Defining 'Beauty'

 "'re the beautiful one, it's society that's ugly" - Marilyn Monroe

A camera cannot give justice to the beauty of a sunset- so how can it do the same for you?

In this day and age, we are exposed to many methods of having our self esteem shattered.  The era of the ‘selfie’ has done nothing but destruct confidence.  We find ourselves seeking for approval in the depts of social media; learning about how to look prettier with makeup, how to lose weight fast, and which filter will flatter our image.   Whilst Facebook stalking and scrolling on Instagram, individuals get lost in a sea of pictures which induces one to constantly compare themselves. 

And I am guilty as charged. 

The persona portrayed about a specific person is determined by looks.  The number of likes received on a profile picture directly correlates to how much of a socialite they are.  My insecurities soar through the roof when I see someone with over 100 likes.  It’s a silent competition amongst each other: who’s prettier and who’s more popular.  I’ve always feel I’m in the shadows of someone who is exceedingly better looking.  This could be a stranger, my best friend or even my sister.  Whether it be human nature or not, my mind goes astray and automatically asks, ‘Why them and not me?’. 

This is where we, as individuals, have flawed the system.  We are taught from a young age to believe everyone is special; even ourselves.  The uniqueness between two people is what makes each of them striking in alternative ways.  How this message got lost over time baffles me. Looking in the mirror is a challenge in itself.  Knowing that this is how you look, this who you are, is scary.  You cannot change your features.  And it is this concept that is hard to grasp.  This fact can feel so disheartening because one has concluded that this is as good as it gets.  It’s almost as though the concept of inner beauty has gone adrift.  Personality is nothing if incased in what isn’t seen as picturesque to society. 

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered people who remind me of my ‘flaws’- using this knowledge as a weapon.  I’ve been too short, my smile too hideous, my complexion too dark, my eyes too ominous, and my nose too crooked.  Left right and center, I’ve had insults thrown in my direction. Family and friends constantly tell me to do this or that to transform; making me feel inadequate in my own body.  One feels like a prisoner in their own skin but unable to escape its wrath.  Staring at my reflection is a punishment.

Nevertheless, inner beauty is all that matters.  We’ve all met characters that do not match their mask.  The words uttered are like daggers and venom and actions illustrate immoral intentions.  All of the sudden, their charm vanishes.  It slips away like sand through open fingers within seconds.  Every glance in their direction is filled with repulse rather than envy. One no longer tries to equate themselves to that individual.  Similarly, a being with a pure heart and an angelic soul will be the one that steals your heart.  Even if the beauty one sees is a gradual escalation, the strength of it is incomparable.  There is no empty judgment like that seen when the average person compares themselves to models in a magazine. 

Looks fade and shift.  Appearances aren’t forever.  That’s not to say that it’s a sin to put in the effort.  It’s simply temporary adjustments that will help boost your confidence in particular situations.  However, you cannot take it to the grave.  It’s an individual’s good nature and wholesomeness that lasts.  Their personality defines their appeal. 

Thus, eye-candy is not going to give you fulfillment.  Whether you’re seeking for it in a person or trying to appear more beautiful yourself, one’s intentions is not in the right place.  It’s how you make people feel that will increase your attractiveness. Your aura is what’s alluring.  No other factors should be involved.  Linking back to my previous post on love, it’s not looks that define true love.  There is a fine line separating lust and love.  The number of laughs shared, support given, and happy memories made is what signifies a beautiful individual.  The ease at which one can be spoken to, the security and comfort provided, and openness is what demonstrates exquisiteness.

Hence, it’s time to let go.  Time to face the mirror and think to yourself, ‘I’m beautiful’.  Time to amend your thinking that physical beauty is defining.  You are more than your body. Focus on creating a magnificent soul for your own well-being.  Chasing something superficial will lead to disappointment in the long run if the heart cannot live up to the standards.  The right company will stay.  The best companion will make you feel adoration in all its glory.  One will go to sleep feeling beautiful and loved beyond words.  That’s a promise.  After all, God is the most amazing artist and He painted your picture. 

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