Primark Haul July 2019

After doing a closet clean out, I've been wearing the same outfits quite frequently.  Despite loving each piece, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for new garments to add to my wardrobe.  My mom was on the hunt for a denim jacket and we resorted to Primark.  Whilst I was there, I spotted a gorgeous Parisian-chic inspired collection of beiges and browns which complimented my current style to a T.  I am so excited to share these finds with you all!

This is such a staple and basic.  The neutral colour means it can be paired up with various styles. I tend to always lean towards black basics so having tan is a nice mix-up.  It is difficult to find thin and soft jumpers that are not tight fitting or too chunky nowadays.  Therefore, this was a must.  I am very tempted to go back and buy more of these in other colours!

Given my obsession with boucle and tweed, this skirt was going straight into my bag.  Not only is the neutral camel and stone shades perfect for both the office and everyday, the fit was loose enough to not be figure hugging but tight enough to demonstrate it is not a pleated or flare skirt.  Although, it is thinner than my other boucle skirts, I find that with proper care it can last a long time in your wardrobe.  It is lined on the inside so it will not rub against your skin or leggings. 

This may seem dull in the picture but the reason I gravitated towards this was due to the very simple neck line and gorgeous muted pink colour.  A majority of my pink jumpers are barbie or baby pink, thus, having something that was subtle yet still versatile made this garment attractive to me.  

This looks darker in the picture than in person.  The tan/brown patches are actually beige (similar shade to the jumper).  I wanted to pair this up with the jumper or a plain white t shirt for a chic yet still formal appearance.  I don't own enough trousers so felt it necessary to invest in some as they are more practical for the work place.  In addition, ten pounds is cheaper for work pants in comparison to other outlets and stores!  

This looks quite boxy but in real life it synchs at the waist wonderfully.  The belt, in fact, is used for decoration only.  The material is similar to that of boucle and the high neck definitely emphasises on the clean and put-together vibe this gives off.  It's easy to wear on its own or with tights if that is your personal preference.  I can see myself wearing this to formal events such as interviews or work experience, alongside to university or on a day-to-day basis.  

I've been overwearing my black monsoon purse which is significantly smaller than this camera bag.  I love it's simplicity but I regularly find myself struggling to fit anything bar the essentials (keys, card and phone) inside of it.  Given that there is a clear theme of beiges and browns in this haul, I wanted to invest in a slightly bigger day bag.  This will jell perfectly with the rest of the garments and add variation whilst breaking up an otherwise monotone outfit.  It is a camera bag so its slightly chunkier than other purses but it means I can fit my wallet, keys, phone and more without worrying about it looking stuffed! 

And that is everything I purchased!  I know you cannot purchase items from Primark through their website but you can check if your local store carries these items on stock through the links under each picture.  I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some summer inspiration! 

Thank you for reading.  

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