My 5 Spring Fashion Essentials

Hello Spring! I am so excited to break out my spring and summer dresses this season. Many outfits have sat at the back of my closet, collecting dust, and now I can justify wearing them as we welcome Mr Sun. 

1. Pinafore Dresses

In England, the weather can be quite temperamental.  Thus, pinafore dresses are a life saver.  Not only are they an excuse to wear a dress, they act as an extra layer for added warmth.  Paired with some tights or leggings - you're good to go! I prefer to wear pinafore dresses over sweaters or jumpers; preferably pink.  Furthermore, if you have any cropped tops sitting in your wardrobe, now is the chance to start wearing them.  Personally, I do not feel comfortable wearing cropped clothing or showing skin around my abdomen so a pinafore dress allows me to choose those adorable tops by adding a modest touch.  My go-to pinafore dress is by TopShop and is plain back with a silver zipper down the middle which helps break up the monochrome outfit.  I prefer a V-neck as opposite to square/box neck line as it enables my jumpers to peak through more and find it more flattering and feminine on me. 

2. Embroidery

Embroidered dresses are made with elegance and sophistication in mind.  Without compromising on appearing playful, they have a glorious vintage and feminine vibe.  I absolutely adore embroidered dresses for the spring and summer because it is a fun way to explore print if one traditionally gravitates monochrome pieces.  However, if this isn't something you enjoy, you can to embroidered jeans or handbags.  Floral embroidery patterns on accessories or clothes are beautiful staples to have in your wardrobe - it is perfect for spring! 

ASOS Design Petite Mini Dress With Pretty Floral and Bird Embroidery £22.50
Currently out of stock but keep the tab open and refresh! 

3. Bows

I love bows! That goes without saying.  Not only is it flooding the runway, it is a year-round essential of mine.  Ted Baker and Kate Spade are prime examples of using bows in their everyday garments alongside occasion wear.  Bows can be used with simplicity such as jewellery or as hair clips.  Thus, they can dress up or down an outfit via adding a girly and youthful flare to any look.  

Shameless plug! I am now selling my handmade bows on Etsy which you can check out here.  Be sure to check them out as its cheaper than most stores but similar quality and fun prints!  I will be adding more styles in the coming weeks. 

4. Tweed

Tweed is a marmite fabric: you either love it or hate it.  Having been a long-term Chanel fan, tweed is the ideal way to emulate the class and grace we see during Fashion Week.  As we all know, Chanel is a brand that is known for their quilted handbags, tweed co-ordinates, and pearls.  It is vintage decor that is chic from head to toe.  SheIn is an amazing site that does countless tweed-based garments but be warned, some pieces can be quite itchy if not lined with a different material! So, unless you can afford to get it lined by a tailor; I would stick with blazers or skirts which can be worn over softer fabric.  On top of this, tweed blazers are a great layering piece to bare the chilly spring days and are versatile pieces that work with both jeans and skirts.  Here are a few of my favourite tweed blazers and skirts: 

Note: This blazer comes pre-lined and the skirt is fine so not itchy in the slightest.

5. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a beautiful invention.  Not only can you pair that with jeans to embrace the Canadian tuxedo, these are also made for floral spring dresses to dress-down and warm up an outfit.  Lately, I have worn my denim jacket with a yellow T-shirt and jeans, with a blue floral head scarf.  My denim jacket is two-toned which is a lovely twist on the quintessential denim jacket.  Mine is by Noisy May from Dorothy Perkins and is not too stiff but still holds structure without fail. 

Those are my top five spring essentials! I hope that this inspired your wardrobe or enabled you to introduce a few new pieces.  In addition, all of the items are linked and currently in stock so I recommend grabbing your favourite pieces! 

Happy shopping.


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