Favorites | July 2017

I am so excited to bring to you my favorites for July 2017!  I have been trying out some new products and have fallen in love more than once.  The picture above is my favorite memory: going boating with my parents.  It was incredible to drive having not driven anything in years.

Hair: Beauty Protector –Protect and Detangle. My natural hair is a wavy, curly, tangled, unruly, Mufasa, mess.  Without proper products, I am likely to throw it into a high bun.  However, even after letting my hair air dry, I am able to achieve straight, sleek, silky hair.  After just a few sprays, I’m able to hand-comb my hair and straighten it to achieve the impression of second-day straight hair which is my favorite look.  This is another product I can imagine purchasing in the future.  It should be noted that the scent can be hit or miss.  To some, it is heavenly, but to me, I found it overpowering. 9/10 seem to find this scent beautiful and appealing which I did at first but it fades after applying heat to your hair. 

Price: $23.50 

Face: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Dry Face Mask. I have already done a detailed review of this product on a previous blogpost which I will link here.  This works wonders on the skin.  Usually, I am not one to reinvest in masks but this is a product that I think is worth the money and does make a difference.

Price: $22.00 for 1 mask (3 Uses)

Lips: Colourpop Satin Liquid Lipsticks in Hello Pretty.  For National Lipstick Day in the states I paired this with a camo top and posted it on my Instagram.  It is the perfect bold hot pink lip color for brown skin tones that doesn’t make you look washed out, ashy, or gray.  I can wear it on its own without foundation or concealer, paired with mascara, and achieve a put-together look.  Unlike most mattes, it feels comfortable on the lips and is long lasting without adhering to dry patches.

Price: $6.00

Eyes: ELF Sculpting SilkEyeshadow in Rose all day is a beautiful trio which works on every skin tone.  It is the perfect color combo for those who want a subtle rosy smoky eye which coincides with the beauty trends for Fall 17/18.

Price: $4.00

Fashion item: Rootsgear Sweatshirts are extremely cozy and phenomenal quality for the price.  Hanji Hello x Raxstar is most definitely my favorite line that they carry because 1) I am a Raxstar fan- his work tugs on every heart string.  2) I always say ‘hanji’ to everyone I know.   Even though I’ve only been rocking it in the last week, it’s no secret that I am a hoodie/sweatshirt person.  Thus, to have sweatshirts that embrace the desi culture is nothing less than perfection.

Favorite scent: I have been in love with Coco by Chanel because it’s much more of a grown up musky scent compared to my all time favorite, Miss Dior by Dior.  This is seen as more of an oriental scent with jasmine, orange and rose top notes, with middle notes of mainly orange and rose. The base notes are sandalwood, amber and vanilla.  This combination makes for a gorgeous musky floral scent that isn’t childish. 

Price: $75.00-$130.00

ThredUp: Review and Haul

Everyone loves a steal.  I always feel like mini fist-pumping when I score a great discount.  It's an achievement. Recently, I came across ThredUp and got quite a few high-end designer pieces from my favorite brands: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors just to name a few of the wide variety on the website. 

It works by allowing individuals to sell and buy items of clothing or accessories that are designer or even obtained from local boutiques for an extremely discounted price.  I’ve always been one to support thrift stores and charity shops so I’m all for this as a buyer.  I do not have experience as a seller but I'm sure there are other reviews available to explain the ins and outs of that process. Personally, I think it is something I may try in the future. 

The only real flaw in the system, which most online vendors struggle to master, is having pictures that give more insight in the texture of the fabric and accurate color representation.  

There are so many gift codes floating around for this website that will enable you to get extreme deals that will make you feel like you're committing daylight robbery.  For example, when you use the website for the first time you can apply the code 1STTIME40 to get 40% off of your entire order.  So feel free to go to town. Lastly, the delivery is extremely quick compared to most unconventional online stores.   

Calvin Klein

I love Calvin Klein from their business wear to the Calvin Klein Jeans line.  In this case, I received three blouses of different textures and qualities.

Calvin Klein Dark Blue Long Sleeve Blouse
Estimated Retail: $70.00
ThredUp Price: $17.99

The shirt came back in a purple shade rather than dark blue as pictured on the website but it is still a beautiful fit.  It is perfect to pair with black pants or leggings for a formal look or a simple outfit that appears more put together. 

Calvin Klein 3/4 Sleeve Black Top
Estimated Retail: $60.00
ThredUp Price: $17.99

This was my personal favorite piece.  I love the feel of the fabric because its softer and a lot more comfortable as it is made from 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex.  The zipper is slightly heavier which tends to drag the neckline down a little bit so you would need to zip it up slightly higher for a conservative look.

Calvin Klein Red Long Sleeve Blouse
Estimated Retail: $70.00
ThredUp Price: $15.99

This is made of 100% Polyester so it doesn’t have the same softness that the black top had of the same style which is a bit of a disappointment but is to be expected.  The color is most definitely more of an orange than a red in real life so the color depicted in the picture isn’t true to life along with the description provided on ThredUp.

Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite brands.  I love that they combine preppiness with elegance and sophistication to tailor for any style.  

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Red Long Sleeve Blouse
Estimated Retail: $24.98
ThredUp Price: $8.99

This was one that I really liked considering that it was brand new with the tags on for less than $10.  However, I was rather disappointed because the color in the picture, again, wasn’t accurate.  It is a lot more of a burnt orange-brown than it is a red.  Furthermore, although this is 100% Polyester, it feels a lot silkier compared to the other top I previously described.  It is comfortable to wear and is one that can be worn with jeans, leggings or tucked into a pencil skirt.   

Ralph Lauren Dark Blue Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $7.99

This is a gorgeous item.  I prefer to wear it with jeans and a plaid shirt unbuttoned on top.  I’ve already purchased three shirts of this type in the past from the Ralph Lauren store itself so I knew this is something that I would like off the bat.  It is made from 100% Cotton and feels extremely light weight.  Although I got it in XS, it isn’t too figure hugging; making it perfect for everyday, casual situations.  This is most definitely true to its color when it arrived. 

Ralph Lauren Dark Purple Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $7.99

Another shirt which looks just as the picture suggests.  It looks brand new but needs to be ironed thoroughly prior to wearing due to the packaging resulting in wrinkles. 

Ralph Lauren Blue Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $7.99

As the picture suggests, the previous owner of this top must’ve stretched it slightly more than necessary as the fit is no longer favors what little curves I have.  It instead feels more boxy and feels very worn into in comparison to the other tops.  This is something to consider as this is a second hand store so items may become stretched or worn down more than you would assume.

Ralph Lauren Navy Blue Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $5.99

This top was discounted because it was considered a ‘basement’ item.  This means that it has undergone sufficient damage such as intense signs of wear, loss of shape, missing a brand label, or staining.  However, this product did not appear to suffer with anything of that nature.  Upon intense analysis, I couldn’t see a single flaw except for that the fit has become looser compared to the previous shirts.  But saying that, the blue shirt above was not categorize as a basement shirt.  Therefore, you may just end up lucky.

Ralph Lauren Purple Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $7.99

This shirt also suffered with some stretching but it is still in mint condition in terms of the quality of the fabric and color.  I prefer this v-neck than the ones depicted in the first two T shirts because it is a lot more conservative.  

Ralph Lauren Pink Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $7.99

This is an adorable tee and the color is extremely vibrant which is impressive considering most used T shirts tend to suffer with fading.  That goes to show that you shouldn’t skimp out on quality. However, this is perfect to pair with jeans and some gazelles and you’re out the door. 

Ralph Lauren Black Sport Long Sleeve Shirt
Estimated Retail: $48.00
ThredUp Price: $8.99

This item was in perfect condition.  I couldn’t find a flaw or out of place wrinkle on it.  I wore it and found that the fit was perfect and it is a great long-sleeved black top to wear casually.    

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Red Casual Dress
Estimated Retail: $155.00
ThredUp Price: $44.99

ThredUp described this as a red dress.  This dress is not red at all.  This is pink in person.  I don’t quite know how this can be seen as red but color is in the eye of the beholder.  I have always been a fan of Lauren by Ralph Lauren dresses because they’re the perfect length and fit my body shape snug without letting me feel conscious of my curves.  It is a beautiful dress that is elegant and suitable for dinners and occasions.  Obviously, due to it’s simplicity, it may not be the best for clubbing or night outs.  The material of it is thick and heavy, so you can feel the quality.  I have another dress in dark purple by the same line and it fits just the same.  There is not a single scratch or thread out of place.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Pink Wallet
Estimated Retail: $98.00
ThredUp: $44.99

This is an extremely adorable thin wallet. I have recently downsized my wallet from something thick and bulky to a slimmer style. However, I have to say this is almost too thin for me to fit my various cards (I’m brown and I love free things. I need to have all my loyalty cards at hand even if I forget to use them). The color is as vibrant in person as it is in the picture and there are slight signs of wear on the front metal hardware.  My mother fell in love with this and she currently carries a River Island chunky purse which weighs more than her bag so this is perfect for her.

Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Crossbody Pink Bag
Estimated Retail: $168.00
ThredUp Price: $36.99

This showed signs of wear in terms of the purse losing a slight bit of structure.  It was more flimsy than I would imagine it to have been if purchased brand new.  Therefore, this was categorized as a basement item though not to my surprise.  Nonetheless, there were few signs of fading though nothing that can be seen or detected by a stranger or without thorough analysis.  It is a cute size but I feel like the style is more suitable for the older generation.  In addition, the chain of the purse is not detachable so it cannot be transformed into a clutch which was disappointing as I feel that such a property would make it more applicable to the younger crowd. 

J Crew

J Crew Tan Ear Muffs
Estimated Retail: $60.00
ThredUp Price: $16.99

These ear muffs looked as good as new.  The only thing that made it hard to work with is that the band is not stretchy so it won’t fit on all head shapes and sizes.  I was lucky enough for it to fit mine.  This is something to note when using the website as sometimes measurements will not be provided. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, I feel like this website is definitely something that everyone should try especially as you get an initial 40% off your entire order.  It is perfect if you want to revamp your wardrobe with quality pieces without breaking the bank.  Keep in mind, like most online vendors, the fabric quality and feel is really hard to determine through pictures.  In addition, the color seems very off in more than one scenario which should be considered.  Otherwise, I will most likely be finding more treasures on this site in the future before I head back to the UK.  Nevertheless, they do indeed ship internationally so this is suitable for anyone anywhere. 

Tag | The Fashion Tag

 I thought it would be nice for everyone to get to know my style because you can gauge a lot about a person just by what they like to wear. 

1)    What is your favorite style?
Over the past five years, I have become more in love with simplicity.  Wearing a sweatshirt by adidas, Rootsgear, or a club hoodie with jeans and adidas gazelles seem to be my go-to.  In addition, I really enjoy wearing black leggings with a knee or mid-thigh length dress with heels, boots, or flats.  Wearing less pieces but a complete outfit is what you’re most likely going to find me in.

2)    Style icon
Surprisingly enough, I don’t have a style icon.  I feel like a majority of people you see, especially in the media, are ones wearing outfits that don’t coincide with my likes and dislikes.  However, I love dancewear or street-wear worn by people such as Kaeyln Harris, Dytto, Deepica Mutyala and even Lily Singh. 

3)    Favorite accessory/ what are you always wearing?
At the moment, my favorite accessory is my Swarovski Crystalline Pure Watch in Rose Gold.  I really want to invest in a Black one of the same style but obviously my wallet is not going to appreciate that. 

4)    Favorite jeans
My favorite jeans are the DKNY skinny jeans which literally feel like a cloud.  I’ve had that pair for about 6 years and still find myself reaching for them, even though the fit isn’t as flattering.  On the other hand, Primark are most definitely an underdog when it comes to jeans.  The quality and color range is perfect and the price is almost always less than double digits which makes it great for every day.  I’ve had 3 pairs for three years which I still wear to this day frequently and recently purchased another 3 in different colors. 

5)    Favorite sunglasses
I do not own any designer sunglasses because I feel like my face shape just doesn’t suit a range of frames.  So I invested in a number of different colors from Hawkers which are cheap and amazing quality for the price.  It is a standard frame shape that appears universally flattering.  They do the job perfectly until I can find the time (and money) to buy a pair of designer sunglasses. 

6)    Favorite shoes
The shoes that I seem to wear and tear the most are my adidas gazelles because it is what flatters my style.  If I’m not wearing those, I’ll have on a pair of black flats from Accessorize with my dresses.

7)    Favorite store
The online store which I get a majority of my cheap dresses are Romwe and Sheinside.  I really love their dresses and the price.  However, sometimes I find I have to wait quite a while before receiving my package.  On the other hand, Forever 21 (despite its various law suits) has a style for everyone.  Though some of it may be cheesy, I can go from drawstring dresses to plaid shirts in no time without breaking the bank.

8)    Heels or flats?
I love the feeling of wearing heels in terms of the aesthetics but my feet hate me for it.  Therefore, I’d have to go for flats. 

9)    What purse do you use?
I currently carry a Ted Baker purse because I am a sucker for bows, beige, rose gold and pink. 

10)You've got $5,000, what are you going to spend it on?
Sweatshirts galore! I would most likely invest in more adidas gazelles and crew neck sweatshirts from designer, top-end brands, such as Calvin Klein Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger Denim.  I would also buy more elegant dresses from Lauren by Ralph Lauren (http://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/home/index.jsp) and Ted Baker because I love the way their dresses fit on me and are not too short.  In addition, I would make sure I can buy my parents a staple accessory item such as a designer watch for my father or jewelry for my mother because, although I am selfish and would want to spend everything on myself, I would want to gift them with something meaningful and long-lasting.

11) What is your go-to outfit?
If I haven’t made this clear enough already – a crewneck sweatshirt, most likely a burgundy sweatshirt from Rootsgear, paired with light wash jeans, and adidas navy blue gazelles.  This outfit is so comfortable to me and fills me with so much confidence at the same time without fail. 

12) Most prized possession?
The earrings which I wear on a daily basis from my grandparents as well as a ring as it holds a lot of meaning.  No matter what time of day it was, or whether it was a passing comment, my grandfather never failed to make every wish of mine, small or big, come true.  I still remember when I was only 4 years old and asked him to buy me gel glitter pens.  In India, 17 years ago, who knew this was even attainable in our small village but he made it happen. 

13) Fashion trend you wish that comes back?
Bows.  I feel like there is less of a craze about hair bows at the moment compared to a few years ago which makes my collection and I very sad.   

14) Favorite designer
My favorite designer would have to be Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger because their styles on the runway can be translated best into real life and onto the streets.

15) Most wanted item
I’ve always wanted an Oscar de la Renta dress or gown alongside Louboutin black heels. 

16) How much do you spend?
More than I have.

17) Most expensive item?
This was a difficult one for me because, although I am blessed to own many designer pieces, all of them have been bought on sale.  Nevertheless, I would have to say, for retail price, my navy blue Ted Baker Pointed Leather Court Heels.   

18) Wardrobe staples
·      Crewneck sweatshirts
·      Black dress
·      Jeans in every color and fit: dark wash, black, light wash, light blue, classic denim, high waisted, boyfriend jeans, and mom jeans. 
·      Basic, solid color dresses
·      Black leggings
·      Plaid Shirts


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