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A very big fashion trend that is hitting the news is 'sustainable fashion'. The BBC recently launched a sustainable fashion project which reached the runways of London Fashion Week.  The BBC are working in collaboration with the British Fashion Council and Mother of Pearl in hopes to create a better #SustainableMe. 

As much as I want to quickly jump onto this trend, it isn't feasible for me to completely eradicate and swap out my wardrobe for sustainable pieces instead.  I understand that many others may be in this position.  Nonetheless, I couldn't agree more with the need to acknowledge and use sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly clothes.  I am someone that is, quite frankly, addicted to fashion, but I wanted to make a twist on the '#SustainableMe' project which is more appropriate for my context.  Here are my aims of this 90 day challenge:

1. Wear everything I own in my wardrobe and donate or gift pieces which I do not use/wear.  

2. Not purchase any new clothing pieces.  

3. Do a round up at the end of each week of my outfits (bar my lazy in-house pajamas) and share it every Sunday!

I want to note that I am fully aware that the clothes I will be wearing will not, necessarily, be eco-friendly but my wardrobe is an accumulation of pieces I have had for years and sustainable fashion was not something that was brought to my attention until it made headlines.  If you want to buy new clothes, maybe try the charity shops!  At least that way you are aware that the money is going towards a positive cause, and the pieces have a new home.  However, as I aforementioned, being a full time university student makes it difficult for me to completely declutter my wardrobe and buy new pieces. The change doesn't have to happen overnight! This is just the first step towards environmental fashion.  On top of this, I feel this challenge will improve my awareness of what garments I actually own, alongside appreciating old treasures I forgot I had! 

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