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After my wonderful experience with Andaaz fashion, I couldn't help but try out another online store to review.  Sareeka is another online south-Asian ethnic wear store that has an array of dresses and suits available.  The range of options is quite overwhelming! 

On the 8th of May I graduated from Imperial College London at Royal Albert Hall.  In my experience, I feel the most confident when wearing ethnic wear in comparison to western formal/occasion dresses.  It seems that lehengas and anarkalis give off the regal and princess vibe that I love. Thus, I went onto Sareeka to order a stunning and over-the-top anarkali.  One of my best friends gifted this gorgeous number for me as a graduation and birthday present!

Delivery Time: 

The one major downfall of Sareeka is their delivery.  I have ordered another dress from this website but found, to my dismay, that they consistently ship later than promised.  This is a huge negative in comparison to Andaaz fashion, if you require something urgently.  I was told the dress would ship on the 27th of April, but instead it shipped 1st of May making it tight on arrival.  Luckily, the dress arrived the day before my graduation on the 7th of May, despite the fact that it should've arrived within 2 days of shipping in accordance to their website. 

A second dress (I will review/discuss when it arrives) was due to ship by the 22nd of May but is still 'processing' (it is the 27th of May as I write this).  Therefore, if you require something urgently and quickly then I suggest you do not order from Sareeka. Otherwise, make a purchase at least 3-4 weeks in advance. 

The Dress:

Sorry for the picture quality!  I will take better pictures in the dress in the future to provide a better idea of its appearance. The dress certainly has the gorgeous embroidery that you see in the picture above the last.   It is a soft baby-pink colour which offers elegance with a youthful vibe.  My favourite feature is, in fact the dupetta as it the work done on the scalloped edging is phenomenal.  It emphasises on the regal illusion we are trying to portray.   This is complemented by the scalloped edging on the frock.  The pattern is also present down the sleeves which, as mentioned in previous posts, shows effort and attention to detail by the designer.  I love this feature as it caters to the idea of unison and ties in all of the characteristics of the anarkali. 

The stunning details of the dress dismissed the need for intense jewellery so I wore simple stone-stud earrings. Furthermore, the dress is exceptional quality due to its heavy weight despite a couple loose-ends/threads at the hem.  Due to the embellishments, it requires proper packaging and care but certainly will last a life time.

The picture on the website demonstrates more structured pleats than that on the actual dress.  Therefore, if you wish to achieve that affect, wearing a thick petticoat may be necessary for that shape. 

The Tailoring: 

Usually, a tailor will request your raw measurements and provide an inch or two for slack to allow you to slip in and out of your dress.  This is useful as one tends to vary in weight or size throughout the year (and sometimes day! i.e after a large meal).  I felt that Sareeka provided a bit too much slack as the dress fit loosely and lacked shape on my figure. Luckily, wearing the graduation gown hid this fact. Thus, paying extra for tailoring can seem disappointing.  In addition, had I not paid for tailoring, I would've received the dress earlier and gotten it tailored in person at a dresser.  Lastly, I selected the option for a zipper at the back to get in and out of the dress but this was not provided. Hence, I do not believe Sareeka tailors dresses well. One should buy their products and ask them to tailor them to your raw measurements instead of giving them the permission to 'give way'.  

The Price: 

I truly believe that Sareeka pricing is on the 'cheaper' end of the spectrum in terms of asian wear.  Shopping at brick-and-morters can be much more expensive and generally, dresses of a similar price will be of lesser quality and unstitched.  The dress came with a beautiful chunni/dupetta and a pair of trousers. The dress did look as it did in the pictures online despite the lack of pleating which could simply be due to the way in which it was packaged and can be fixed with proper folding, care, and/or a petticoat to hold its shape.

In essence, bar the tailoring and delivery, I do believe Sareeka is a good website to order from and most certainly I will (and have) order again in the future.  Just ensure that you get professional measurements either done by a local tailor or tick 'raw measurements' when ordering, and order well in advance to the occasion or function you wish to wear the product to. 

Thank you for reading! 


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