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I couldn't be more excited to write this post.  I've always been intrigued by online personal shopping boxes such as Lookerio and Stitch Fix. As a stylist myself, there was never any innate need for me to use them. Nonetheless, I was curious to see how these online shoppers perceived my style based on a series of simple questions and pictures of my fashion inspirations. In addition, it is a brilliant way to be exposed to brands that aren’t available on the high street.  Anyone who knows me would probably describe my style as girly, youthful prints, and simple.  It can fluctuate between Parisienne androgynous garments and Blair Waldorf very quickly.  


The process of determining your style is very similar for both companies.  You complete an online quiz made up of various multiple choice questions.  Some of them involve choosing outfits that most resemble your taste, however the options are not very varied for either.   This is something to be mindful of given the lack of representation of other styles.  You’re more likely to find inspiration from style icons such as those on Pinterest and Instagram.  This is what sets Lookerio apart from Stitch Fix as you can upload pictures of your favourite outfits or fashion icons for the stylist to gain inspiration from.  


SOYACONCEPT: Scblissa Sweater vneck XS C. Beige £30

Sweaters are my go-to. Nothing quite says chic and quick like a jumper with trousers or a skirt.  This is a beige sweater with obvious cool undertones.  It has a preppy equestrian silhouette with a ribbed V-neck that is flattering, slimming, and perfect for layering.  I’ve worn this on its own but also paired it with a light blue and white collared shirt.  Therefore it can be styled to be masculine or feminine in accordance to your taste. An essential basic to have.  The quality is soft and stretchy, yet still form fitting. The elastic hem is perfect for tucking away into Jeans without having too much fabric bellowing out.

SH by Lookerio Shdumbi Pant Raso XS C. black £59.70

These trousers are not ones I’d pick up from a store.  However, on wearing and styling them I’ve found myself in love with the loose fit and glossy reflex.  It’s surprisingly easy to work with and can be worn like jeans in terms of versatility.  They’re ankle grazers which aid in giving height to those that are vertically challenged like myself.  The fabric is thin and breathable yet heavy so it drapes nicely around the body and can be worn throughout summer without getting too hot.  

STREET ONE Finns Sweater Raglan C. Brown light £18 (from £35.99)

This is another stunning basic in a light brown/tan color which has comfortably found its place in my wardrobe.  The main plus about this jumper is its cut off sleeves.  Its the perfect chic top to tuck into trousers or with a midi skirt.  Its a thin material yet, again, making it ideal for layering in the winter months.  It is an item of clothing I plan on reaching for continuously this winter.  I’ve found it works well during clinical placement because we are meant to remain bare below the elbow.  It fairs well with workwear trousers and pencil skirts to give an A-line appearance.  The boat neckline is soft and feminine, wonderfully complimenting my style. 

GARCIA JEANS Gray Skirt midi C. Black £35.99 and Lilo Top Gray C. Black £26.99

There is something undeniably 60s metropolitan about midi skirts.  Its a piece that demonstrates thoughtfulness to an outfit, irrespective of anything else.  Even if the style is more boisterous or plain, a midi skirt screams put-together regardless.  Thus, receiving this coordinate set was certainly my favourite in the box.  Not only can I wear the two together, which looks chic in itself,  but the items separately somehow appeals to me more.  Wearing the tank top with boyfriend jeans gives a stark contrast between masculine and feminine, alongside with plain black skater skirts to make it the feature print of an outfit.  On the other hand, I like to employ a black jumper with the same structure to the tan one above with the skirt for similar reasons.  I do wish the skirt had more pleating but nonetheless, the classic polka dot pattern isn’t one to miss.  I appreciate that it isn’t your standard black and white, rather it’s black and beige; a subtle yet chic detail.  The tank top has adjustable straps so you can change the neckline to your preference. I prefer a higher neckline than most so it was nice to have that little touch of variability. 

Overall, I must say that Lookerio nailed my love for quality basics and gently pushed me out of my comfort zone with the patterned co-ord and faux leather trousers.  The trousers certainly aren’t ones I’d pick on my own accord but impressed me very much.  I absolutely loved every piece from this box and think that the addition of your style icons at the end of the quiz makes a world of a difference and provides better insight to the stylist of your favourite garments.  All of these pieces can be worn together and mixed  and matched without fail.  It makes putting together a look far quicker when your clothes compliment each other as they do with this cohesive box. 

Stitch Fix

VERO MODA Fay Tiered Short Skirt C Black £22

Despite being a lover of mini skirts and floral, this piece is way off brand for me.  The quality of the fabric and structure of the skirt is perfect. It synchs at the waist but falls at the correct height for my petite frame.  However, the pattern of the skirt is quite dull and young.  It isn’t one I’ll find myself reaching for very often simply because I have skirt I would rather wear.  They say the next thing you purchase should be better than your last.  I am likely to wear this casually around the house if my Pajamas aren’t cutting it.

MANGO Linda square neck linen Vest C Off White £25.99

I do not own any tops with this structure in particular.  It has thick straps and a square neckline which compliments my face shape much more than alternatives.  This is another garment that I wouldn’t find myself purchasing at the mall but it is a cute staple.  Its ideal for the warmer months in particular.  I can see myself wearing a white midi skirt or jeans with this top on a casual day out.  If the fabric was any other material other than a linen blend I wouldn’t like it quite as much.  The earthy tones and beige buttons certainly add to the countryside, bohemian vibe this top carries. 

VILA Flippa top C White £28

I really don’t understand the pricing or some clothes.  This isn’t worth £28.  I’ve spent far cheaper on a white sleeveless top from New Look that is far superior.  Should I ever want to wear a white sleeveless it won’t be this one.  This top doesn’t hold its structure because of the breathable fabric.  Nonetheless, that is a positive for our Indian summer.  The actual crocheting detail is too simple for my taste. I can’t see myself using this unless it’s a throw-away top for painting a house or going to a theme park.  I’m sorry for being harsh.  

MAUVETTE Belle Broderie Front Top C Blush £32

This is a similar shape to the previous top but with more diffuse laser cut broderie work. The colour isn’t my first choice as it does have an orange undertone which warms the pink shade. Similar to the white top, I wouldn’t ever buy this and I can’t see myself wearing it now because I have tops that are better quality, for cheaper, and look expensive.  Thus this is one I’d give to charity instead or use as a throw away top also. As much as I wanted to love this shirt, I cannot even justify the £32 price tag when the high street has higher quality pieces for half the price. 

&et Valerie High Rise Stitch Detail Jeans C Indigo £42

This is the winner of the entire box. Its the only good that came from this.  Its a beautiful pair of jeans for a brand I hadn’t previously heard of.  The jeans are tight fitting ankle grazers in a medium-dark wash hue. It has some evidence fading around the upper limbs to cause the wearer to look more slim.  They are high waisted (because what can top that, realistically?) and synch beautifully around the waist. These have become my go-to jeans.  I recently got rid of my 8 year old DKNY jeans and thought I’d struggle to find a pair that would be half as flattering.  Safe to say, I have and I am so pleased.  

Unfortunately, StitchFix was incredibly disappointing.  As much as I wish I could love these pieces, they’re far from my personal style and look cheaper than the price tag.  Bar the jeans and the linen top, everything else looked cheap, old, and unflattering.  Its one thing to not be my style but I can’t see many or any individual wanting to wear those given their outdated appearance.  Money would be better spent elsewhere. It could be down to having a stylist that struggled with my quiz answers.  Fashion is very subjective so this company may work better for someone else but I am not convinced. 

Thus, Lookerio was certainly the winner here as the items are ones I have successfully incorporated into my wardrobe and reach for regularly.  Although I won’t be subscribed to any style boxes, if I were to be, Lookerio would be the one I’d turn to.  Its evident that giving visual examples of what you prefer helps guide the personal shopper to curate a box that fits your aesthetic.  The prices of some items is slightly costly but you can adjust your box value when you take the quiz.  I’m very impressed with Lookerio and if I’m ever in a style funk in the future, I’ll certainly purchase another box.

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