Favourite Pink Occasion Dresses

When it comes to occasion-wear, the world is your oyster.  Not only is there an array of cuts, structures, and lengths but also shades to choose from.  Most individuals opt for a little black dress, but pink is more my colour.  I have curated a list of my personal favourite pink dresses that are on sale.  

Have you seen a dress better suited for a princess? The dress has cleverly used two shades of pink to help accentuate the waistline.  On top of that, the Cinderella neckline and horizontal pleating perfectly contrasts the larger, more bellowing pleats of the frock which elegantly drapes over the body.  It is lined with a silk-like material to ensure opacity.  I wore this to my university's ball and stood out like a sore thumb, but life is too short to not play dress up.

Although this isn't the exact dress I own, Lauren by Ralph Lauren is a beautiful dress line that produces garments that suit formal business events alongside balls, dances, or parties.  These midi dresses hug the waist and hips far more than the Chi Chi London dress, drawing attention to your curves without stretching the fabric.  They have a matte satin finish which catches the light wonderfully; looking brilliant in pictures. 

I do not personally own this dress but nothing says pink and classy quite like Ted Baker.  If my wardrobe had to consist of only one brand, I would pick Ted Baker without hesitation.  Maxi dresses scream femininity and have a natural grandeur aura.  They look effortless yet stunning on anyone.  The balloon sleeves and large pleats of the frock demonstrates this without fail.  

This dress looks like art.  From the puffed sleeves to the gold and lilac brocade weave pattern, this dress is breathtaking to me.  Brocade differs slightly to embroidered dresses, as the pattern appears woven into the fabric instead of raised.  Thus, it illustrates the artistic and ornamental nature of such material.  Though I normally shy away from midi/mini dresses for occasions, this is too beautiful to pass up.  When I received this dress in person, I noticed that, despite the length, the dress still keeps its sophistication making it appropriate for most occasions.  

5. H and M Puff Sleeved Brocade Top with Flared Satin Skirt

If the above dress is too dramatic or eye-catching for a particular event, you can pair the sister brocade top with the flared satin skirt for a more subdued yet equally alluring duo.  The skirt pulls the pink from the top to draw emphasis on the brocade pattern's gold and lilac.  This makes the top the statement piece and both the top or skirt can be paired and styled separately to achieve differing appearances.  

Puff Sleeve Brocade Top £34.99
Flared Satin Skirt £29.99
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