather than going to town.  Cat eyes were especially common on models.  The Collection Soft Khol eyeliner pencil or the Rimmel London Kajal Soft Khol eyeliner pencil are cheap as chips and great buys that I highly recommend.  The Barry M liquid eyeliner is also one that would be perfect for these kind of looks.  For cheaper alternatives in America, I would prefer to use my ELF Eye Khol eyeliner.  In terms of high end, the Stila Stay all Day eyeliner and the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner are both amazing. 
  • Mascara.  Going crazy on mascara can be a good thing now!  It's been seen that thick and voluminous eyelashes are sought after on the runway, especially concentrating on the bottom lashes.  You can throw on some falsies from Ardell or Huda Beauty to emphasize on this look or just use drugstore mascaras such as the L'oreal Butterfly Lash and Maybelline Sensational. Higher end mascaras that I love are the Benefit Roller lash curling and lifting mascara and the Too faced Better than Sex (I felt awkward writing that as a South Asian girl).  
  • Golds, Coppers, and Greys.  These beautiful eyeshadow colors create stunning combinations whilst also acting as neutrals; making it easy to wear for whatever occasion or simply for the grocers.  The palette which beautiful encompasses these is the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette (The OG).  A great alternative is the Maybelline Nudes 1 Palette which is a dupe of the UDNP at a fraction of the price.  
  • Smokey Eyes and Dark glitter.  Going along the gothic team, dark smokey eyes with dark glitter pigments on top or metallic sheens is one of the latest trends.  Although this one is tough to copy for everday, it would be perfect for night outs and late dinners if done appropriately.  The Nars Inoubliable Coup d'Oeil Eyeshadow palette is a great example of the shades makeup artists were aiming for.  Mac's glitter pigments are also never a miss.  


Moving onto lips.  No matter what lip color you go for, as long as it has an undertone of red or pink, it is generally deemed okay for everyday.  You can wear a heavy or a light eye look but your lips never falter.

  • Red lips.  Red toned lipsticks are the new trend.  Although everyone seems to reach for this color anyway, ensuring that you have pure red tones with a darker pink or purple undertone is desirable.  Great lipstick shades can be found at Maybelline or Revlon for a price worth the product.  
  • Ombre Lips.  Looking as though your lipstick has faded, smudged, or you're simply parched is in.  This is done simply by placing a heavy amount of lipstick in the middle of your lips and lightly blending it out to the outer corners with a light hand and a lip brush.  Alternatively, you can use a darker color in the centre and use lighter, nearly translucent colors on the outer corners to create that gradient and ombre effect.  
  • Dark lips.  I am someone that cannot resist a purple'y dark lip because I find that lighter lip colors wash me out.  The Rimmel London Dark Night Water l-oops is one of my all time favorites and go-to lipsticks.  It is more subtle than the darker colors suggested on the runway and suitable for everday.  
  • Statement lips.  Having very little makeup anywhere else on the face with a bright lip is a beautiful pairing.  It gives the a youthful, glow-y and warm vibe to the viewers.  I feel like this is one trend I will be approaching alot.  Statement lip colors include darker purples, reds, and oranges.  You can even go ahead and pair this with the ombre lips for simplicity; balancing out the intense lip pattern. 

Hair was flaunted in less-crazy styles on the runway this past year.   I find that quite surprising as it is very easy for creative directors and artists to express and enhance an outfit via the hairstyles chosen. 

  • Sleek straight hair.  Most individuals sought after this look anyways which comes to no surprise.  Having this glossy sleek straight hair look gives a clean impression.  A straighter I highly recommend is the GHD Diamond, alongside a good quality hairdryer.  I personally use a quite cheap Pink Revlon Hairdryer which works wonders.  The Elnette L'oreal Heat Protectant is perfect for keeping this look in place and tackling  frizz.  
  • Textured hair.  Emphasising on the natural texture of ones hair, or giving subtle natural waves looks beautiful for all hair types.  To give the impression of natural beach waves and softer looking waves is very ideal at the moment.  I recommend drying the hair with very little structure, and then taking one-two drops of any hair oil you prefer and thoroughly rub that into the hair.  After sleeping on it, the next day you will find your hair looks softer with a subtle emphasise on its natural texture. 
  • Braided hair.  I feel most South Asians are thoroughly aware of their mothers or loved ones applying goops of hair oil into our hairs and braiding it tightly, splitting it into two sides.  As much as I despised this look as a child, I am not too surprised to see this look coming back.  We can play with variations of braided hair such as the milkmaid braid for a cute, youthful look, or the dutch braid or 4-5 strand braids.  We can also incorporate twists to take these looks further.  
General face

For the face, more natural and glow-y makeup looks were highly recommended.  I feel this would be something I would thoroughly enjoy trying. 
  • Minimalism and glowing complexion.  This entails having the bare minimum makeup, literally looking like you 'woke up like this'.  I feel like this is something most girls should embrace as it is confident boosting and beautiful to not have to reach for heavy contour or highlighting.  Simply looking healthy is what is required.  Wearing sheer foundation with light coverage and little to no powders is ideal.  To get that wonderful dewy glow, you can mix MAC's luster drops into your foundation or, for a cheaper alternative look for ELF's shimmering facial whip.  You can also use cream highlighter or a light hand with highlighting powder for more glow.  
  • Rosey tints.  Rosey tints all across the board is no surprise.  Whether it be on the cheeks, lips or eyes, a beautiful rose-y finish and glow will give anyone and everyone a youthful and warm/welcoming vibe.  I feel this is one look I will be heading for alot.  


Finally, having statement nails is a must.  I personally like to use a patterned nail wrap on my ring finger nail and then paint the rest a solid color for simplicity with a slight pop of pattern.  Having big and bold nails was seen on the runway so much with the most intricate of details and patterns.

In essence, there are so many trends which I feel will reach out to a range of individuals.  I feel like trends can be expressed in one's makeup look without losing individuality.  Plus, it is always fun to break out of your comfort zones.  The trends I am most looking forward to try out more is minimalism with intense mascara, rosey tints, and even ombre lips.

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